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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Better Late Than Never

Well, finally I am posting all the pictures from July that I haven't posted here.  Many of them have been on Facebook.  Some of them were 'specially made to irritate or tease (same thing?) people on Facebook!

All the images here are thumbnails, so you can click on them to see the large image (mostly), unless you are using Thumbnail Zoom Plus on Firefox, like me!

Something I found humerous on

I put up a bracket for the hummingbird feeder.  Hard to get a straight shot on that screw, even with the stubby.

Someone mentioned Slovenly Peter on a forum, so I had to IMMEDIATELY take a selfie of myself with my copy.

I even put up a welcome sign for the hummingbirds, but none have ever shown up.  I can hear them chirpping in the bushes, but they ignore the feeder.

Dinner one night!

I was out geocaching in OB and ran into these ladies, and they let me join up to look for a few caches. They also provided the picture! Thanks!

We took apart the engine on the Ranger (the other Ranger!).  The water passages look pretty blocked to me. 

I posted on a forum for Softalk magazine that I had won a couple of computer games from them, back in the day.  I had an offer to buy that Prisoner 2, but I declined.

Rant warning!  Cachers keep complaining that one of my caches is hard to get out of its hiding place.  Huh.  Probably why I made a TOTT (Tool Of The Trade, in this case, a hooked length of wire) to assist in retrieval, and hid it in a nearby bush.  Which I explained on the cache page.  Here is a picture.  It's still there.  Been there for years.  The only reason some people can get it out with their fingers is that people keep "fixing" it.  I may stick a twenty dollar bill on the TOTT for a First-To-Find reward...

I was out caching near Gillespie Field.  Here is an airplane landing.  I took it from inside the vehicle. Sad.

I did not find the nearby geocache, but this nifty seaplane, missing some of its parts, was very cool.

We put the Ranger engine back together.  Usually there are some bolts left over.  We had a bracket left over.  I have no idea.  Still runs OK, though!

There is a geocache under there.  I found it in plain sight, and took this picture to show the cache owner where I had stuck it.  In case they want to change something.  I didn't actually mean to publish this, but here we are.

I received this image which was transmitted by the International Space Station using SSTV (Slow Scan Television) over ham radio on the two meter band.  I used my Icom IC-V80 HT with a J-pole antenna outside, and a SSTV app on the iPhone. Nifty!

A pic I took of a page from Leaving Time, by Jodi Picault.  I just wanted to document an author using "X-Acto" knife correctly.  It made me very happy.

No geocache in here!

We stopped by the Lemon Grove Lips.

Then we went to Pizzeria Luigi, which was rather crowded, but fortunately we got a parking spot.  We also went to Panchita's Bakery.

SOMEONE commented, on Facebook, something about pizza and desert, and so I was COMPELLED to make this image illustrating The Great Pizza Desert of Southern California.

We went to the Mule Hill Trail in Escondido.  I saw this gas line with the bolt sequence written on, it reminded me of the travails of tightening the headbolts on the Ranger.

I went up to Pine Creek, near Pine Valley, to reconointer the area.

Some pictures from my Flume Trail walk yesterday.  It was pretty warm, in the mid-90s I'd say, and about 250 feet of vertical gain.  Lots of switchbacks!

This illustrates the route of the Flume, and is the first documentation that I've seen that the flume starts at the diversion dam, up there on the top right.  I had figured that out for myself the other day, but this is confirmation!

The view from the flume trail towards El Cajon Mountain.

This sign kept going on and on about the Monte Tunnel.  All very interesting, but what does that have to do with here?  I've been here several times in the past, there ain't no tunnel here. 

Oh, you mean THAT tunnel, over there.  Behind the bush.  Like the sign says...

A panorama of the El Monte Valley from the Flume Trail.

This is a man who called himself Paco. I forget his real name.  I think he is from Mississippi or Alabama.  Somewhere down there. I'd like to reconnect with him. Ignore the girl.

A sill quiz from Facebook.  Where is "None Of The Above"?

A scam letter I got.  I especially like how a letter from the U.S. Treasury has a non-disclosure statement, in Spanish (and English), from the National Museum of Columbia.

