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Saturday, December 05, 2015


This song seems stuck in my ear the last week...

Cosmo Sheldrake -- Rich

When I was a teen I was quite enthralled with the somewhat risqué (in the British manner) series of movies about St. Trinian's School For Young Ladies.

Battle Song of St. Trianians

I was going to post the lyrics but then I realized they are in video, complete with bouncing ball so you can sing along!

Someone made a new St. Trinian's movie in 2007.  It got a 32% on the Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes. The parent guide is illuminating, i.e. "Alcohol use implied in most scenes."  Well!   Well, really, it is PG-13.

I was thinking that maybe I should pop the ol' kitchen sponge in the microwave to sterilize it, so I looked it up to get the details.  Seems one should nuke the sponge every other week.  Huh.

I went geocaching today in Santee.  Found ten caches, didn't find three.  Found two that I had not been able to find before.  Didn't find one that I had not been able to find before.  Does that all make sense?

I walked about 4.2 miles.  I thought it was farther, 'cause I was kinda tired, but maybe it was all the hills.  There was a bit of up-and-down.  Not as much as Spooky Canyon, though!

I was amazed to see this quarry.  Why?  Because I've been clomping around this area since the late 60s and never noticed it before!  You will no doubt be amazed that I needed to get from where I took the picture to that flat area.  It took a big of figuring how to do it, safely, but I did.

(EDIT: McKoon Quarry)

After getting safely over to the flat area I went down the trail a bit, and took the panorama looking towards eastern Santee, and El Cajon off in the distance.

There was a LOT of graffeti and tagging in the area, mostly of the inane kind, but this was pretty cool.

This panorama of West Sycamore Canyon shows the very last part of the water processing facilities at
Santee Lakes.  Or maybe it's the beginning part?

I guess that is the end of the geocaching part of the program today!

Marker's Mark sends something every Christmas (Unlike Guinness and their towel...), this year they send ear warmers and what I am interpeting as a nose warmer...

And that is truly all!

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