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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Pretty Fair Day

Before I get started, Foodopolis has new posts, this one (as of this post) is about The Mad Greek restaurant in Baker, California.

Yesterday we went to the Del Mar Fair, now apparently known as the San Diego County Fair (italics mine). Also, apparently they have a theme every year. This year is something about sports. Whatever.

We headed over to see if the archery demonstration was still on, but it was not. The archery booth wanted five bucks to shoot seven arrows. We declined. We then headed over to see the sunflowers and the horses. We watched a fellow shoeing a horse, some amateur roping. Some lady was a bit freaked because a Shetland pony was out in the sun with no water, even after it was explained to her, by the horse people, that the horsie was only out for an hour, then went back into a stall, with water.

We stopped by the SANDARC booth, having spotted a dipole, but no one was there. M. mentioned that maybe it was Field Day. Turns out, it was! Missed it again! They otter have a Field Day station at the fair, it would be good exposure to the public, I would think.

We next found our way to the woodcrafts exhibit, which had many weird and wonderful things, although I'm not sure why anyone would build a half-scale kayak. Saw this model of the H.M.S. Bounty.

2008June245misc 024

Not sure how one shoots a cannon through a deadeye, but what do I know?

Next we went up to the collections. There were several interesting ones, but this item caught my eye.

2008June245misc 025

It is reminiscent of a Tamiya military model kit box.

Eventually we wandered over to the gardening area, saw a pack of vicious koi.

2008June245misc 027

A lady was feeding them fish food, so that the visitors would not. The little suckers would jump right up on the rock! There are five more pictures of the koi, just click over to my zooomr pages(by clicking an image) and wander about. And remember, even YOU can look at any big version of a picture I didn't use here.

This water feature is one I want to remember, in case I ever get my own house.

2008June245misc 032

Simple, but charming and peaceful.

Next, we was resting in the succulent area, after looking at the bonsai and tray landscapes.

2008June245misc 034

Surely you will want to click over to zoomr and view the Notes I made on the image!

Some fellow said the fair was busting attendance records, but it didn't seem too crowed to me.

Lastly, we parked off-site, as the parking fee is ridiculous, plus, we like to ride the double-decker bus if we luck out. And we did.

2008June245misc 035

The weather was nice and not too warm, but I DID wear long sleeves and the geek sun hat. No pics of THAT!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Flower Time

Way up high, in the sky, the sun flowers are reaching, ever reaching.

2008June22garden 019

And I'm laying on the ground, getting twigs down my neck!

A wittle purple sweet pea!

2008June22garden 022

The line of of sunflowers grows!

2008June22garden 026

More purple sweet peas! Why only violet?

2008June22garden 025

A bug on the sunflower the bloomed first.

2008June21garden 004

Slightly out of order, the sunflower that bloomed first!

2008June21garden 001


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Radio Radio

The boss left this nifty old radio behind this summer. It's a Zenith All Transistor Royal 8. I don't know what the eight stands for. Eight transistors? That's a real leather case!

2008June18Radio 001

And that's real shiny metal there, too! It's a heavy little sucker!
And it has BOTH kinds, AM AND FM! And AFC!

2008June18Radio 002

And here are the guts. Feel free to count the transistors. This is so discrete!

2008June18Radio 003

So the deal is, I needed a six volt power supply for this baby. I found an appropriate wall wart, but it had the wrong connector. This guy take a little miniature phone plug. I found the adapters for a universal wall wart, but not THIS adapter, nor the universal wall wart, either!

So I'm standing around at lunch, watching some wimmen dump stuff in a dumpster. I see a cable. I pull it out. It has a universal wall wart attached! W00t! But, it doesn't have the correct adapter.

So, I'm at home. I'm warming up the soldering iron. I'm drawing the power jack schematic, gonna switch it out with an audio jack that I DO have the adapter for. I'm looking for the hank of small solder in a drawer. I find an adapter. An adapter for a universal wall wart. The CORRECT adapter. SCORE!

