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Monday, May 15, 2017

Up On The Mount

They are repaving the street today (and tomorrow!), so I headed up to the hills.  I went to the Laguna Mountain area.  No snow today, but very chilly and windy. With occasional drops of rain.  But not much.  I parked at a spot on the Sunrise Highway and headed up the connecting trail to the Pacific Coast Trail.  Did I mention how windy and cold it was?  It was!

I found nine geocaches, and walked 3.66 miles.  I had to backtrack from the last cache to the previous cache because I seem to have inadvertently marked the previous cache as "found" (with my big fat glove fingers!), and so just skipped it completely.

So here we are on the PCT looking off to the north. We're up in the clouds!!

A panorama I made at the very same spot, or nearly so. Still looking to the north-ish.

I forget what this is called, but it is at Foster Point and tells you which mountains you are looking at.
It was very very very windy here.  Super windy, you might say. That is the desert down there.

Getting near to the Storm Canyon Vista viewing platform I decided to take the obligatory selfie, with the desert in background.  The sky has cleared up a bit, and it is a bit warmer, and less windy.  Here, anyway!

I walked back to the vehicle along the Sunrise Highway.  There were not many cars, it being a weekday, which was good because there was not a whole lot of space on the side of the road.

I picked up a few caches on the way home.  In Alpine, if you can imagine.  One of the caches had the wrong coordinates on it.  I, not reading the previous logs, went to the listed coordinates, and not the ones that finders had posted.  I got my boots and socks FULL of stickers for my trouble!  The actual location was maybe almost a mile away.

Adventures in geocaching!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

AGAIN, I've Neglected The Blog!!!

1.  I apologize for not posting these in a timely manner.  It will probably happen again...

2.  You quite likely have seen many of these on Facebook.

3.  I forget.

4.  As mostly, all of these images (except one) are thumbnails, click the pic to see the full size image.

So this one, this is a swarm of bees in the backyard.  The neighbor mentioned they had a hive in the wall of their house (Zikes!!) and I told him that these are HIS bees, then, so come get 'em!!  We laughed and laughed!

One day we hiked up Monument Peak (for a geocache, of course!) and my son took this picture.  Don't I look fine?

And we saw three deer that day, while driving.  I continually forget to mention that!!

I had some issue with the gingersnap cookies I got at Albertson's.  They just look sad. The vanilla cookies look sad, too, but what can one expect of vanilla cookies, anyway?

I went geocaching with my son-in-law and we spotted this Lexus motor along the way.  I figure it's probably still there.

So I spotted these guys burning off the striping on a street.

This reminded me of a meme (an image macro) that's going around.  To be precise, this one (VULGAR LANGUAGE WARNING)

So, I combined the original painting with my photo, and softened the language tad. VoilĂ !

I been ordering stuff on line, and got some tweezers I ordered.  It occurred to me that I may have a problem...

I was out geocaching the other day and found some pot (I guess, it looks like the stuff in The Reader (Well, the printed version, anyway)).  I put it back in its colorful bag and hid it back where I found it. 

At Lake Jennings one warm day.  You can see my vehicle over there!

A view of not-Mt. Miguel from the trail on the east side of Lower Otay Reservoir.

A panorama from the top of some un-named hill in the Eastlake area.

The hint said you would recognize the geocache when you saw it, as something different.  This isn't different enough? 

A panorama from yet ANOTHER un-named hill, this one in the San Miguel Ranch area, which is very near Eastlake.

Compare with a previous blog entry from 2013:  Out and About
Apparently I was better at researching the names of places back then, as it says this high place is Horseshoe Bend.

In the distance, from that high place, we see what I assume is Cowles Mountain, to the north. Sweetwater Reservoir  in the middle there.

And this one is from today.  The previous log on this cache said they couldn't find it.  My iCamera spotted it!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Out This Morning

Well, what do we have accumulated in the photo file?  It's starting to build up, so he

On Tuesday the 18 I went down to the river after doing labs.  I parked at the Y and walked along Friar's Road looking at the flowers, birds, and traffic, along with the workmen doing something to a bridge, looks like adding another track.

Here we see some birds in the San Diego River.

Several views of flowers along the sidewalk.

I had no less than two men pop out of the bushes on little trails.  One had a disagreeable pit bull type-of-dog.  Quite the growly thing.  Said man was kind enough to let his disagreeable dog crap on the sidewalk without picking it up.  Thank you, oh citizen!

Flowers everywhere!

Found a geocache at the end of the walk, then turned around and returned to the vehicle.

My gas gauge started working again, all on its own. What to think?

Today I took the bike to the Silver Strand and got me some caches.  I spent an hour looking for the one at this particular location, and an hour the previous time I was here (there?)!  This time I found it!

Here's a blast from the past that I discovered at my mother's, and she kindly let me have it.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Just A Couple Of Things

This one is kinda weird.  A workman came by to open the long-stuck door to a storage room under the stairs.  The door was really stuck, and he actually broke the door in two pieces, even though he had taken the hinge pins out.  That part of the door stayed stuck.  We were all amused.  Inside was a light (with an ungrounded ground wire on the adapter...) which I thought might be handy, and that transformer. 

Saw this new landscaping over by Vons.  Doesn't seem like a good idea to plant those where kids could easily mess with them.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 14, 2017

A Few Days Worth

I walked over to the library the other day.  I noticed this smashed conduit at the gas station.  They probably ought to do something about that.

On a mostly sunny Sunday we did the six miles round-trip hike to the peak of Cuyamaca and back again.  It was pretty grueling.  My boots are a little too short, so going downhill my toes hit the end of the shoes and it gets real sore.  I developed Hiker's Ankles (heat rash) afterwards, but at least it doesn't itch

I took some of these pictures with the camera, and some on the phone.  The are posted, here, in order of file number, not chronologically, so that is why they are out of order.

Dead/possibly burnt tree on the peak. See, this is what I was talking about, it should come after all the walking up pictures!

On the peak after around three miles of walking up, with a whole lot of vertical gain.

A view of El Capitan reservoir from the peak.

Matt is taking a picture of something, possibly a bee.

These are probably the best view of the hike, hence all the pictures!

And yet another one!

As we proceeded up Lookout Fire Road I had to stop and take a picture of Stonewall Peak.

I would swear is no cache in there.  So, is it gone, or am I just looking in the wrong place again?

I think these turned out pretty darn good.  Stonewall Peak over there, and Cuyamaca Lake over there there.

This one might be even better, the other one shows all the bushes. Maybe I zoomed in a bit.  I don't remember!

This, after much effort, I discovered to NOT be the geocache I was looking for. That turned out to be across and down the road a bit.  But it was nearly as hard to get to as this was!!

View of El Capitan from down the mountain a bit.  Nice of someone to put a bench there!

I was trying to get some memorable picture here, but all I can see is my yellow fake teeth!

Self at the peak.

View of El Capitan reservoir to the west from Cuyamaca peak.

View of dead trees on Cuyamaca peak.

WhoEVER heard of mixing gobs of pepper with their ketchup?

Pattymelt.  The onion rings were too much for me.  At times I really miss my gall bladder!

A rat I caught in our yard last night!!

Yes, I know it's a possum, I let the baby go.

My gas gauge showing the gauge on empty and the "getting empty" light on, in spite of there being a full tank.

A little ORIGINAL CONTENT™ I came up with for the Facebook. Not much reaction, though.

In-N-Out Burger burgers are pretty good, but the fries have not been all that wonderful lately.  Below we see my fries (the full-size ones) compared to my host's fries.  Sad

And here we see what was left after I ate my full-size fries.  Black fries!  How wrong is that?

Thanks for reading!

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