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Monday, November 30, 2015

Even though It is Monday...

...I'm pretty much talking about Sunday.  I got up very early on Sunday morning, luckily, and drove south, yes, south, again, to those two caches I didn't find on Thanksgiving.  I had a hint one from the cache owner, but declined a hint on the second

I found the cache as hinted by the cache owner, right where I had look before. Of course.  I just had to look a deeper, or farther, or something.

The second cache, well, even though the cache owner said they could see it from their vehicle, "chuckling", I didn't spot it.  I had saved the cache info for offline use, to save battery life, a few days before.  This is key.  The hint was "low".  Look at the picture. Does that look low?  In outrage I looked at the hint online.  It said "high"...

Actually, I wasn't even looking at THAT tree all that much, the phone app was a bit flakely here.

After this excitement I found a few more caches in the general area, and gave away the balance of Cam's cigarettes to a homeless-looking guy who asked for a smoke and paid absolutely no attention to me as I looked for a cache near him. Really, I'm staring up into a tree for twenty minutes and it is of no interest to him.  Amazing.

Another cache I found down here was just a camouflaged little plastic pill baggie.  The previous four cachers had logged Did Not Finds.  Possibly because the clue said "magnetic".  Probably the previously missing container WAS magnetic, but this one (a replacement) ain't. So it was fun finding an unsigned log sheet!

The last cache was in Balboa Park.  I've looked for this one before, it's where S. found the ten dollar bill.  I spent at least and hour looking for it, and handled that "log" three times before noticing the container there.  Twice I remember remarking to myself that the stick looked like a likely place for the cache to be affixed, but didn't see it...

Well, that is pretty much all the geo-adventure for the holiday week.  Thanks for reading!

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