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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hot Hot Hot Ship

Gee Whillickers, it's pretty warm today!

Here's the garage I've been working on for a week or so, from some drawings in Model Railroader.

2007July26misc 001
Click the image to visit my zooomr page and see humorous captions on this picture. Or not.

I ran across an account of a fellow building a Cutty Sark wood ship model, so I thought I better put a couple pics up so my mother will think I'm actually working on hers...

2007July26misc 004

2007July26misc 005

There are a couple more pics of my Cutty Sark model on my zooomr page, click the image to go there. The big pretty version ought to be there too, but apparantly the original size image isn't available to visitors.

There are some old model pictures on this site, including my fabulous model of the Philadelphia, a Revolutionary War gundalow that was in the fleet commanded by Benedict Arnold. Before he became a "Benedict Arnold"... My model is made mostly of balsa wood, following plans from The Family Creative Workshop

Some interesting links on the subject:

The Philadelphia II, a replica

Historic Naval Ships Association, Continental Gunboat

Blogging the Revolution of 1776, Gunboat Philadelphia

The real ship, in the Smithsonian

Model of the Philadelphia by Mark Fairchild

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sat. Morn.

Rode up the Helix this morning, but you'll have to go visit the bicycle blog to see the pics.

After putting away the bike I took a couple pics of the finished boxcar you will remember I was constructing.

2007July21misc 011

You will notice the weathering effects. I tried the gray wash technique, but it didn't seem to work too well. I think I will stick, as it were, to the pastel chalks.

Saw this link on the Bicycle Rding/Donut Making Guy's site. Very cool pic of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. From way up high!

Monday, July 16, 2007

July Doldrums

Read in SLJ this month that Jessamyn has been causing a minor stir on the intarwebs with her video showing how her Ubunto installation went. Nice. I think I might try to install something like that on the old HP server we gots laying about. It COULD work!

Monday, July 09, 2007


How come the cool gentle breeze doesn't start wafting through the window until it's nearly time for me to get up? I suffer all night in the dead still air, and then, just when it's time...

Haven't really watch Le Tour, just bits and pieces, here and there. Big crash today in the final 3k. Looks like Hincappie is doing ok, so far. Seems to be fourth overall.

My shoulder hurts. I've been sloughing off on the PT...

There was something else I was gooona put here. Something fascinating, I'm sure. I forget what it was. Maybe I'll put it in later.

Maybe not.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Dining Out Again

Here's a pic of me slobbering over a Reuben that I promised [time passes], THOUGHT I promised in a past post, somewhere.


In looking back over the blogs I see I didn't even MENTION going to D.Z. Akins for Fathers' Day!


We went to the fair yesterday, and actually PURCHASED FOOD there! We had barbecue, I had beef, M. had pork.


And in that geek get-up, I STILL got a little sunburn!


Some more garden pics.

Misc2007June30 014
Marigolds on trash can.

Misc2007June30 012
Blurry mystery flower.

Misc2007June30 013
A rather nice marigold, if I do say so.

Misc2007June30 011
The mystery Wal-Mart plant my mother got me, that died, then came back to life.

Misc2007June30 009
Sunflowers, again.

Misc2007June30 002
The rock pile grows!

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