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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Better Late Than Never, Eh?

Well, all I can say is that December certainly zoomed by!  Here is all the stuff I didn't post!

This one is actually from November, it's a floor outlet in Parkway Plaza mall.  Needs a cover, and some TLC on the cord.

December 7th

Parrots in the trees while I was waling around in La Mesa.

Selfie with Turtle Fur hat, to make some point on the internet...

A nostalgia post for Facebook, it's the notorious Bat Girl in Grantville!

December 8th

Muffler Man in Escondido.

December 9th

Got my replacement after a recall.  Excellent organization, and very prompt!

December 10th

Selfie with book, to illustrate some point on the internet.

December 12th

Out of sequence, 'cause I went to the same place on two sequential days.  I am all mixed up!

December 11th

Didn't find (DNF) the cache, did find a bird's nest.  Two pics.

Pic 2

Panorma with Mt. Miguel to the left, Elevator Rd. and environs to the right.

December 12th

Panorama on the next day, with lots of sun glare!

December 11th

After my did not find I went on to some other caches in the area.  Here I am photographing the inside of a storm drain to see if the cache is in there.  It is not.  It was somewhere else, in plain sight.

December 12th 

Back on the 12th, after I DID find the cache I didn't find on the 11th, I went down to Fiesta Island, at least to start things off.  Found this piece of trash that someone couldn't be bothered to toss in the trash.  Well, neither did I, so there is that...

I checked on my cache that someone reported missing.  I didn't find it either.  All I found was this piece of paper I had put in there.  I guess someone removed it!  So I replaced it!

I took a picture of every cache I found this day, something I never do.  And I'm posting them.  I doubt that anyone will use the pics to FIND those caches.  I hope!

A very pretty day, with birds!

Whoops, this is the right date, but out of sequence.  It's the cache that started the day, the one I couldn't find on the 11th.  It's missing its top.  I put a big rock on top to shed water.  I hope it works!

I left some stickers in one cache.

I had DNFed this one before.  Found it this time!

Still December 12th!!  This isn't were the cache was, but it looked like a likely spot.

This looks like a repeat of an earlier pic.  Well, enjoy it.  This one is not so cropped, I guess.

This is where the one before the last one turned out to be.  I found it on the way back to the vehicle.

I drove the truck over to a new spot, and walk a few hundred feet to get this one.

Then I drove the truck back, parked, and found THIS one!

I went back to the truck and took this selfie out the vehicle window...then I went home.

December 13th (Wednesday)

This was some not-quite-the-end-of-the-year preview I was reminded to look at.  I'll have to get the up-to-date one and publish it.  It only has a couple more books, though.

December 14th

I got an encouraging tip on this one, in Bonita. Back in there somewhere.  I DNFed it before, but I found it this time!

December 15th

This path leads through the dark and mysterious forest.  Who knows what lurks there!

December 19th

A view from the Flume Trail, or thereabouts.

A tube of Ambroid glue, rather used.  I was discussing glues with my dentist.  I thought I'd take a picture of my tube of Goo.  I couldn't find it, so you get this.

A tube of Ambroid glue, rather unused. A little history I ran across on the net.

A panorama from the Flume Trial in Lakeside. Well, actually it is rather higher up than the Flume Trial, it is on the dirt road heading up the hangliding area.

December 21st

What I was reading. 

December 27th

Someone asked me if I knew what one of these were.  I replied with a picture of mine.  Wikipedia article.

December 29th

I thought it looked like what might be the Emerald City out there, but it wasn't green, so I badly 'shopped it to be green.

Glasses for to celebrate the New Year? What?

A slightly different view, but it looks sort of green without my help.

A panorama with too much sun.  I was south of H St. in Chula Vista for these.

The former owner of this shirt apparently did not practice what they preached.

Most of the trail was pretty plain, but this section was cozy with trees.

There was even a bench.  I wish there were more benches on trail!

And a light, for those evening bike rides, I guess.

This is the last picture for this day, but it illustrates the beginning of trail.  I totally walked right past this and didn't realize it for a hundred feed, when the GPSr was pointing behind me.

December 30th

Camellia flowers.

Selfie with me and Robbie.

Selfie with me, Leia, and Robbie back there.

Me and Leia.

Leia and my knee.

I THINK it's my knee.

December 31st

Where's the track? 

Trolley museum in National City.

Bayside Park north, in Chula Vista, looking north.



I left a trackable at a geocache there.  This amusing log appeared on the trackable's web page.

And, a panorama I took there.

This is at Finney Overlook, behind Finney Elementary, in Otay Valley Regional Park. Very cool spot, nice view!

Lastly, this is a spot in Independence Park, south of H St. in Chula Vista.  What happened to the trail I came in on?

Misc. Dates!

My book reading numbers, December 2017 is short by two.

Saw this on the internet, it amused me. Facebook needs that choice!

There used to be a fun hobby shop in La Mesa.  I found this picture on the internet.

It's winter in San Diego.  I put on my winter shirt, inspired by this post on reddit.

I thought this was pretty funny.  Wish I had made it!

And now for January...

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