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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well, I drove to work again today, with a very good reason, that is, I just HAD to find a geocache today, because I am on the journey to have found a cache for every day of the year. Starting last week...

Anyway, I looked for two caches today, and found one.

Took this picture yesterday. It's not the Bat-Signal, it the Hello Kitty Signal!

Today I was trying to trouble-shoot an eMac that had the CD tray refusing to stay closed.  I did a little search on the web and found a number of non-helpful suggestions. Plus one that said to look for something stuck in there.  Well, I didn't see anything.

So  I hauled the whole mess out to the circulation desk where I could fool with it while I did Library work, like checking out books, you know.  I popped the fascia off the drive, hoping I could pull the drive out. Nope, can't get there from there.  I notice that odd wire with the brass thingie (green arrow). What the heck is that? 

I then stuck a magnetized screwdriver in the drive  and pulled out a paper clip!  Those wacky kids.  And in reviewing the pic above, I noticed said paper clip (pink arrow). Now the tray stays SHUT!


Matt showed me how to bash a Window into the side of the desktop to make it go half-screen size. Very handy!

I discovered that the View Desktop switcher is now on the far right of the, what do you call it, the Program Tray?

I learned that you can grab a Window and shake it to make the other Windows minimize, shake it again to make them come back. Also handy!

I'm starting to lose my peevishness with Windows 7!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Cashed in the cans yesterday. Saw this, is that a hitch? Drag chute loop?

That line of liquid (water) drained from my bags of cans.

Just heard a speaker on Hour Of Power talking about his cancer. He said after the sixth prostate biopsy core, he was thinking cancer wasn't so bad...  Been there, done that!

Bagged two out of three geocaches this sunny morning.  You say it's gonna storm tonight?

Found this on the book shelves the other day.  Guess that's why I kept finding ants in the area...

You may not want to click on this pic...

Actually, you can't click on it, I am told. So here is a link to it. And it should open in a new window!

Earworm today is Somebody That I Used To Know,  performed either by Walk Off The Earth, or the composer, Goyte.

I was going to put something fascinating here, but I forget what it was...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Sunday In MTRP

I got the news, oh boy, that Waypoint #3 of the accursed Star geocache had been fixed, so I headed out there this Sunday morning.

I first found one cache that had popped up in the last few months, then heading down to the river crossing.  I had HOPED that the river was down enough to cross, and I saw MANY people heading up the road across the canyon, but I found that the river was flowing over the walkway, so I had to take my shoes and socks off to make the crossing, as I do not like squelching footsies.  A couple of ducks were taking advantage the pools to paddle around a bit, but of course they stopped as soon as I got my camera out.

No, those big rocks on the left are not close enough together to rock-hop. One gets to tread on the slightly submerged ones straight ahead!  It's like real hiking!

I dried my feet with a couple of socks that someone left on a rock, and made my way up the long, and rather steep, dirt road to a make the find at that cache the appeared on Leap Day.  Then I went down into the valley to find Waypoint #3.  Which I did, rather handily.

Well, now it was time to go back to the vehicle and head over to Waypoint #4.  Which I did, but I didn't find it.  Maybe next time!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Ahoy There!

Saw this pirate ship the other day while geocaching, and drove by again this morning to take a pic, just for YOU!

Saw this scooter guy,  on the way home from work. I wonder if driving one of those is as much fun as it looks!

I was singing Gilbert and Sullivan to the kids at work.  In particular, "I'm Called Little Buttercup", which was not a hit.  I also tried "I Am The Model Of A Modern Major-General", which also failed to impress them.  Kids these days!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Speed Test

I ran several computers through the ATT Speed Test that I read about in Digital Dave's column in the Computer Edge for this week. This I what I got:

PC -- Home Computer (DSL)
 Download 1.38 Mbps
 Upload .32 Mbps

Macintosh -- iMac
  Download 2.36 Mbps
  Upload 1.29 Mbps

PC -- Thinkcentre
  Download 89.26 Mbps (What the heck?)
  Upload .47 Mbps

PC -- Netvista
  Download 1.42 Mbps
  Upload .12 Mbps
 What do you think of that?

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