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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Redux, A Geocaching Meetup

I headed out at 3 P.M. to the Annual Leap Day Flag Salute, Proposal, Pizza event in Mission Trail Regional Park.  It wasn't until 5:30, but I wanted to look for a couple of caches before the event. Plus, the event location was a mile walk from the trailhead. I found one of the caches, but not the other, which was OK because I've looked for it several times before.

I was the second person there, the first being a fellow from north county. I told him I wouldn't remember his name, and sure, enough, I forget!  Very nice guy!

The cache I found earlier had be place by MABY64, who turned out to be the bringer-of-salad!

I had JJDUO take a picture of me eating deep-dish pizza, so to prove to Kim that I really did go!

More and more people came, and more and more pizza was et! One of the bringers-of-pizza was Serrano7, who is the fellow that muggled my cache today. We had a good laugh about that!

And it got darker and darker, the way it does!  There were maybe ten kids in attendance, including one baby.  At least one of the kids had their own GPS receiver. I heard him say, when told there was a geocache in a certain spot, "Oh, that's why my GPSr kept pointing there!"

The view is very nice, and one I have not seen at night. Too bad I didn't bring a tripod! We are looking tto the south-ish, and that's probably the stadium all lit up. Or not.

This geo-truck was parked next to mine at the trailhead.  It has a trackable tag there on the window.

That is about all for now!

Leap Day (A Furlough Day)


I don't understand why requiring an ID to vote is a bad thing.  At least in SoCal, nearly everyone drives, so they probably have a driver's license, and most of the rest, I'm guessing, have the state ID card, so how many people are gonna be inconvenienced by having to produce identification?  I'd be interested in an exit poll of voters asking if they have an ID card.

Some people say there isn't a lot of voter fraud, so it's not necessary.  Maybe not, but it just seems like a good idea to me.


I got an email today about one of my caches a guy was looking for.  He said he couldn't find it, but did find an interesting piece of bark he decided to take home and make into a cache, and then found out it WAS the cache! Ha ha!  He had to drive back to put it back.  He also said maybe I should raise the difficulty rating.  I hope to see him at the geocaching pizza party this afternoon.  I shall harangue him about stealing caches!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Of This And That

Foggy day at work Friday.

I really hate it when I can't find something on the internet that I JUST looked at the other day.  I was trying to remember something I read, on either reddit or fark (because really, what else is there?), about someone's room mate who always turned off their router at night (and I FOUND the thread, eventually, but not the phrase, so where was it?), and some guy said something like in the ten minutes it took for the router to fire up he felt like a Russian serf.

I went geocaching this morning in Mission Trails Regional Park, up by the rock climbing area, for a cache I've mentioned before.  Walked right straight to the darn thing, it was almost a let down!  Anyway, there were a lot of people scaling the heights, and I got what I think is a great pic.

I also took the obligatory pics looking down, and looking up. On the DOWN one, which is strangely filenamed "dpwm", you can just see the bed of the truck sticking out WAY down there.

And on the UP pic, which I had to gamma-correct, you can see the rocks WAY up there where the cache was.

And here is the cache, in case you wanted to see it. The view is over the canyon to South Fortuna Mt.

Well, that's about all I can think of. Thanks for visiting1

Friday, February 24, 2012

Must Be Friday

Overheard in the library:

"They should make a Fabreze that smells like Justin Bieber", so said A.B.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

At The Hop

Today was the Sock Hop at work, so I wore my leather jacket.  Many people complimented me, but one complained it smells like cigarettes.  Here are a few pics of the two 56 Chevys they had there for to have pictures taken in.

Engine compartment, port side. That don't look stock, I said to myself. The lady said they had added four wheel disc brakes, and there they was, behind the very pretty mag wheels.

Engine compartment, starboard side. Cool battery! The lady shared that when they got the car the firewall had been cut out so a 400 plus or minus cubic incher could be installed, but they went with a smaller engine and replaced the firewall in the stock position.

