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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Messy Books

I'm not sure what the deal is with this, but I ran across this set of pictures of the Detroit Public Schools Book Depository Roosevelt Warehouse from a link on reddit. It looks like they need to fix the roof, or something!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


C. went up to Mass this morning, in itself an exceptional thing. She thought she recognized someone there, a woman we went to high school with. It turned out to BE her. I remember this girl because she talked me into dancing with her at the Senior Picnic, and it was one of only three times I've ever danced in my LIFE, outside of cotillion.

I wonder if I would recognize her, I don't even recognize MYSELF in the mirror!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rainy Sunday

There's has been a gentle rain falling all afternoon. Mr. Sun was peeking out this morning, but I wasn't fooled, no sir!

We had rolled tacos at Palominos on Convoy for lunch, then went down to Balboa Park to visit the Model Railroad Museum. There has been a lot of new stuff added since I was there last!

I was quite taken with this cabin scene:

2008Jan06DadsOutingRSG 006

There is a little pipe organ inside this church!

2008Jan06DadsOutingRSG 002

After the trains we walked over to the reflecting pond and reflected on the koi.

2008Jan06DadsOutingRSG 013

There was a big black catfish-looking thing in there, a kid said she thought it was a shark.

After looking around the Botanical Building a few minutes, we drove over to Mission Trails Park to see how much water was flowing over the dam.

2008Jan06DadsOutingRSG 018

The water was brown. And a little sudsy.

2008Jan06DadsOutingrsg 020

Matt climbed up on the dam for a better view.

2008Jan06DadsOutingRSG 021

I used the flash and it looks kinda dramatic, don't it?

That's not the moon, it's a water drop. It's raining, remember?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Glory Be!

A bit of good news!

I visited the dentist on a business mission with the latest statement from the dental insurance company. The latest one wherefore they didn't pay. But, the dentist said that the insurance HAS finally paid most of the $1,200 dental bill that has been hanging, HANGING, I SAY, over my head for the last six months! And gave me a receipt (see next paragraph) to prove it!

Only $180.00 for my share, so I slipped 'em twenty bucks today.

C. found a white chocolate heart from Lorie's wedding that I had somehow managed not to eat.


So I ate it.

I was lurking in the garage, looking for an HO scale window, when I discovered a Tamiya Lotus Super Seven plastic model kit. Huh. I VAGUELY remember buying that. So that makes THREE plastic kits I haven't built, the other two being Maschinen Krieger Fledermaus, a Krote, and a Mercenary figure set. Oh, that's FOUR.

I also mowed the weeds today, watered the two marigolds, gave the plumeria a good stare, and surreptitiously trimmed a tree-like bush hanging over the fence a bit.

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