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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Of Chemtrails & Helicopters

Chemtrail over San Diego...

Saw yet another helicopter rescue over Cowles Mountain this morning.  Here is a link to the CBS8 story.

Some is being lowered down from the helicopter.

A little more, a little more...

Almost there...

And they are down!

Helicopter blowing up dust.

And even more dust!

A half-hour later, or so, there seems to be a vehicle or two up there. I thought they brought her down by vehicle, but the news video says she was airlifted.  I guess I missed that part.

And back to work...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

At The Park

I went on down to Balboa Park this morning in order to once again look for a particular geocache that had remained elusive.  Armed with a new hint I went to the spot in question but was unable to search very long as a park visitor decided to plant themselves on a bench nearby.  So I headed down the street to another cache, which I didn't find. Then I headed down Park a bit, hung a left, and visited the area of yet another cache, which I DID find.

If not for the glare you would see the Navy hospital, or the olde Navy hospital, or at least some big building, back there.

I walked back up Park and met up with the bench-sitting fellow.  So the coast was clear!

I got back to the spot and took a good look.  Did not spot anything, so I whipped out the phone to take pictures of the rafters overhead where I could not see.  After taking a bunch of photos I was about to take one more when I spotted the cache.  I stuck the phone up on the rafter to mark the spot, as I have a habit of forgetting where it went.  I sat down on the bench (the one I had been standing on) to sign the log.  That was when two guys sat down nearby and proceeded to discuss photography for an hour.  I would have left with the cache and come back later, but, my PHONE was up there.  So I waited and waited and waited.  I took some pictures, too.  While waiting.

The rose bushes are leafing.

The pillbugs are pilling.

And the lizards are sunning themselves in the morning warmth.

Finally the two guys turned their back to me to take some pictures and I leapt atop the
bench, grabbed the phone, replaced the cache, and was off!

I walked around Balboa Park for a while looking for four more caches, but I did not find them.  I did see a group of people walking dogs that looked very much like greyhounds.

That is it for now

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday, Pretty Much

I washed clothes today.  Even used a little bleach on the whites. Now I gotta fold 'em all up.

Tried cooking with the Stone Wave tonight.  I didn't have all the ingredients, but it turned out to be ok. Very filling and warming!

I also had salad.  With even MORE bacon-type bits!

I got a little package from the Third Eye people today, a replacement stem for my broken helmet mirror.  Thanks, K.!

I managed to get it installed without injuring myself. 

I went to the doctor yesterday.  Nothing is resolved, but at least there isn't anything new.  More or less. I DO have to do some labs, at my leisure, so THAT ought to be exciting, based on my experience the last time!

I helped order five chess sets at work, so someone is serious about THAT!

That's about all I got!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mondaze (including Sundaze)

On Sunday I drove down to El Cajon for to visit the library, Home Depot, and a couple of geocaches.

Saw a nifty Royal Enfield motorcycle waiting in the left turn lane.  I tried to take a picture of it as he went by, but all I got was a car.  While I was fiddling with the camera this scooter fellow decided that the California lane-splitting law allows one to "take cuts" at stop lights.  This is a pet peeve off mine. In this instance I was quite startled when he zoomed by.  What if my foot had slipped off the brake?

This is him at the next light.

I stayed with him for the next couple of three miles as nearly every light was against him, until I turned off for the library.  It would seem that his cut-taking didn't pay off much.

I got Lucky Jim, by Kingsley Amis, at the library, then I went over by Gillespie Field where I didn't find a geocache.  But, I had a backup cache.  It was at the site of the demolished Santee School.  I had been there before, but not found a way around the No Trespassing signs. This time I had an idea.  Just walk past the baseball fields on the other side.  Easy-peazy, there was no fence or signs! And eventually I was able to find the cache, too!

At Home Depot I bought some sunflower seeds a box of Jiffy Pellets to plant them in.  I needed the assistance of an employee as I was unable to see the Jiffy display that was right next to the seed display...

For today, Monday, I went out to Rancho San Diego, Damon Lane County Park, to be precise.  I found the first cache (Cache #1) I looked for, which was down the street and around the corner from the park.  Took about ten seconds to spot.  Maybe five.

Cache #2 was one I had looked for before.  I looked for another hour today, plus a half-hour when I was leaving.  Not a clue...

Cache #3 was at the top of a rather steep hill.  That was one tricky hide, too, and inside there was a surprise.  A locked container with a whole bunch of keys to try and unlock it with.  I lucked out on the third key.

Here is a panorama I made, or rather the iPhone made, that is surprisingly not too large of a file size.

And for some reason I took individual pictures with the camera.  You can see "El Cap" in the distance.

And there, that is certainly something, but I don't know what.

I bet that peak out there has a name. That street certainly does. It is Wieghorst Way. Probably named after Olaf Wieghorst, the painter. Who emigrated from Denmark in 1918.

There is Cuyamaca College to the right.

And that, my friends, is Mt. Miguel.

And it was 80 degrees today.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


I don't remember if I have mentioned this, but I have been diligently collecting those plastic things from bread bags after seeing a movie or copy-pasta or something about a useful use for them, but I've quite forgotten what that useful use is. Or was.

FUN FACT: San Diego has 325.19 sq. miles, area-wise. That makes it #21 in the nation, area-wise, right behind St. Louis.  All according to Wikipedia.