I plug the adapter in. The polarity is not indicated on the case of the radio. Of course. I've got a 50/50 chance of getting it right. I've possibly got a 50/50 chance of blowing a transistor or a capacitor. I plug it into the radio, I hear a noise from the speaker. Nothing else. I reverse the adapter, I plug it in. I've got RADIO!

The volume control is a little scratchy, but she works fine otherwise.

Sounds good, looks good!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The first poppy has bloomed.

2008June17flowers 006

The first sunflower to show a hint of bloom, although a bunch of them have flowers growing.

2008June17flowers 007

Some of the sunflowers are taller than me! They must be the giant ones!

A lot of the marigolds have finally bloomed, too. I figure the sweet peas will show some flowers in a couple of week.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Teeth Day

I went to the dentist today, with GREAT trepidation. Ten minutes later, I was gone. He reached in with some tweezers and pulled out the piece of bone. A piece SO SMALL, a little bigger than a pinhead, that I couldn't even SEE it, till he pointed it out. I thought it would be AT LEAST a quarter inch long, with a giant hook on the end.

So I went back to work.

Here is today's mystery pic, possibly the first in a series. Or, the last.

2008June11mysterypart 004

This is about twice as large as "life size". Or maybe even thrice. Look at the measuring device!

I know what it is, can YOU guess?

I acquired it back in the 70s, when I replaced it with a new one. If you can name the brand name of what it came from, I'm thinking you are doing pretty good!


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Teeth Redux

Best shot I can get of the inside of my mouf.

2008June07mouf 009

Still can't see it. But I can feel it!!


Friday, June 06, 2008

Of Teeth & A Bird

I've a chunk of tooth or bone or SOMETHING coming out of my gum where the wisdom tooth was pulled a couple of months ago. It has sharp edge that is worrying the heck out of the side my tongue, and the tip of my tongue is worrying itself on IT, in turn. I tried to take a picture of it, but cannot seem to get the right angle.

And you probably didn't want to see it, anyway.

But I did!

Dentist appointment next Wednesday.


This probably belongs on the bicycle blog, BUT... riding home today I saw a bird. Looked sort of like quail, and my first thought was: Turkey! But no. I'm thinking it was maybe a pheasant. I didn't notice the characteristic long tail feathers, but it DID have a red patch around the eyes. Of course, didn't have the camera with me!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Falling Down

Two more sunflowers, the last two, I think, in the front yard, have been uprooted.

It's GOT to be a cat.

Meanwhile, in the back yard...

I started most of the sunflowers in peat pots. I didn't "plant" the pots properly, so many of the sunflowers are falling over.

2008June04Misc 006

A fairly useless photo showing the base of the plant, but not illuminating the peat pot!

2008June04Misc 007

That's not really soil, it's about two inches of little leaves. Very loose! Next year--USE SOIL!

I tied it to the stake with twice. I have a BIG ball of twine!

2008June04Misc 008

The green line...

2008June04Misc 010

The fairly lame compost bin is in the background. I REALLY should get rid of that white junk in the fence, it looks AWFUL!



The latest update on the power switch deal is--The sainted Mr. M. is trying to get the manufacturer to give him a new switch to install. Well, I'm thinking, they are NOT going to let a customer install his own switches. In fact, they want to send out a whole new panel. So we are waiting on that.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Truly A Tuesday

That is to say, it's Garbage Day!

Finally scraped the paint on the vehicle, through a series of misjudgments. I am throughly p.o.ed at myself.

2008June03misc 003

Not a mark on the concrete pylon!

I REALLY need to get my act together!

Here is a rose from our garden. I'm told it is a "Peace" rose.

2008June03misc 006

It struck ME as interesting that the boxes for frozen pizza have the same background, just colored differently.

2008June03misc 005

Just one big pizza Photoshop, I guess!

I dropped into Radio Shack and purchased a couple of Modular Jacks for the outrageous sum of nearly 20 bucks so as to construct a LAN network cable testing device as per this article.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Flower Time

Mystery plant! Never noticed it blooming before, in twenty years of living here!

Tentatively identified as Arum maculatum. Also called Lords and Ladies.

2008June01flower 002

One of these is with flash, one is without. I can't remember which is which!

2008June01flower 001

What's all that gunk around the base of the spadix? Pollen?


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