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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cat Pics

It must be Caterday!

The tail-less cat is being toyed with by a sock on a foot on the end of a hairy leg in this series of photos.

2009November25 cat 017

The shaved white spot on the cats leg is where the vet put the I.V. for his (her?) operation.

2009November25 cat 016

The cats favorite toy is that sock. In my foot!

2009November25 cat 015

I have to be careful not to get scratched or bitten.

2009November25 cat 014

Is that a yawn, or preporation to attack!

2009November25 cat 018

Those clean teeth are part of what make her (him?) the world's most expensive stray cat.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Walk About Town

I went for a stroll about the village the other day, over to the library to pick up some reading supplies for the LONG WEEK of FORCED VACATION, not all of it PAID.

This big ol' tree is long gone, (but lives on in Google maps).

And so is this bit of landscaping (from Google Street View).

Now it is a rocky sort of thing, with a odd little path through it.

2009November25 rocks 003

I liked that ol' tree. I miss it.

I thought this water meter cover looked interesting. It looks more rounded than others I've noticed.

2009November25 water meter 004

Over by the new La Mesa Police Department building there has been a lot of road re-alignment to accommodate the new building and the traffic it will have. As usual, bike lane suffer.

Looking east on University towards the intersection with Baltimore, we see a new bike lane. Of course, the bicycle rider has to cross the left turn lane to turn left. And of course there is no bike lane after you turn right, in spite of VERY heavy traffic. I can't remember if there is a bike lane after turning left. If there is, it does not continue very far.

2009November25 street 005

Now, after turning left (on the sidewalk, I'm walking, you know!), we can look back to the south and see what they have done to Baltimore Drive. Now there are two lanes turning right, instead of one, onto University Ave.

Some of the drivers are confused, and turn left to get into the go-straight lane.

2009November25 street 007

He makes it, and the next one goes for it!

2009November25 street 008

Taking a closer look at the intersection these confused driver are heading into, we notice that the go-straight lane head directly into the left turn lane. Nice! I've noticed that most cars head over to the far right to turn onto Spring St., anyway. Pity the poor bicyclist trying to navigate this intersection during rush hour!

2009November25 street 006

And that lane way up there, to the right of the car waiting at the trolley tracks? It merges just after the intersection. So it does nothing!

Back to Baltimore Dr., looking south. One of several signs to remind confused drivers that the lanes have been changed.

2009November25 street 009

You will notice there is no bike lane.


They COULD have made that middle lane a bike lane and done a "Turning Cars Yield To Bicycles" sign at the merge/demerges. Safer for bicyclists, less confusing for the poor cars. Everyone wins.

Well, enough about that. If I don't go to the planning meetings, what right do I have to complain, eh?

Check out this nifty car I saw along the way. It's a Plymouth Sport Suburban station wagon. It looks like a 1957 to me, but don't quote me on that!

2009November25 Plymouh 010

I love those taillights!

2009November25 Plymouh 012

2009November25 Plymouh 013

Nine passengers, eight cylinders, let's go to the Alvarado Drive-In!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Monday

I've been feeling a bit "off" for several days, so I have not been riding the bike, or even going out much. Today, I had to get out of the house, so I ran some errands in the vehicle. I drove over to get some smokes for the bitter half. I saw all these vehicles below, some of which I have mentioned before. Now you got pics!

The car I thought was a Mercedes, is actually a Toyota. Big pipes!

2009November20 cars 002

Looks like the Duke Boy's car, but is it really a Dodge Charger? Reminds me of a Plymouth Road Runner.

2009November20 cars 003

I don't know what this is, but it has attitude!

2009November20 cars 004

After securing the smokes I went to the library to drop off some books. They were closed, so I left.

I went looking for some geocaches in Mission Trails Park. I found three. I was caught in the act of signing the log by a couple in an SUV who turned out to also be geocachers. Although they have about eight thousand more than I do...

After not finding a couple more caches I went to another library, checked out a pile of books, and went home.

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