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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Un-Sunny Saturday

We had a bit of California rain last night and this morning.

That is, it sprinkled a bit.

I still need to water the plants.

My computer tech installed a DVD-CD-RW today. Very nice! Not REAL sure what I will use the DVD part for, but now I can make some CDs of those LEGAL mp3s I downloaded offa the net!

While we wuz in there, I decided to clean the CPU fan and fins. They needed it!


I recommend you check YOUR computer guts for dust!

Caught a mouse this afternoon. Live trap, stuck him in a coffee can for a little trip tomorrow, to a far away land.

The side-table at my television watching table:

2007Sept22misc 003

Each item is noted, for your edification, on my Zooomr page, go look at it. Or don't, see what I care!

We visited the Apple Store today. Not your usual computer store! We played (I watched) around with an iPod Touch. Very cool. Not really for me, though. We left it on the Burnt Pizza blog. In the parking structure we saw a Mini that had possibly touched bumpers with a Jag. No one involved looked very happy. Saw an old Volvo sedan from the sixties, explained significance of same to my chauffeur.

I am distressed to hear my brother-in-law is not doing well. He is a swell guy, I hope he makes it, but he has a crapload of physical problems to overcome. Good luck, man!!

I started reading Eragon last night. It's a bit slow going (Smallish print, for a hard cover) , but an enjoyable dragon/boy fantasy.

I hear the fireworks for the KGB Sky Show in the distance, as I type. It must be down at the Murph. Never seen it, probably never will.

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