Boy, I'm glad this month is over, for ever so many reasons.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I Got Gas

I got gas last week.  I spent $34.25 for 12.415 gallons @ 2.759 per gallon.

The trip odometer reported 224.2 miles traveled since the last fill-up.

That works out to 18.05 MPG.

The odometer was at 41,815 miles.

That is all.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

July -- Back On Track?

July 1st -- I missed a fabulous geocaching event this evening.  Here is one picture that someone took:

July 2nd -- My first spam e-mail of the new month!

July 2nd -- I forget how I ended up at this Facebook page, but I'm not even going to link to it.  You wanna visit it, Google it for your own weird self!  I DID check out the creator of that image, Robert Simmon.  It was very interesting, so there was that.

July 2nd -- I felt the need to post an image of all my flashlights.  I came up with this, labeled it, and THEN realized I have four more flashlights scattered around the premises.

July 2nd -- We went out to El Cajon for some geocaches and some frozen yogurt.  We did not get the yogurt, but I did get a picture of this curious sign.  In Google Streetview I found that the sign was not there last year, and figured out that one used to be able to walk down that sidewalk to El Cajon.  No More it seems.  Although I saw two people walking from that direction earlier...

July 2nd -- Sitting on a big rock waiting...

July 2nd -- So the Yogurt Mill had a line a mile long, as usual, and then a new cache popped up on Adams Ave., so we headed over there and got first to find x3.  We got some fish tacos down the street, then drove over to Washington and India to the Gelato Vero Caffe.  I got a small, 'cause, you know, I'm controlling my sugar intake... We went upstairs to consume the goodies, and enjoyed the view.

July 2nd -- My daughter took all these pictures of me.

July 2nd -- Gazing pensively to the outside.

July 2nd -- Vintage!

July 4th -- OK, I lay a cracker from this box on the front there, and you can CLEARLY see that the box image is NOT "enlarged to show detail"!!  Blatant misrepresentation!

Well, that is all I got for today!

OMG It's Happened Again!

Falling WAY behind!  Here is the first sunflower of the year, it says.  I don't know, this was WAY back on June 9th!!

This is from a geocaching event in Balboa Park on June 10th.  Hey, it's Signal the Frog!

After the event I went for a couple of geocaches with what eventually became a group.  Here we are in Florida Canyon. I am bring up the rear, as usual!

June 16th -- Indiana Al?  I bought a heat gun so I can make new aglets (More about aglets at Ian's Shoelace Site). A word I can NOT spell correctly.

June 17th -- May daughter saw a raptor across the street.  I was zoomed in too far...

June 17th -- Raptor wingtip sticking up.

June 17th --  Some of my collection of meters.  The one is circled because I was recommending it to someone for quick checks of receptacles.

June 17th -- No, this wasn't TAKEN on June 17th, at least not of THIS year.  I was trying to make a point to someone about something something tanning.  I forget.  You should get on Facebook so you can get this stuff before I forget why I posted it!

June 17th -- Needs hair trimmed on pointed head.

June 18th -- On the "Buggy Trail" in the Oakzanita area near Green Valley Falls.  That is the Descanso Creek there.

June 18th -- View of Cuyamaca Mountain.  Hey, I've been up there!

June 18th -- Oakzanita peak.  We did not make it to the top.  Too hot, not enough water, and I was pooped!

June 19th -- At the zoo where the Emperor of Penguins was lecturing his subjects.

June 20th -- This crooked sunflower...Where did I go wrong?

June 21st -- I get suggestions on Facebook of stuff I might like.

June 21st -- I acquired this rock at a geocaching event.  It belongs to someone.  I need to remember to get it back to them.

June 27th -- Someone posted something on Facebook about bees and beekeeping.  I have a book, of course!

June 28th -- Drinking coffee at a geocaching event.

June 29th -- This quad antenna I made is going away soon.  Anybody want it?  Comes with a free Dolphin!

June 30th -- Possible icebergs across the Big Bay!  Seen on a bike ride with my cousin Bob.  Possibly I was hallucinating, though.

That is all for June!  After I rest up I shall tackle July!!

Thanks for reading!

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