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Friday, February 20, 2009

Argentine Antennas

We haven't had any antenna pics lately, so here are a few I snagged from the photographer's website. These are all from his trip to Argentina.

You can click on the image to see a bigger version!

A bunch of commercial antennas.

A large HF log periodic antenna. Possibly on a government building, in Medoza.

A small beam on a water tower.

Various commercial antennas on what I assume is a water tower.

This looks like a stacked array of two meter beams. With giant bathtubs.
Somewhere along the road to Iguazu Falls.

Quite an antenna farm there! Somewhere in Buenos Aries.

So, it looks like LU land (Argentina) is prime antenna-spotting territory!

Friday Finally

It's been a sunny week in San Diego since all those rains. I've been riding these last three days, and I've accumulated 31.67 miles.

I noticed a couple of (more!) old cars along the route. I don't know why there seem to be so many cars from the 60s (and 50s) about. That was forty years ago, for goodness sake! When I was a teen back then I never saw Model As or Model ts in everyone's driveway!

This 50s Ford station wagon is parked in the driveway of a boarded-up house. Notice the electric meter is gone. One wonders...

2009Feb20 misc 002

Down the street from the station wagon is this 60s Ford Econoline van. The mommy van of the era.

2009Feb20 misc 001

I know not why old people prefer to walk in the street instead of the sidewalk, but I see a lot of it. What's up with that?

2009Feb20 misc 005

Today I found a sponge, still in its wrapper, and a faded pink leash, perfect for walking the cat!

2009Feb20 misc 007

Oh, and I found a quarter the other day!


It irks me no end when cops let people park in the bike lane for traffic stops! They wouldn't let them stop in the car lanes, now would they?

2009Feb18 police 006

Here's the obligatory (and blog-redeeming) cat picture.

Ironic cat studiously ignores the mouse on his paw.

2009Feb18 cat and mousec 005

That is all!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Not much going on here, but I did run across this exchange of Valentine's Day sentiments between two hashers, as quoted on The Half-Mind Weblog.


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