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Saturday, May 30, 2009


I found this nifty plate laying about the place. My wife says she got it at the ninety-nine cent store, along with a red one that says "Bloody Mary" on it. We can't find the red one right now. I can't WAIT to see the picture on THAT one!

2009May30 Plate 001

So cool, so laid-back, so drunk...

2009May30 Plate 005

THE BACK of the plate. It say's "Shonfeld's" under the white gunk. They have a web site. It does not totally work.
2009May30 Plate 004

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Illegal Library

Saw a link to "Yahoo! Answers wins for once." I'm glad I clicked on it. It is titled "Is it OK to run an illegal library from my locker at school?" A student attends a high school that does not allow certain books in its library. The student is running a library out of their locker. It sounds like it is very popular. It also sounds like a good idea to me!

Of the books listed, I think we have about a third of the titles in our middle school library.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

That And THIS

Firstly, I made this all-purpose holder for my folders. Bone, that is!

2009May14 misc 001

I covered a cardboard tube (from laminating film roll) with an old book jacket, since you asked.

Secondly, (shot while waiting for my ├ępouse at doctor) what is this strap for, anyway?

2009May14 misc 010

Risque Accru de Capotage, indeed!

Thirdly, this (also shot while waiting for my ├ępouse at doctor) is the first in a SERIES of images of the crook of my arm.

2009May14 Arm Crook I

Be forewarned!

And fourthly, what do you call someone who zooms up the left side of a line of cars waiting to turn right, then noses in near the front of the line? I name them, "line cutter!" Fie on thee!

2009May14 misc 011

Ok, I am SO disappointed the picture did not turn out. These handheld-camera-waving-around-while-piloting-a-vehicle pictures never DO seem to turn out!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Of Plague And Yellow Fever

My neighbor is attempting to breed mosquitos.

2009May01 Mosquito Breeder

It is possible there may have been an inadvertent weedicide/oil spill into the tub, however...

I talked to the guy about this container of water a couple of months ago. He agreed it was bad and said he was going to have a couple of guys clean it out soon. I guess he meant Real Soon Now.

I just read a nifty book titled Fever 1793, by Laurie Halse Anderson. It is based on a historical yellow fever epidemic in Philidelphia. Around 10,000 people died. It makes fine reading in this time of scary pig-diseases!

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