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Thursday, April 26, 2007

This Space For Rent

I forget what I was gonna write about, so check out this very cool steampunk keyboard mod. How cool is that?

I'm currently reading A Treasury of Southern Folklore: Stories, Ballads, Traditions, and Folkways of the People of the South, by B. A. Botkin. It quite a wieldy tome, running to 700-some pages. I'm giving it a rest today, and taking up another "withdrawn" title. This one is a World War II action story by John Clagett, titled Typhoon 1944. It's pretty good for a teen book. It was published in 1970, so the author is showing some awareness of the racial discrimination in the services back in WWII. the author drops the N-word, I guess to emphasize one charactor's prejudice, but the "hero" is bothered by it, and I think is going to call the guy on it. This volume is on 190 pages, so I should finish it soon. I've a pile of other "weeded" title to read, too. The Treasury may have to wait.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Every time someone mentions rhubarb to me, I salivate. It's truly disgusting. I LOVE rhubarb pie, and you can't really get just plain rhubarb. It's always that wierd strawberry-rhubarb combination. Which is all right, in its place. But IT'S NOT THE SAME!!

It's all about the tartness.

Here's a link to a blog entry at Pie Day Friday showing how to make pie crust, and a rhubarb pie recipe, with some lovely pictures.

Sadly, the picture I use at work for a desktop picture (Not the rolled tacos machine, the OTHER one), Lurid Rhubarb, can no longer be found on the web. Use your imagination. Picture my surgery. The first one.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lucky Day

Today is Thomas Jefferson's birthday. Also, Al Green, Ricky "Rick" Schroder, and Caroline Rhea. Among others...

A piece of chocolate cake!

2007April13Misc Pics From WorkRESIZED 007

And an Oreo cake from D.Z. Akins!

2007April13Misc Pics From WorkRESIZED 005

Do not be afraid to click on the images to visit my zooomr page and see the even yummier big images!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First, the news:

Burglar gets away by driving against traffic (scroll down)
Performance Bicycle in La Mesa is burglarized. Ebay soon to be flooded with cheap junk bicycle parts! Just kidding, I do all my shopping there. It's my forte'!!

I was going to link to a very cute photo in today's Onion Tribunal, but the lame SignOnSanDiego site doesn't seem to have it. It was cute. A doggy in a front pannier on a bicycle.

Why would anyone cate what television shows I'm currently watching this month? I don't know but here they are:
California's Gold
Desperate Housewives
The New Adventures Of Old Christine
Two And Half Men
How I Met Your Mother
King Of Queens
Are You Being Served
As Time Goes By
Keeping Up Appearances
Waiting For God
My Name Is Earl
The Office

Stopped watching: Grey's Anatomy

And I had bran flakes for breakfast...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fat Saturday

I am finding that Triscuit, in all its assorted, sordid, flavors, is extremely addictive. I am particularly fond of chedder. Uuummmm, cheeessseee...

I like to let them melt in my mouth!

Sodium? Carbohydrates?

Pif paf!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Is It Saturday Yet?

Walked up to the library and the train store. Purchased some MORE instant super glue, as the last bottle had solidified, as it will.

Glued the smoke stack on the station. I had Gooed the lights on before (with Walthers Goo), but super glued them again, just to be sure.

Almost glued my fingers together, AGAIN!

2007April06trainstationRESIZED 002
Another pic, and bigger ones, at my zooomr page. Just click on the image!

Stuck it on the layout in place of the OTHER Fallberg station, for the photo. Looks right at home!

How come I haven't ballasted that piece of track yet?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Working On The Railroad

Been working on the train station all afternoon.

2007April05trainstationRESIZED 002
There are three more pics at zooomr, and they're BIG! Well, BIGish...
Just click the image...

That roof is printed paper, it looks pretty good. It certainly is easier than trying to weather the old Sydam corrogated metal roofing!

I got a little heavy-handed with the epoxy and used it to glue the windows in. Bad idea, too much epoxy. The excess oozed out and so the window glass doens't sit quite flat in some of the windows.

I still can't get more variation in the stone color. When I hit the structure with a blast of Flat Clear to seal the colors it kind of blended together... I'm going to try to touch up some of the rocks with an acrylic wash.

I still have the smokestack and lights to attach.

I'm not even sure what I'm going to DO with this station, I've alreay got one! I guess I'll have to start another layout..


Did my 39th radiation treatment today, the last one. They gave me a nice "diploma". I have to go back in a month and see if it "took". I don't know what I will do with all my free time...

Went over to Michael's to get a shadowbox. They are 40% off, woot! I wandered around and looked at stuff. For some reason I wish I was in elementary school so I could make a California mission model out of the supplies they have. I'm not even interested in missions, what's up with that?

You probably aren't interested much in guns, but I like guns. I like stuff that is utilitarian and mechanical, like motorcycles, knives, guns. I don't HAVE any of those (Well, I have a knife) . but I like them. Even though a friend was accidently killed by her son with a gun, in a tragic handgun accident a few years ago. Anyway, the Bike Riding Donut Guy has this story (scroll down to "How Not To Clean A Gun" buried in one of his posts. He says it's from another site, but I can't find it to give credit. I thought it was pretty funny. And instructive.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Rose By Any Other...

OK, inquiring minds have asked about the flower press.

We will get to that.

First of all, I must admit that, due to my incompetence, I was only able to press one flower, my lapel rose. All the other roses spoiled. My fault. I accept total blame in this matter.

Please remember you can clicky on the images to zip to my zooomr page and view the images in larger sizes. The last two images are especially better, bigger.

Here's the press, all its flower-crushing glory:

2007April03FlowerPressRESIZED 001

The wingnuts hold the whole thing together nicely, with tension being infinitely adjustable.

Let us observe the various layers inside:

2007April03FlowerPressRESIZED 002

Plywood for crushing flatness, cardboard for cushioning, blotting paper to soak up the juices.

Let's open it up:

2007April03FlowerPressRESIZED 003

It certainly is flat!

Let us take a closer look at the crushed flower:

2007April03FlowerPressRESIZED 005

Yes, I would said it is totally crushed flat!

Here is an interesting shot using that flash setting I always use by misteak:

2007April03FlowerPressRESIZED 011


And here is pretty much what we end up with:

2007April03FlowerPressRESIZED 012

Not too bad, I'm thinking! I've heard roses are hard to press. I believe it!

Now I need a shadow box to mount it in, with a bit of the bride's veil.

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