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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Manic Wednesday

Lots of craziness going on today!

Got this fish at a Destiny training today!

How cool is that, eh?

Saw skateboarder nearly get creamed today as he ran off the sidewalk into the street on a red light.

A few minutes later, only a block away, I was checking out a chick in hot pants (Hot pants? What year IS this??) who decided she could cross on the No Walk signal as I was turning right. Almost fendered her, did I!

We keep the lights on low in the computer room here at Manic Central, and my keyboard is down in the shadows.  There are no nubbins on the "J" and "F" keys, so I keep placing my fingers on the wrong keys and typing ALL SORTS of gibberish.  I need a keyboard with lighted keys! Do they make such a thing?  Or maybe an under-desk light!

I discovered that one can, if one inserts it at JUST the right angle, slide an SMC memory card UNDER and INTO the bottom of the card reader case, necessitating the removal of said case from the computer and shaking it all about to get the card out.

That is about all I can think of.  Cheers!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thanks to the generosity of Matt I now have a pretty darn fast computer with lots of memory and disk space.  Google Maps no longer takes five (or more) minutes to load a satellite view! Wow!

Here's a picture of Gimli (Son of Gloin), the dog I mentioned the other day over in the bicycle blog. The dog that chewed everything!

Gimli, circa 1976

Cam got him when we lived in the apartments next to the church. She got him at a pet store that used to be near Food Basket on University. She saw him in the window, and just had to have him. A classic impulse purchase!  Of course, living in a two-room apartment didn't work very well, so we moved to a house-behind-a-house in El Cajon, where this picture was taken.  I was trying to grow rhubarb and berry plants in those wire  protectors, by the way. I had hopes of some free rhubarb pie. Didn't work out.

Back in 1970 or so I got a dog named "Asia" from a couple I knew.  When I went off to war my poor mother ended up taking care of her.  Asia was a Shetland Sheepdog, and every so smart.  She was also a very prolific mother.  Her is a picture of one of my many brother with her and her puppies.

Asia with puppies, and one of my brothers, too!

Lastly, we have the White Phantom, a Buick convertible my father let me drive. I can't remember the year or model, 1962 or 63, maybe.  It had a sensor that would automatically dim the high beams, and a very good heater. Eventually reverse went out and I gave it to my brother, effectively abandoning it. As did he.

Hey, it's the same brother! I wonder how old he was when I "gave" him the car... fifteen?  The years, they all run together!

I went geocaching at Lake Murray today, making the find on a puzzle geocache in a very odd container.

I am reading A Tale Of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens.  It is dragging on very slowly. Dickens uses twenty words when one will do, in my opinion. He is certainly no Robert Parker! I quite lose track of what is going on at times, and who various characters are.  I was quite certain, for many pages, that Monsieur Marquis was not the same person on the Monsignor.  I'm going to look online for an outline... Oh, now I see that I was confused about that! Monseigneur was both the person who gave a party (the chocolate episode) and a title of Monsieur Marquis. I think.

Well, that's about it for today!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Is Shot

I had to haul the cat to the vet for his shot today, so I needed another cat carrier, as he peed in his cardboard one the last time.  I saw one at my regular Albertson's, so I naturally went to another Albertson's before work, 'cause it was closer.  Nope, no cat carriers there.  I decided to get a cardboard one at Petco in the afternnon, as I was short on funds.  Nope, couldn't find them.  So I finally went to my regular Albertson's and YAY, they had some. I picked one out and took it up to the Express Lane. The cashier did a price check. Yay, it was less than the amount on my gift card, so I bought it. She even washed the dust off of it!

Here's the cat in his new carrier:

I found this antique book of matches yesterday in a drawer. How much do you think I could get on E-Bay for them?

That's about it for today!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Got the tooth covered with a porcelain crown yesterday.  Still need a crown replaced, but insurance doesn't cover it. Not gonna happen soon!

Also found out one of my caches is missing.  I took a look, and I can't find it either, so I replaced it with yet another one on the way to jury dooty!

Jury Dooty...

I did not get picked for a trial, and I nearly finished the book I was reading!  I got a nice present from the County Sheriff for my services, a citation for not having proper registration, in this case, not have my tags displayed!  My bad, I forgotted to put them on!  Well, there's $32.50 down the drain!  I wonder if they would have noticed the missing sticker if I had backed in when I parked...

EDIT:  I put the sticker on when I got home.

Rot13 encrypted comments on the courthouse bathrooms:
V birepnzr zl srne bs choyvp gbvyrgf naq unq n avpr objry zbirzrag va gur pbhegubhfr gbvyrg. Gurl unir n irel avpr g.c. qvfcrafre. Fbzrbar yrsg n pbcl bs Cbchyne Zrpunavpf juvpu znqr sbe fbzr vasbezngvir ernqvat. Vg'f n yvggyr gbb dhvrg va gurer, gubhtu, gurl arrq n abvfl sna be n juvgr abvfr trarengbe. Nf sne nf pyrnayvarff, V engr vg na "8" bhg bs gra. Abg onq sbe n choyvp snpvyvgl! Gur syhfure qvq na rkpryyrag wbo, gbb!

The East County Courthouse must have the worst exit I've ever seen, since El Cajon decided it would be a good idea to make downtown a single lane in each direction.  A good plan is to sneak out the back way from the parking structure, which I didn't do, or park over by Rubio's, which I also didn't do.

I'm reading "The Road". I'm not sure why someone decided this would make a good movie. I'm not sure why it got a Pulitzer prize. I'm not always sure who is speaking. I'm unclear on why the author doesn't use quotation marks. I'm certainly not sure why the author doesn't use an apostrophe all the time. Maybe it will be revealed at the end, but I've only twenty pages to go, so...

It sure is hot today!  I hear it at the century mark today in El Cajon!  Glad I have air conditioning!!

EDIT:  In La Mesa right now (3:55 P.M.) it is 97 °F, but the humidity is 22% so it feels like only 95 °F.  It's a DRY heat!  In Granite Hills (essentially El Cajon) it is 102.4 °F right now, but it feels like only 97 °F, which must be a relief to them.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A New Week

The weather has changed once again from cool to warm.  Warm and SUNNY!  Yuk!

I went geocaching yesterday in the canyon off of Federal Blvd.  I wore my new shorts.  Bad move! Bushwacking in shorts is not recommended!  My legs are all scratched up!

And hairy!

I found two of the caches, but one, the bushwackiest, eluded me. Oh, well, the last log said they couldn't find it either, so I don't feel bad. Except my legs!

My shoes, especially the shoe strings, and my socks, were chock FULL of little stickers and seed-things.  When I got home I sat on the garage step to pull them out. The tail-less cat wandered by and into the garage. I set the shoes down to fetch the cat out of the garage, when I came back to the shoes most of the debris had mysteriously VANISHED!

I find my pro membership at has expired. Now I just a regular guy!

Last week at work I bumped my measuring cup/coffee cup into a door jam.  It cracked rather spectacularly! I had to toss it, so now I am reduced to using the many regular cups people have bought me over the years.

While getting ready for work  I spent twenty minutes looking for my work keys. I found them in the pocket of the pants I had on. How sad is that?

Here's a pic of our miniature textbook storage room.

Most of those boxes on the floor are workbooks that we don't use. I am trying to send them back to the warehouse.  See our giant stapler over there on the right?  In the foreground, just off the picture, I'm building a pallet of boxes to send back. It takes up most of the rest of the room.

Tomorrow is the dentist, then jury dooty on Wednesday. I'm a bit tire of civic responsibility, but at least I get paid for it!

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