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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

George et George

I find, to my chagrin, that I have confused George Sand with George Eliot.

I should twitter this!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Fiesta Island Redux

Since I had the day off today (THANK YOU, oh power outage!) I decided to head down to Fiesta Island and find all the rest of the geocaches there.

Best laid plans...

I didn't find two of them, but I did set a new personal best of nineteen caches in a day (a far cry from what might be the record of 917 in a day by TeamAlamo).

I met several dogs today.  This one came up to me to say hi while I was trying to be incognito.

He was pretty friendly, I just captured him in mid-smile.  I was pretending to take pictures of the bay!

Yup, it's a bay.  I guess that is Mt. Soledad in the background.

One of the caches we looked for last week required a ladder, which we did not have.  We DID spot the cache, though.  When I checked the today I found that cache had been disabled and archived as some muggle hurt himself climbing the pole to "see what was up there".  People, leave the geocaches to the professionals!

I was sitting on the ground signing the log at a cache in the doggy area when a large friendly and VERY WET dog with curly hair came over to inspect what I was up to.

I also talked to a fellow with a Basenji, a breed I admire very much.

Most of the caches were pretty easy to find, and I even avenged a Did Not Find from a year ago, which was very satisfying.

This cache I spotted from around sixty feet away.  Can you spot it? 

HINT: It's yellow. I telephotoed (that may not be a verb, maybe zoomed would be the better word) in a bit on this, so I'm farther away then it looks.

My nose is sore, maybe it's sunburned.

Power Restrored

Woke up this morning around 4:15 in total darkness.

Reached over and switched on the lamp.

It lit!  The power is back on!

Grabbed my reading book, The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle, and started reading! It was a long night without lights...

No work today, the schools are all closed because of the power outage. Maybe I'll go geocaching!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday Summary

Rode the bike two days this week, but today I had a massive Charley-horse in the early AM and felt I would be unable to pedal, so I drove.

Finally found a geocache I've looked for several times, but I DID need a massive hint. The massive hint was -- It IS a rock. Here's a picture, can YOU spot it?

And this is just SMALL view of the assortment of rocks available to check!

Saw a motorcyclist this afternoon who DIDN'T cut to the front of the line of cars at a stop light. How about that?

That's about all I've got, have a good weekend. Take Monday off!

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