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Sunday, November 01, 2015

All About Sunday (Saturday Was Pitiful)

After doing absolutely NOTHING all day Saturday, not even going outside, I got up before dark and went to La Jolla for some geocaches.

Today is November 1, 2015.  A Sunday, the day after Halloween, and day that we change the clocks. 

The sun is peeking over La Jolla ridge. That is Pottery Canyon below. We have been there before, have we not?

This view is from behind the Allen Field soccer fields.  I think I'll be hiking on that ridge way down there in a couple of hours.  It's the one with the swinging bench.

From a very popular viewing spot.  Dozens of people come here every evening to watch the sun set.  I've seen 'em!

I think that is the NOAA Fisheries building down there.

I ran across one of the Secret Swings of La Jolla, not far from Expedition Way.  Here's a link to the crummy video I shot.  The seat was very slippery, it was hard, HARD, I tells ya, to hold on AND operate the camera!!

At a swinging bench a bit farther down the path and along a ridge.  I was trying to get my head in the shot, kind of a reverse selfie?  I took maybe twenty pics, but trashed most of them.

Finally, a reasonable amount of hat.  But not enough cove!

The view from the top of the ridge/hill just above the swinging bench.  That house is on Ruette Nice.

On the walk back to where I parked, at those soccer fields, I heard a LOT of water going into the canyon.  Here's a pic of the culvert it was running through.  I was standing on a little wooden bridge.

You may be saying, "But the waste!!!"   Well, I saw a City worker phoning it in at the other end of the leak earlier, so it was being handled.


Matt called and we met up for lunch, but the place wasn't open yet, so we went to someplace up the street which was The Seasons Islands restaurant, where we enjoyed some burgers, and I had onion rings, which were very good.

I forgot to mention we walked around the shopping mall parking lot looking for a couple of geocaches, of which we found one.  Just to whet our appetites!

Then we went geocaching for a couple of caches on an odd little road I discovered a couple of years ago.  One of the caches described the approach  as "a steep but short climb".  Well, they had the "steep" part right, but I beg to differ with their idea of "short"!

After getting back to the vehicle and driving Matt to his vehicle we split up and I went home, and here I've been ever since, working on this!

NOTE TO MATT:  I found a video demonstrating how to overcome the broken lock on the memory card.  You put a piece of tape over where the lock piece was.  There, now you don't have to watch the video!

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