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Sunday, October 15, 2017

The QM and Other Stuff

I was out geocaching the other day.  I missed FTF (First To Find) by one, I was STF (I made that up).

Yet another selfie, this time at the "tower" in San Carlos that has been there since I was a kid.

A magazine cover with a favorite story from a favorite author. From my "collection".

At the Queen Mary in Long beach.  Here we see some lifeboats on the starboard side.

Here we see them again, but now the passing boat is almost centered.

Yet another lifeboat.

This is the ship's radio room.  I talked to the volunteer who was manning the station for a while.  They have a ham radio station that is active.

Quite a few of these pieces of equipment I have no idea what they do. I was told that the packet station was running on a Windows 98 computer.

This looks like the main CW operating position.

This life boat is on the port side, and seems to have levers that the occupants have to operate to make the boat go. I surmise.

Looking back along the port side towards the stern, a long line of lifeboats.

Behind the Queen Mary there is a cruise boat at their own dock, soon to be taking on passengers.

Some rocks of the jetty that surrounds the Queen Mary. The jetty was built with rocks quarried on Catalina Island.

The bow of the Queen Mary and the bow of the Russian submarine B-427 next door.

Long Beach viewed through cabin porthole.

Long Beach viewed through cabin porthole at night!!

Selfie with Long Beach viewed through...ahhh, forget it!!!

I don't know why some of these thumbnails are the wrong size.  I DO know these pictures are somewhat out of order, due to me taking them with two devices, and the image numbers being out of sequence, thusly.

See, here, this picture should be back the jetty rocks one!

A panorama of the cabin I stayed in.

Here is the bathroom.  Nice!  It has an EXCELLENT flusher, and the room even has a fan.  How come my bathroom at home doesn't have a fan, eh?

Driving home on Sunday Morning I stopped at the View Point.  Seems a little foggy out there on the ocean.

I did some geocaches in Kearny Mesa on the way home. At one I found I had lost my pen.  I retraced my steps to the previous cache, and there it was!  Good thing I put that orange duct tape on it!

Oh, and here is some of the geo-SWAG I picked up at the geo-event on the Queen Mary.

Thanks for reading!!!

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Mostly October, But Not Necessarily In Order

September 26th

What a bear on a train may look like. I made this for some article I saw on Fark about lost items found on British trains.  No one was interested.

September 27th

I finally got one of these stickers for my vehicle!  I am SO happy!!

September 24th

I posted this on FB in a pathetic response to some of the stuff I've seen on there.

I posted this on FB to amuse the folks.  No one was amused.

October 3rd

iPhone repair day. I have worked up the gumption to take the sucker apart.

I read a how-to article.

Here it is, all opened up.  With the proper tools it is MUCH easier than I imagined.

The battery was incredible hard to get out.  Apple uses these VERY sticky strips to make sure that battery ain't going no where, no how.  I finally got it out, then...

I had to get the sticky strips out.  Well, THAT, at least, was very easy.

The home button was not working, so I replaced the guts to that.  It didn't work afterwards, either.

That OptiVisor does not work as well as it used to.  Must be defective.

Ok, it's back together and it WORKS!  Yeah!!  Except for the home button, I found out later...

I took some photos to make sure the camera part still worked.

And that was that!  Did I save any money?  Nope!  But I learned a bit (Pay someone else to do it!) and acquired some useful tools.  More tweezers!

October 4th

What we have here, for dessert, is chocolate pave.

October 5th

Several pictures of the same piece of cake.

October 7th

Graham crackers with peanut butter (crunchy, of course!), it fulfills a certain need.

It coming on Halloween time, and I saw these scary tomatoes at the store!

September 30

Out of order, but what do you care, eh?  An edited StreetView image showing what the Pizza Palace on Fletcher Parkway may have looked like, back in the day.

September or October, who can remember these things?

Here are a couple of Wizard Of Oz related images that I came across on the 'net and found amusing.

Well, they WERE silver, in the books...

Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 02, 2017

I Got Gas Again

Seriously, you may not want to hear this, but I have had some serious cases of flatulence lately.

But I did fill up the tank this morning.

I spent $37.60 for 12.623 gallons with the odometer at 42,504 miles.

The trip-o-meter said 342.6 miles, and that would make the gas mileage 27.1 mpg, but believing that would cause me to doubt your sanity. So don't!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Another Week, Another Post

Mostly September, but one August that I forgot to post last month.

Please remember these are all thumbnail images.  The original hi-quality (well, larger, anyway!) images can be accessed by clicking on the thumbnail image.

August 17th
I heard some banging around, and voices, so I went out side to see these guys up in the air!

Sept. 11th
I got a free trackable number for participating in a geocaching event, so I put it on this old cell phone, and I shall send it out into the world.  Some day.  I printed the number and some identifying words on a piece of paper and slipped it behind the glass on the display.  I did this after taking the picture.  Just try to imagine it...

September 12th
Someone posted something on about their ham radio equipment, so I was gonna post about having an antenna in my bedroom, but I forgot which discussion it was in, so here's the picture.

I was looking at Google 3D Maps and it was VERY slow to load, and it looked amazing weird.  Like after a hurricane, or a great disaster.  So this is Pacific Grove, California.

September 12th
Someone said they were visiting the Space Needle in Seattle, and so I had to post my stamps.

And I found my crummy stamp "tongs" out in the garage, and so had to take a couple of pictures trying use them.  But they are VERY crummy!

Four-cent stamps, remember them?

September 14th
I watch this person almost park their car.  They bounced off the concrete curb there a couple of times, too.

September 16th
I finally found the tweezers that I got in my grandfather's stuff when he passed away.  I wonder if I can get them re-plated?

JUST before I found it, though, I ordered some more tweezers and other stuff to fix the cell phone.  Or else break it completely!

September 18th
I went geocaching after the oncologist visit today.  I spotted these in a bush, but they were too crummy to take.  Found the cache on the other side of the bush. Eventually.

When I got home the mailman came and delivered the stuff I ordered on Saturday.  That's 48 hours later.  Amazing!

Here we see the three tweezers and a drill index, full of tiny drills bits.  I couldn't get the drill index open at this point.

Here is the replacement part for the Home button on the cell phone, with the tweezers' point for scale.

I finallly got the drill index open, so here it is, with one of my pin vices that holds the bits for drilling, and the obligatory tweezers for scale.

And that is about THAT!

Thanks for reading!

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