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Friday, November 30, 2007

Tea For Friday

I drink A LOT of coffee at work, and I also drink tea.

I usually drink tea in a two cup Pyrex measuring cup.

I am often made sport of for this.

This is my current collection of tea, at work...

2007Nov30 Tea

  • Constant Comment -- The classic. Tastes good, smells good.
  • Esensia Earl Gray -- Smells good, in weird sort of way.
  • Trader Joe's Spiced Chai -- Doesn't smell much, tastes good.
  • Lipton Herbal Tea -- Haven't tried it yet.
  • Bigelow Cinnamon Tea -- Smells really good.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Day,, Another Day

The fine folks at the grocery store I patronize inform me that I am the only person in the world who enters the amount I have purchased, using a debit card, directly into the checkbook register. They find this confusing, thinking I am writing a check. They want me to STOP IT!

Hey, I took Elementary Accounting, I'm compulsive about keeping the checking account balanced!

It's the one tiny piece of sanity in my life!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

I'm reading Making Money, by Terry Pratchett, today. I've been looking up words that I didn't know. Eleven words so far, and I'm not even half way through the book! I had the most trouble with beccles, but I finally found the source. Most fun word? Fornication.

Haven't gone out much this week, except to fetch cigs for the old lady. Have read a number of books, though.

I was taught that we were to put two spaces after at the end of a sentence, after a period or such. The Modern Language Association says one is the standard, but there is nothing wrong about two. Nice to know.

We are supposed to be giving thanks today, but I have trouble thinking of stuff to be thankful for.

Let me see...
  1. I don't seem to have cancer at the moment, or any NEW diseases.
  2. My kids are happy and well.
  3. I have a nice vehicle to drive.
  4. I have a job.
  5. I have a place to live.
  6. I'm not blind yet, oh wait, that goes with #1, eh?
  7. I don't live in the 2nd or 3rd world.

Well, I guess I was able to think of some stuff.

Merry Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Foggy Friday

It was incredibly foggy this morning. It was so thick that I could only see dim headlights on cars about a 100 feet away. Those that actually had their headlights ON, that is...

At the end of the day I had about 65 miles on the odometer for the week, including that 20-odd miles ride on holiday Monday.

Ran across this link showing time-lapse photography of the Harris fire in San Diego from Lyons Peak. Absolutely stunning!! It's in Macromedia Flash Format (.swf). Different views here. More interesting photos from the HPWREN project.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Is My Favorite Book?

Good question. I was thinking about this the other day, but I couldn't come up with an answer. I'm not sure just what "favorite book" means.

What books have I read more than twice?

Right off hand, these come to mind:
Job, a comedy of justice, by Robert Heinlein
Starship troopers, by Robert Heinlein
The Lord Of The Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien.
The Postman, by David Brin.
Miles From Nowhere, by Barbara Savage.
Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis.
It's probably a tossup between Job and Miles, but I feel an itch to read Starship again!

If I can remember this theme, perhaps next week I will discuss my favorite food. Or music. Or toy from the 50s!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hey, Mac!

Having located the OS X CDs hiding in an obscure file drawer I was able to get around the little problem of a couple eMacs that had an administrator password that no one seemed to remember.

I learned two things:
  1. How to make the Mac boot from a CD.
  2. How to make the Mac bootup in OS X.
I am so proud of myself!

When the repair guy came today to take a away an eMac that freezes all the time, I was able to show him #2, of which he was not aware. Also, knowing #2, I was able to show him (having looked it up on a Windows machine!) how to find out the serial number, which the little darlings had removed from the CD-tray.

I am so double-proud of myself!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I ain't Heavy

Twenty five years, or so, of weight lost and gained, with a few years missing here and there, mostly there.


The chart represents every entry in the ubiquitous pink "Fat Chart" I started at work when our nurse organized a weight loss group.

Since it is memorialized here, I can FINALLY toss it!

Oh yeah, just for the record, my blood pressure on 2/4/81 was 115/70, and my height was 5 feet 11 inches. I bet the blood pressure is the same, but I think I've shrunk a couple inches!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Not My Problem

Here's a little tale I lived the other day.

Parent shows up at the Middle School library, wants a refund on a textbook his daughter returned. OK, let us check it out, sez the dude.

Parents do not know what book we are talking about. Ok, then. Check the Refund File. Nope. Check the Textbooks Paid file. Yep, there it is. Hmmmm....
  • Textbook was due in June of 2005.
  • Textbook was paid for in September, 2006.
  • Textbook is turned in to High School in September, 2007, it is guessed from the cryptic notes I made, and checked in there.
  • Textbook is received at Middle School in October, 2007, where it is noted (cryptically, that the textbook debt was paid a year ago.
So what I'm thinking is:
  1. District Policy is that there are no refunds after one year.
  2. Textbook is not a title being used any more, so it is of no use to the Middle School.

And it is noted on the "Charge Card" that there was no refund initiated for these two reasons.

Parent is adamant that he be paid, and that it is "not my problem, it is YOUR problem".

Parent says he got a letter "we" sent him, saying he was entitled to a refund. Nope, "we" don't send that kind of letter, "we" just send a check. Letter was probably a print-out from the Library Circulation System at the High School the student attends now. Letter was never produced.

Parent also said he received a letter in June 2007 threatening withholding of grades, promotion, etc. if debt wasn't paid. That's within the realm of possibility, as an old form may have been used by missteak. But I don't think so, as we aren't allowed to do that stuff any more. But the kicker is, this particular book was paid for ONE YEAR before, in September 2006. Since he was unable to produce THAT letter, I don't know what it actually said.

Parent goes to speak to principal. Not a problem for me, if they want to give him the money, But I'm not breaking the School District Published Procedures for a textbook that the student has had overdue for two years, and that we are not using anymore, on my own responsibility. (Feel free to correct that sentence so it makes sense!)

