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Sunday, February 26, 2006

We went to Boulevard to see the wind generating windmills there. They are quite impressive! You have to drive a bit on a dirt road to get there, but it's not too bad. The mighty Hyundai did it ok! This picture is from another visit of Matt's, that a Camry at the base of the windmill.

The blades are enormous, I estimated about 120 feet across. They are almost silent in operation, just a whooshing sound as they go by. There are 20 something windmills in a long line. You can see them from the road, but we drove right up to them for a close-up view.

We went by the Wisteria Candy Cottage in Boulevard. We didn't stop there, but I've been there before with Kelly and they have some fine stuff. Of course, being sorta-diabetic, I couldn't eat too much of that stuff anyway, right?

We checked out Carrizo Gorge Road. Turns out it dead-ends at a clothing-optional resort. Woo hoo!

We took the old road, took a look at Desert Tower, almost hit a little kitty, then took the S2 back. Stopped at the Box Canyon monument. Didn't see much of a trail, can't imagine taking wagons through there in the 1800's!!

Came up the Banner Grade through Julian and then home again.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

No entries so far in the t-shirt contest. The only explanation I can see is that now is reading this blog! Probably just as well!

I was watching Alan Jacobs on Book TV talking about his book "The Narnian", which is of course about C.S. Lewis. He said something about Lewis taking his responsibiliities seriously, recounting anectdotes about Lewis dilegently answering his fan mail every day and visiting an elderly woman friend who was in a nursing home. This struck me, and I found it worthy of note.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

So over in Dago it appears they are thinking about banning smoking on the beach. Not that I care, having stopped smoking about three week ago. I am thinking a simpler little law isn't going to do much, though. I think that people who would obey the law are the ones who probably don't drop their butts anyway. It's the scofflaws that throw their butts in the sand. And that's probably the least of what they do! Probably run stop signs and speed, too!

I believe the only solution is to execute people who litter. And let the good smokers smoke in peace.

And raise the alcohol tax, too. But that's another topic.

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