I finally bestirred myself to go geocaching this afternoon.  But FIRST, I had to get the air in the tire up to a safe level.  I went to Discount Tire, 'cause they do it for FREE.  I find that the gas station devices do not work well for me.  And really, who wants to hassle with their stupid code numbers?  Are they REALLY losing that much money from people stealing air?  Rant rant rant!  Discount reminded me that I need new tires.  They quoted 750 bucks (including tax, installation, etc.) for the same tires I have, and somewhat less for another brand.  I do not think I have bought tires since the early 70s.  It's the same with haircuts.  Haven't been in a barber shop since the early 70s, too.  In one case I didn't have a particular car long enough to need new tires, and in the other my wife always cut my hair.

Ok, off to Tierrasanta once again.  I took a look at that cache in a tree.  Nope, that is not gonna happen.  Drove to another trailhead and headed out into the wilderness of Mission Trails Regional Park.

The Pictures
(The image files are up to 767K, even the thumbnails are 40K to 90K)

So here is the 52. Can you spot the geocache in the picture?

You can not only put a bird  ON it, you can put a bird IN it!

More of the 52, heading off to the west. That bump is Mt. Soledad/La Jolla.

Some one installed this bench.  A very nice view, but I didn't take a picture of it. I found that shovel under a bush. It is not a very good one, the folding mechanism is jammed. It's going in the truck, just in case we get snow.

So I keep trying to get a good shot of the view from this area, but they never quite turn out as purty as the real thing.  So, here we got Pt. Loma way out there to the right, and the buildings of New Town, and maybe you can make out the Mexican islands if you are looking at the full size image.

This little valley nicely frames what ever that is out there, I forget what. Possibly downtown San Diego. The foreground road is not the road I am on, although I have been down it before. It is just a little side road to some utility facility, probably a poop pump. I came down from that road in the upper left, and am  now heading up the hill out of the valley.

I found four caches today, and walked about 2.5 miles.

And that is about all I can think of!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

SUNDAY I went on down to the Eastlake area for a bit of geocaching in the early morning.  Due to the execretial parking situation I had to park a LONG way away from my planned spot, and walk a LOT farther than I expected.  Well, I tell a lie, I didn't have to walk THAT much farther, nor further. But it did total out to 5.5 miles.  Mostly flat, though.  I have forgotten how many geocaches I found, maybe eleven, and I'm too lazy to look it up, but I HAVE bothered to make a link to a short and boring little video I made of one cache area, so if you feel brave enough, and have the bandwidth to download eleven megs of video, click HERE.

MONDAY I went to the lab to have a sonogram, or maybe it was an ultrasound (is there a difference?) of various abdominal areas for to maybe figure out why there was a whiff of weirdness a couple of months ago.

TUESDAY one of the students brought in cupcakes for her last day in the library. I had never seen a cupcake carrier, so I had to take a pic:

I believe I may have been in a sugar coma for the rest of the morning.
After work it was off to a hill above a park to find a quick geocache for the day.  It was a very steep hill.  I couldn't figure out the cache, the iPhone said I was eighteen feet away, but there was a wall of green in front of me.  A hedgerow, almost. Pretty darn near impenetrable. And yet I tried, from various angles.  I went back to the where the arrow pointed into the giant bush, and sat for a while.  Stood up, looked around, sat back down.  Read the hint, read the past logs. Stood up again, whoops there it is, I was practically sitting under it!

Here is a picture of the view from the spot in question. More or less. Taken with the Fuji camera.

Here is either a large picture or a very short panorama of the view from the spot in question. Made with the iPhone in panorama mode.

That is about all I can think of. Except, curse FX for not allowing new episodes of Archer on Hulu!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Today, Just Like Yesterday

You will remember that yesterday a hiker was injured on Cowles Mt. and was airlifted off.  Again today I heard the whop-whop of a helicopter, looked to the mountain, and there was another one.  Two, actually, as there was a news-copter flitting about.

Link to Channel 10 News

So initially I saw the blades of the helicopter revolving slowly, just peeking over the ridge.  It must have been sitting on the ground.

A bit later you could hear the engine revving up and then taking off.

It gained height and was gone.

The news-copter was circling around, I assume it was from News 10.

And later I noticed a red truck descending, probably a fire truck of some sort.

Today's victim was reported as a 36-year-old woman, Yesterday's victim was a 36-year-old woman.  If I was a 36-year-old woman I would think twice about attempt Cowles Mt.!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thursday, I'm Pretty Sure

Feels like Friday, but it's only Thursday.

Saw a helicopter over Cowles Mt. this noon.  They were dangling something a few minutes before this pic.  I gave up waiting for something to happen, so I went back to work.  Kids don't watch themselves, yah know.

The UT article sez a woman fell and was taken to a hospital. The last paragraph says "women", so maybe there was more than one, but only one was transported.  Who knows?

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Not Much Going On

For some reason blogger only wants to insert images from Google Drive, not the 'net.  I know not why.  Had to do the HTML from scratch.  And since I don't really KNOW HTML, it ain't gonna be centered!

While repairing the broken-butt gnome (the smaller), and repainting both, I noticed they look very much alike.

I washed out the bird bath today, it was looking a little green.

I'm reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, since everyone else has already read it AND seen the movie.

Watched an episode of Father Ted tonight, now I should go to bed.


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