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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hiking About

I WAS going to go geocaching on Dictionary Hill today, but I decided that might be a bit much, so I headed over to a wilderness area bordered by the 15 on the west, Serra Mesa to the North, Admiral Baker Field to the east, and some condos to the south.  The search was for four caches, and I found them all pretty easily.  Of course, I DID read the hints...

There was a fire here recently, and one of the caches was a bit melty-distorted, but the log was fine.

You can see the cache spot in the picture, if you know where to look!

It was pretty warm, but breezy, but I wish I had brought my handkerchief, my eyes got all sweaty.  Hard to see any snakes that way!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The other day I saw what looked like a nifty car under cover, so I snapped a shot on the way back (from geocaching, of course...).  Hmmmmm, I may need to wash the windows...

So what car is that?  I suspect it is a Lotus. And I suspect I've posted a picture of it before.

So today, Saturday, I headed over to a puzzle cache I solved (well, I had help!) and stopped off at Crystal Cave, a mine we used to bike to in my distant youth.  Looks like the place has been terraformed, there used to be a dirt road to the mine opening.  It's that bare spot of there, those rocks in the foreground are where the "water falls" are.

This is about all I saw of a mine opening.  We used to able to go inside, although I never went very far.  I'm not sure flashlights had been invented then, at any rate I never seemed to have one.  I was talking to a couple at the falls, he said that many years ago he and his friends would go WAY in there, till they were up to their necks in water.  Yikes!

Here's another opening.  Lots of quartz-bearing rocks around.

This piece had lots of quartz in it, but the pic doesn't really show it.  Is that gold in there?

Back at the trail head, this is the end of Lake Murray Blvd., surely the widest dead-end street in the known universe!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hot As Heck, Just About!

While says it is between ninety-eight and a hundred degrees here in the beautiful San Carlos suburb of San Diego (Our Motto: We're Almost East County!!), my trusty Taylor Temprite says it is ninety-one degrees in the shade at four feet off the ground, and ninety-five degrees at ground level.  Oh, the time is around eleven AM.  It is around 28% humidity, depending on who you ask, and there is a small breeze blowing to make things a little more pleasant.  As long as you aren't moving and are in the shade!

It is up to about eighty-five in the library proper. All the ceiling fans are going.  I hear from my former librarian that at her new school, a few miles east of here, she is wearing a sweater because of the AC.  How cruel is that?


It is now noon...

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Went geocaching in Eastlake this Saturday morning, tried on these glasses that were in the cache.

Saw this wheeler setting out the Valet Parking signs in a parking lot.

Quaint village atmosphere in La Mesa.

Tonight I was watching The Big Bang Theory when I heard a Big Bang outside, went out to the street to find someone had missed the turn and plowed into the curb, deploying their airbags, and just missing a parked car by two inches.  No one injured, but the guy was pretty shaken up.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Up The Hill

Today I did a little morning hike up the Kwaay Paay trail to a puzzle cache that I finally solved.

Saw some ants, too, industriously ferrying their little bits of something.

The most notable thing I saw was ten or so big plastic bottles (2 liter?) in the bushes quite a ways farther off the trail than I care to admit I was.  Why would someone leave them there? Why was someone there?  Who knows?

That was about it!

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