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Monday, February 06, 2017

Oh Noes It's Raining!!

I needed to make a run to the Alpine branch library to get a couple of books, so of course I turn it into a geocaching mini-expedition!  I decided to brave the pending rain and go for the ones I have left on Viejas Mountain. There are five I found back in March of 2016 (not counting that one up the road), and you will see three more I found today.  Sadly, there are three left to do.

You will notice the peak elevation followed by an "m".  I found out that stands for "meters". This is different than "feet", it turns out.  And as it turns out, there was approximately 1,197 feet of elevation gain today, and there would have been 1,482 feet if I had made it to the peak.

Someone left a walking cast boot at the trailhead.  I hope that isn't a portent of things to come! You will notice that you can see all the way up the hill.  Actually, there is a cloud at the peak but you can't see it from here.

After I got a ways up the trail I looked back down to see the vehicle, and watched another vehicle park by it. Also, it is clouding up down there!

Higher still, and cloudier still!

I thought maybe I was at the summit.  Nope, it's just a ridge, the summit is a BIT farther up the trail.

I went a little bit further, but the rain started and it got slippery and I decided to come back yet another day.

Coming down the trail I was passed by someone who had gone all the way to the peak and back.  Turned out it was the guy who parked in front of me.  He must have passed me at one of the geocaches I had stopped for!

Here I am going down the rocky trail, oh so rocky, and trying to compose an interesting picture.  My umbrella blew away, and it was rainy, and this is all I came up with.

The walking stick was majorly important, especially in the wetness. A three-point stance is more stable than two!

A view from under the umbrella. It wasn't perfect, but I'm sure glad I brought it!

This is a different vehicle than the one in that other picture. Coming down I passed this guy who was coming up.  He asked how far it was to the peak.  I said I don't know, I've never made it!

My shoes were (and still are, a bit) coated in mud, the treads being packed.  My pant legs were coated in mud too, and it was all very very hard to clean off.  I'm sure my pants are now stained with the reddish-brown mud.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 05, 2017

I'm Too Lazy To Even Put The Picture Dates On Here!

I guess I have not been posting much lately.  Many of these pictures have appeared on Facebook.  Remember that you can click on the thumbnails to see the full size picture!

I walked over to the mailbox to mail the bills.  I saw this car I thought was flagrantly parked.  Turned out I was wrong.  Funny how those three license plates all look the same, isn't it?

Saw this can of soup sitting there on the same walk!

Out geocaching one Saturday I saw this cable running from the ground across to the building. Why?

I was so excited I took three pictures of it!

I bet the fence is to keep people like me from hanging on it...

Dinner.  I forget what it was called.  It was pretty good!

New bird feeder, after breaking the old one.  Birds seem happy.

We went to Ramona to see the antiques stores.  I bought this pencil sharpener.  Only, it's not a pencil sharpener!  It's a lead holder pointerer!

This does not work!

Geocaching above Willow Glen Dr. in Rancho San Diego or thereabouts.


Detail: Yes, it is a very steep hill!

Eye level with the power tower!

Zoom back a bit for a more comprehensive view?

A lame joke about camoflage, just ignore this.

This was probably left-over pizza from the Ramona trip that I had for lunch.

I bought a lead holder just to complete the set.  It used 2mm lead.

I think this picture is a little better. I re-posed the eraser.

I planted some Firestick plants.

The other one.

Then I went to urgent care as my eye hurt and rivers of snot were running out of my nose.  I guess I rubbed my eye with some of the sap from the Firestick plant.  Not fun!


Geocaching on Miller Ranch Road/Echo Canyon Road.

Some computer parts.  Need a keyboard?

A bad apple if ever I saw one.

Looking south towards Proctor Valley Road.

Is one dice a die?  Coyotes got it, I guess.

The consensus was that this is a coyote track.

Tracks were in line with each other.

More rotten fruit.

If you really zoom in on the big picture you can spot where I parked.  I guess that is Mt. Helix back there, I didn't even realize it.

I got a new headlamp. Now I'm ready for night operations.

Caught like a deer in a headlight.

A geocaching TOTT (Tool Of The Trade).

Finally found this one after several tries.  Needed a hint to finally make the grab, though.

I heard there was some sort of sporting event today, did anyone else know about that?

That is all for today!  Thanks for reading!

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