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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I can see this blog isn't going to go well. It's not like a private journal were you can rant about real people and they will never see it (hopefully!) and so not get their feelings hurt, etc.

So there probably isn't going to be much here, I guess.

Went to Perry Ford Saturday (Xmas eve) to get the oil changed. I had a post card from them, and I had followed it up with a telephone call setting an appointment time. So I gets there. The service dept. is CLOSED! The service manager is there doing something or other, and is very nice and tells me they decided to close the service dept. at the last minute. I made some crack about thanks for calling me. He said to come back Monday, no appointment, no problem. So I did. They were short handed, so it took an hour and a half to change the oil. He knocked five bucks off the price, and they warshed the vehicle. (Although Maureen's mother never would have let ME get away with just pressure warshing her MGB!!)

Saw the lady who sold us the vehicle, said "Hi!". The television in the waiting room had really bad reception, and the coffee pot was out of order, so M. and I looked at cars and walked down the street (The Mile Of Cars!!) and looked at other vehicles. One thing, on my vehicle there is a component on the front suspension that is steel and not painted. We looked at other vehicles at Perry and they were the same, and a salesman said his own was like that. We looked at Nissans down the street and the same component was painted. What's up with that? It looks cheap. I also wonder why they don't paint the drive shaft.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Alan Bersin recently left the San Diego City Schools for a job with the Californian government as Education Secretary. I'm sure he will be well-paid in that position. Since he was "bought-out" by the City Schools and then immediately got a new job, he is in effect being paid twice. I think that if he supports education so much that he should return the money he is being paid by City Schools. I think it would be the right thing to do.


When I told M. the other day that I was amazed that the honey-baked peanuts had the same carb. count as the regular peanuts, I meant that in the same way that an "8" looks like a "6"...

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