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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Tuesday (and Monday)

Monday I went out to somewhere I've not been before, and found me some caches.

I found eight caches, I think it was.  It was a wonder I even got to the trailhead, though, as I got lost in a maze of twisty little streets, all alike.

Saw this bug, I forget what they are called, but it is a scary-looking critter, ain't it?

Saw these cans hanging on a fence.  Some sort of alarm?  Art? Or what?  Hmmmm...

Now, on Tuesday, I had an appointment to get the oil changed, an appointment quite early.  so while the oil was being changed I walked the neighborhood, geocaching.  Just over six miles of walking.

I found five cache today. Three of them I had looked for before and didn't find, one of them I had driven past twice and "Noped" it, and one was new to me.

Saw this pink beauty in my travels.  Looked like it had been lowered.  Or maybe the roof was chopped.

I think it was Matt who insisted there was a Der Wienerschnitzel (which has not been CALLED Der Wienerschnitzel since 1977) outlet here on University. While I insisted there was not.  Well, there is. They also have Tastee-Freez ice cream concoctions.

I bought lunch there, a Polish Sandwich, which I insist on calling a Polish Dog.

I ate the dog on the way to the auto repair shop, where I waited for another half an hour as they were not quite finished.

I was having the 30,000 miles (in ten years!) service done.  It cost $ 463.00, which is a bit more than I expected, but in researching it I find it seems to be not exorbitant.  It's changing the transmission filter that costs so much, I guess they have to drop the pan.  Too bad it's not an external filter!

That is about all I got for today!


The Squeaky Cyclist said...

Looks like the map maker auto-corrected my route in one spot because I had it on "runnner" instead of "straight lines". So the total mileage should be a hair UNDER six miles.

Deanne said...

John would have loved that Polish sandwich. I'm more of a bratwurst kinda gal.

Anonymous said...

You didn't know there is a Wienerschnitzel there?

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