Me in the other 56 Chevy, zapped by the sun flare! Finally got a chance to wear my Velocette tee to work!  I told one of the kids to ask the owner where the gas cap was. She was AMAZED when he popped the taillight open to reveal its hidden position.

On the way home I was following this scooter up the hill at a majestic 22.5 mph.  Several cars passed and cut it. At the stop light she went into the bike lane and passed seven cars, then cut back in. Words fail me...

A geocache I found the other day. Yikes, a giant bug!

That is all for today1

Friday, February 17, 2012

Today At The Mall

A lady with a clipboard approached me today and said, "Support Gay rights?"  I said, "Ok", and kept right on walking.  Two guys in front of me turned around and verbally high-fived me.

That is all.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Look To The West!

Noticed this today, after manhandling this title for four years.

What's wrong with this picture?

The California edition of Prentice Hall Mathematics Pre-Algebra has a nice dramatic image of the Golden Gate bridge, but they flipped it 180 degrees. Looking north, as we are, the San Francisco Bay should be to the right, and the Pacific Ocean should be, well, on the left.


The other day I was driving the truck on the freeway, following a Porsche.  The Porsche took the ramp at AT LEAST ten miles under the recommended speed.  Dude, you're driving a PORSCHE! Step on the gas!


Today was the last day of wetness, so perhaps I'll talk myself into riding the bike tomorrow.  Even though it's a holiday.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Another rainy day, and that is my excuse for not riding the bicycle to work.  Cowles Mountain was especially pretty as the blue sky broke out.

Today being V. Day, the boys and girls were scarfing up the candy like, well, like it was candy.  I was presented with a blueberry lollipop,, which I tried not to eat for several hours, but eventually gave in to temptation.

I had an idea the other day of an image I could self-shoot of me in a funny-yet-graceful pose.

This would not be it...

This is take two.  Take one is of me falling over and bruising my arm. I deleted it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Walking, Yes Indeed

In a fit of pique I walked to the cigarette store to pick up supplies. It was about a four-mile walk, I figure, or very nearly.

I saw some interesting stuff along the way.

Saw this nifty Triumph Thruxton 900 at the Chico Club bar. What makes it a Thruston, I ask myself? Well, the name comes from a famous motorcycle race in England, and so many brands have used it to convey a sense of sportiness, I guess.

I thought this conduit run was interesting. I guess one has to be into conduit...

I hadn't notice the Eruv marking line lately, but I spotted it today. Kind of a "secret" layer to the world, not unlike geocaching.

Speaking of geocaching, I made the find on this little booger, one that I hadn't spotted the last time I looked for it, probably because it was early and darkish out. Today, in the light of day, no problem!

But before that I saw this Rolls Royce sitting by a church. A wedding? I don't know.

At the County Health Clinic I noticed there were at least THREE signs warning folks not to bring weapons into the building. THREE!

And here's a nice little '66 Mustang for you!

And lastly, a link (because it's nearly two megs in size) to a panorama of a car repair shop full of old cars. How many can YOU identify?

I see, from left to right: A jeep pickup (like Kelly's), A Nova SS, a MGB, a regular old Jeep, what I think is a Covair Monza, a green Ford Ranchero, another Jeep pickup, more like Kelly's, a white possibly Buick Riveria, and the black Buick outside the fence, which I cheated on and just read the logo on the trunk.

And that's what I did on Sunday.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Wall Of Shame

I drove over to the public library after work to pick up a copy of John Ringo's "Live Free Or Die". I tried one of Ringo's book last year, but didn't care for it.  Mr. E. recommended this one, so on his head be it.

Anyway, on the way there I observed a "homeless" person peeing on the wall, right in front of God and everyone!   Which one of these three do you think it was?

#1 -- A woman.
#2 -- Old man with beard.
#3 -- Young guy.

I took the picture upon leaving the library, so I was unable to catch "the action".

On a more humorous note, I heard Mrs. P. talking about someone who "couldn't spell 'paint' backwards if you gave him the 'p' and the 't'." I told her that was going on the blog, she said it's an old Alabama country-girl saying.

And that is about it for today!

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