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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Out And About

I had a very decent geocaching day yesterday.  I parked at the end of Lake Murray Blvd. I looked around for the cache there, didn't find, as I have not found it the previous two times I've been there. No problem, I didn't expect too.  The plan was to look for a puzzle cache, with another cache as a back-up in case I couldn't find it.  I'm still trying to get a cache found for every date of the year. I'm finding it's gonna take another year to do it.  Some guys are doing a cache a day for a whole year.  That is way beyond me! Anyway, I hiked north on the dirt road, all the way to the pavement in Santee.  Found my back-up cache easily, so I could rest easy on THAT.

I checked on my favorite cache, the one that Matt helped me find. Or rather, HE found, and I took credit for it. It's missing!  I made a not to let the cache owner know about it.

I made a turn at the trail up the hill, crossed the little bridge, and headed up.  Near the top I found the cache, so I guess I solved the puzzle correctly! Yay!

Took a picture looking down to valley, towards Santee.  Sorry for the big pic, it's 300k, but you can zoom in to see the black bird on that bush down there. Barely...

Now, when I was a boy, there was a mine we called "Crystal Cave" on this hill that one could go into. Not that I ever went in very far!  But, I've been wondering where the heck the entrance was. "They" blocked the entrance, and everything is so overgrown in the 45 years since then.  Well, when I got home I tried doing a little research, and actually found a PICTURE of the entrance on some guys flickr (link opens in new window) page.  And I spotted, on Google maps, just where it is and how to get there. So I shall have to visit the spot.

I hiked back to the vehicle, checked for that reluctant geocache again. Still no find. Ha! 

So there was another puzzle cache. Which I totally have not figured out.  But, I deduced from the logs where it might be.  And I've looked there once before, with no luck.  I drove over there again. There was a fellow with a motorized bicycle resting there. Right next to where I was gonna look. I explained what I was doing. He didn't sound too impressed with the whole thing, especially since I still didn't find anything.  I looked in a couple more likely places, and he finally left.  As he motored off I suddenly thought he must be the guy I've observed running stop signs I've seen, near where I work.  I shoulda said something!

I drove across the parking lot to another, less-likely, spot, and spotted the cache before I even got out of the vehicle.  So I signed the log. Which was very damp and moldy. Then I went home and emailed the cache owner for a hint so I could solve the puzzle.  Gotta make it right!

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