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Friday, September 23, 2016

It's Friday!

I posted these two on the FB yesterday.  I was given this orchid a year or two.  It grows, but this is the first time it has shown any sign of flowering again!

You would NOT believe how many times I took this shot to get one even THIS much in focus!

After my CT-scan this morning it was time to break my fast, so I ate this biscuit my daughter gave me.  Also drank more water.  To flush the kidneys.

Yup, it's in there somewhere.  A geocache!

My first stop after the scan was at REI to buy a new hat.  And here it is!  Also, some Harry Potter-type glasses!

At a previous cache I stumbled and fell on a trail.  I heard a loud CRACK!  I thought for a minute that my kneecap was broken.  There WAS an abrasion on the cap, but it didn't hurt.  I could stand just fine.  I continued on down the path.  There's a humorous story that took place here, but I'm too lazy to recount it again.  It concerns the enormous amount of water one drinks before and after a CT-scan, and being on a lonely path in the boonies, and how quietly bicyclists can be...

I didn't find the cache, either.

Later, at another cache, I bent the walking stick and discovered the crack.  Oh well, better than my kneecap!

I experienced rush hour in La Jolla and on the 8 today.  It was fairly unpleasant.  Remind me not to go out during rush hour again.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

This Last Week, Picture-Wise

September 14, 2016

I was fairly disgusted my myself for all my slothfulness this day, not even getting out of bed until nine or ten, so in the afternoon I FORCED myself to go geocaching.  I went to Mother Miguel near Sweetwater Reservoir.  Here some panoramas at the peak.

Here you got your Otay Lakes to the left, Sweetwater Reservoir to the right, and distant view of the coast.

This continues the pan, with Mt.  Miguel (note antennas) which practically behind me, and them Otay Lakes, back where we started.

This one just shows the flags more better.

A regular ol' image of Sweetwater Lake, etc., viewing west, more or less.  Pt. Loma looks like it is way out there.

That looks like Cowles Mountain off to the right.

This one comes after the one after.  A helicopter going by.

That helicopter entering my field of vision.  Too bad it is so hazy today.

A bit farther along the trail is Rock House.  Whoops, apparently I am wrong, Rock House is the big pile of rocks with the flags.  This is  And Sweetwater Reservoir. Again.

I used my shiny umbrella today.  Not a heck of a view.  This is coming down the mountain.

Solid hike, I was pretty footsore.  The trails are poorly marked.  They are working on improving the trails, and want people to not go straight, but instead to use the switchbacks.  But a lot of the time it is hard to tell just where the switchbacks ARE!  As a first-timer I got a bit confused.  Sorry about that!

September 18, 2016

The current configuration of the bird bath.  It now drains mostly back into the reservoir when the pump started.  Have not seen the raccoon lately.

September 14, 2016

My daughter noticed that the pictures of the cookies are MUCH larger than the actual cookies, seen to left.  There is a tiny little disclaimer under the right-hand cook, though.

September 18, 2016

We went for a drive.  Here is my son-in-law looking at the view from the desert view on Laguna Mountain.

I spotted a tiny little Horned Lizard, what we called a Horny Toad back in the day.

I shot this sunset out the side window as we drove from Ramona past Mt. Woodson on the 67.

We found three geocaches along the way.  Someone had their first piece of Julian Apple Pie today

Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Near The Jail

I went out this morning to visit the "doctor".   Before the appointment I walked over to the hospital area, but found the cell had no connection.  I was running out of time so I went to the appointment.  While in the waiting room (contrary to what I posted on the FB) I discovered the phone was on airplane mode...  After labs I walked over to the hospital to search for a geocache.  I spotted this jail behind the hospital.

I drove over to another spot to look for a cache I had not found before, but when I got there I found it a disabled.  I looked around (on the app) for another cache, and found a couple more across the freeway along a little path.  So I drove over there and found them.  Took this panorama of some antennas.

The medical visit went OK, and I didn't faint during labs, so that's all good.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Out And About On Sunday

I can't remember much about Saturday.

But as for today...

