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Friday, April 24, 2009

Also Friday

Here's the business end of an RCA 8134 vidicon television camera tube.

2009April120 vidicon tube 001

Just in case you had the hankering to see one. It's mirror-like!

The tube-type peek-hole in the box.

2009April120 vidicon tube 002

The box!

2009April17 vidicon tube 003

The tube!

2009April17 vidicon tube 007

Link to the datasheet, in pdf "format", for the RCA 8134 vidicon tube. You may want to head over to the home page, it has some vary interesting stuff about television broadcasting history, Iowan (?) postcards, and links to cable car information.

I'm out of here!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

We went out to The Canyon this afternoon and had ourselves a nice little Easter feast. The kids played with the old games, and the old folks discussed their ills.

Check these little guys out!

2009April12 Easter 001

Penguin appetizers, can you beat that? Olives, cream cheese, and carrot bits are all it takes. Too cute to eat!

In my penguin ecstasy I failed to notice the flower vegetables, until they were pointed out to me.

2009April12 Easter 002

I recognize the radishes, but you may have to look at the big version on Zooomr to see that the orange flowers have a kernel of corn in the center.

Of course there were coloured eggs, and I got to take some home. I also got the bubble gum eggs!

2009April12 Easter 003

Little plants in coloured eggshells, how cute is that? You get the LARGE version here, for enhanced cuteness!

2009April12 Easter 004

There was a bit of drama as the visiting dog (Bug), seen here,

2009April12 Easter 008

chased the resident cat (Old Yeller) up a tree. At press time, the cat had not come down.

2009April12 Easter 007

That is all I have to report, except that a lovely time was had by all!

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