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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day

I didn't know about the free cup of coffee for Vets at Starbucks so I purchased my own at McDonalds for the geocaching event I went to.  I probably wouldn't have taken advantage of it anyway, as I would feel silly about it.  Save it for the Vets who actually sacrificed something.  I figure I got a free education out of the whole deal, that's more than enough, and I don't remember sacrificing anything, except maybe my sense of fashion.  Actually, I looked pretty good in green, I think.

I wore the Air Force commemorative tee shirt that Bev gave me to work yesterday, along with my genuine Air Force Field Jacket, complete with battery acid holes.

So I was down in Chula Vista today for the weekly geocaching meetup event.  Afterwards I walked the hills above Olympic Parkway for caches, then along the Parkway for two more, then back to the vehicle and home.

Before the event:  1
At the event: 2
In the hills: 11
Along the Parkway: 2
TOTAL:  16

The two along the Parkway, I've been looking them for two years.  In three trips.  The first one I looked for an hour before I finally spotted it.  The second one I found in five seconds.  I can't explain it.

I walked around three and a half miles today, but it seemed longer with all the up-and-down of the hillsides.

A view from the top of the first hill.  Looking to the west.

I also made a panorama image somewhere along the way. Here is the link to it.

Another view to the west.

And I zoomed in for a sort of close up, too!

Cute cache, I thought it had lunch in it, but it was plastic.

Blurry flowers, with walking stick for scale.

That VERY blue car looked like an MG Magenette.  Too bad the phone cam wouldn't focus on it.  And this was the BEST of the ones I shot as I drove past!!

Speaking of blue, who on EARTH would EVER allow their vehicle to be painted that awful color, eh?

I keep trying to remember interesting (ha!) stuff I wanted to put here.  The only thing I can remember is that I bought a new shower curtain liner yesterday.  I upgraded to the eleven dollar polyester one, even though it didn't have metal grommets, in the hope (probably futile) that Mr. Sun will not cause THIS one to disintegrate.  Next time I'll have to try the seventeen dollar one, I guess.  Look forward for a report of that in a couple of years!

I can think of nothing else at this time, so, have a happy rest of the week!

P.S.  Oh, I thought of something else, I want one of them omelet pans, the hinged kind, I'm gonna look at Wal Mart tomorrow, having not seen one at Target yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about painting my Dodge Dart a neat teal blue. What do you think?

The omelet pan sounds like a good idear!

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend white spray paint for that Dodge Dart.

I wonder if there are any pictures of that Dart anywhere, in teal, that is.

Deanne said...

Thought you'd post pics of your omelet makings from the other day. Have you tried again with less milk? Now, I'm hungry.

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