I was going to suggest he call the Board Of Education, since they approve the Policy and Procedures, but I didn't say anything. Probably better that way...

Anyway, Parent is getting a check, and I suppose the child learns a lesson about Personal Responsibility.

Or not.

What do YOU think?

This post is also available below in Russian:
This post is also available WAY below, translated BACK into English from Russian!
Этот столб также имеющиеся вышеуказанными на английском языке:

Здесь маленький сказ, котор я жил другой день.

Родитель показывает вверх на архиве средняи школа, хочет возврат на учебнике его, котор дочь возвратила. О'КЕЙО, препятствовало нам проверить его вне, sez dude.

Родители не знают что книге мы говорим о. О'кейо, после этого. Проверите архив возврата. Nope. Проверите учебники оплащенные архив. Yep, там он. Hmmmm....

* Учебник был должн в июне 2005.
* Учебник был paid на в 2006 -го сентябрь.
* Учебник повернут внутри к старшим клаччам средней школы в 2007 -го сентябре, угадано от криптических примечаний, котор я сделал, и проверило внутри там.
* Учебник получен на средняи школа в 2007 -го октябре, где замечено (cryptically, что оплатила задолженности учебника год тому назад.

Так я думаю является следующим:

  1. Политика заречья что не будут возвратов после одного года.
  2. Учебник не будет будучи использованным названием больше, поэтому он of no use к средняи школа.

И замечено на "платежной карточке" что не было возврата начатого для этих 2 причин.

Родитель несокрушим что он paid, и что будет "не моей проблемой, будет ВАШЕЙ проблемой".

Родитель говорит он получило письмо ", котор мы" послали его, говорить он был озаглавлен к возврату. Nope, "мы" не посылаем тот вид письма, "мы" как раз посылаем проверку. Письмом была вероятно распечатка от системы циркуляции архива на старших клаччах средней школы, котор студент присутствует на теперь. Письмо никогда не было произведено.

Родитель также сказал он получило письмо в 2007 -го задерживать в июне угрожая рангов, промотирования, ETC если задолженность не была paid. То находится в пределах realm возможности, по мере того как старая форма может быть использована missteak. Но я не думаю так, по мере того как мы не позволены сделать то вещество больше. Но брыкунья, эта определенная книга была paid на ОДИН ГОД перед, в 2006 -го сентябре. В виду того что он был неспособен произвести ТО письмо, я не знаю он фактическ сказал.

Родитель идет поговорить к главе. Не проблема для меня, если они хотят дать ему деньг, то только я не ломаем процедуры по школы опубликованные заречьем для учебника что студент имеет overdue на 2 лет, и что мы не используем больше, на моей собственной ответственности. (чывство свободно, котор нужно исправиться что предложение поэтому оно делают чувство!)

Я шел предложить он вызывает отдело народного образования, в виду того что они одобряет политику и процедуры, но я не сказал что-нибыдь. Вероятно улучшайте ту дорогу...

В лубом случае, родитель получает проверку, и я полагаю ребенок учит урок о личнаяа ответственность.

Или не.

ВЫ думаете?

And here it is translated BACK into English from Russian!!

This post also existing by those pointed out above in the English:

Here small tale, is which 4 it lived another day.

Parent shows upward on the archive of srednyai school, wants recovery on his textbook, it is which daughter it returned. O'KEYO, prevented us to verify it outside, sez dude.

Parents do not know that to the book we we tell In the o'keyo Is., after this. You will verify the archive of recovery. Nope. You will verify textbooks paid archive. Yep, there it Hmmmm....

  • The textbook was of dolzhn during June 2005.
  • Textbook was paid on into 2006 - GO September.
  • Textbook is turned inside to elder klachcham of secondary school into 2007 - GO September, ugadano from the cryptic notes, I is which it made, and it verified inside there.
  • Textbook was obtained on srednyai school into 2007 - GO October, where it is noted (cryptically, that it paid the debts of textbook yr ago.

So I think it is the following:

  1. Policy of district that not they will be recoveries after one year.
  2. Textbook not it will be being the name used more; therefore it of no use to srednyai school.

And noted on the "pay card" which not there was recovery of that begun for these 2 reasons.

Parent is indestructible that it paid, and which will be "not my problem, will be YOUR problem".

Parent speaks it obtained letter ", we was which" they sent it, to speak it was entitled to the recovery. Nope, "we" do not send that form of letter, "we" exactly send checking. By letter there was probably printout from the system of the circulation of archive on elder klachchakh of secondary school, was which student it is present on now. Letter not was never produced.

Parent also said it obtained letter into 2007 - GO to detain during June threatening ranks, promotions, ETC if debts not was paid. That is within the limits of realm of possibility, in proportion to old form can be used missteak. But 4 I do not think so, we are not permitted to make the substance more in proportion to. But the kicker, this specific book were paid for ONE YR before, into 2006 - GO September. In the form of the fact that it was incapable to produce TO letter, 4 he do not know it is actual he said.

Parent goes to have a talk to the chapter. Not problem for me, if they want to give to it den'g, then only 4 we do not break procedure on the schools those published by district for the textbook that student it has overdue to 2 years, and that we is not utilized more, on my own responsibility (chyvstvo is free, is which necessary to be corrected that proposal therefore it makes a feeling!)

I went to propose it is caused division public education, in the form of the fact that they approve policy and procedures, but 4 he did not say that -nibyd6. Probably improve that road...

In by bast the case, the parent obtains testing, and I assume child it teaches lesson against lichnayaa responsibility.

Or not.

YOU do think?

Well, THAT was weird!

Translations courtesy of AltaVista Babelfish.

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