We went to the Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve Extension, which, if you didn't know, and I did not, is across the marsh and up the hill a bit from the Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve.

I hope you are clicking on the thumbnails to see the Big Pictures.  Yes, these are thumbnails.  That panorama is somewhere around ten megs in file size.

Here is a panorama from near the turn around on the Red Ridge Trail.  You can see the I-5 on the left, and the old 101 heading up the hill across the marsh.

Kinda zoomed in across the Lagoon at the beach.  Look at them big rocks!

Kinda zoomed in at the wide freeway 5.  How many lanes we got there?  How much concrete?

I didn't find the cache near here, but my daughter noticed this.  But what does it mean?

Here I was trying to show the Big Rocks a little better, contrasted with the sand stone.

This way zoomed in to take a look at a work train.  I believe the railroad was shut down for construction/maintenance today.

The marine layer was coming in, it was a little darker.  But still a lot of light from the ocean.  This view is from the West Ridge D.A.R. Trail.

Daughter and her Husband being overpowered by the sunlight reflecting off the ocean.

I have no idea what these are, but we saw them in two places around the Reserve today.

Across the ravine my daughter waits for us to get back from finding a geocache.

We found two caches out of five we looked for.  Kinda disappointing.  My daughter coined a phrase that I need to have on a t-shirt, to wit:


It was very sunny once we got away from the coast area.

Afterwards we had dinner at La Posta De Acapulco in Casa De Oro.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 09, 2016

Actually Energetic

I felt actually energetic enough today, after a week of super slothfulness, to go for a drive.  I got me a National Parks Pass for Old People, so that is one advantage of getting aged.  Then I went geocaching and found me four caches.  Here is a panorama pic I took from the highest point.

The full size file is like, uh, ten and a half megs or something. It will kill your dialup!

You can see Steele Canyon High School on the left, and a topless Mt. Miguel.  Mt. Helix is to the right of the telephone pole, back there.  Can you see Cuyamaca College?

That's all for today!

Monday, September 05, 2016

Up To But Not Including Labor Day (Because Labor Day Was Just Painting The Living Room)

Sunday (Aug. 29) on Laguna Mountain.

Wednesday (Aug. 31) at Otay River.

Friday (Sept. 2) at Ranas Mexico City Cuisine.

Whoops, it's gone!

 Saturday (Sept. 3) Sort of Steele Canyon area.


Found this at a cache I didn't find.

That's about it.  Got any questions?

Sunday, August 28, 2016

School Starts Tomorrow!! Ha ha!

A week's worth of pictures, ranging from just plain awful to not so bad, with a bit of the weird.


A picture of the left-hand corner of my messy computer desk.

A vintage motorcycle I saw while at the grocery.  Would this not be perfect for geocaching in the desert?  Or maybe a little bit of modification into a cafe racer?


The Santa Margarita River north of Fallbrook.  I had no idea it flows FROM the Temecula area TO the sea at MCRD.

This is NOT the same picture as the one above.  It just LOOKS the same.

A view of the Santa Magarita river in a different spot.  What makes this river different from other rivers in San Diego is that it generally has an appreciable amount of water flowing year round.

Saw this Orb-Weaver spider on a bush while walking along Federal Blvd.

Federal Blvd. in San Diego, but on the south side of the 94, to be a little more precise. Almost, but not quite, in Lemon Grove.

I thought this might be the geocache I was looking for, but it was not.  It was indeed Grape Hair Jam, hardly even used.  What ever that is.  Would it work on my cowlick?  Would it smell like grape?


Hiking along the PCT at Laguna Mountain.

A panorama image from the Storm Canyon the desert below.

A still image looking down the desert canyon.  Is that a house down there?

We wuz there!

Is this poison oak?  So far on the FB only one person has commented.

Matthew and I walked about 3.5 miles today.  My feet were very very tired at the end. The temperature was warm, but not too hot.  The sun was very bright, and Matt got a bit of sunburn on his newly shorn neck.  My hands may have a bit of a burn.

That is about all I can think of right now!

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