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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Periodically Speaking

Received what is probably my final issue of my subscription to Sunset magazine. If not the extra issue designed to ensnare me into another year. I've quite decided that I am not going to renew the magazine. No matter how many plative letters I receive from school band relatives. I find it too depressing. Unrealistic expectations, dreams that will never be fullfilled. Nor could be, really. Not unlike my relationship with the Walthers catalog. Over a thousand pages of HO fantasies.

As if, here are my favorite magazines, pretty much, from over the years:

Model Railroader
Popular Electronics
Electronics Illustrated
Drag Cartoons
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
National Lampoon
Ham Radio Horizons
Popular Communications

I had subscriptions to most of these, and bought the rest at the newstand. I still have tons of Model Railroaders around, but the rest have disappeared over the years.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Before The Holiday

Went to radiation this morning. No parking in the "special" lot, so I had to park on the roof of the parking structure. Nice and sunny up there, and I get to run down the stairs for a bit of exercise.
Since I had hit EVERY red light, I was a tiny bit behind schedule.

No worries, the guy ahead of me broke the machine!

Well, not really, but it was broke. So me and the guy after me chewed the fat, as it were, for an hour. The repair guy came and started working on it (a plumbing problem). The tech said it would have to be tested and that would take another hour. I graciously offered my space to the guy after me, so HE could be the guinea pig, but he declined. Turned out they didn't need a victim anyway. We reschuduled for the afternoon.

I hurried back to work to cover lunch so the boss could go eat, but it developed that she locked the joint up and went to lunch. So I went and ate.

Did I mention the "tummy" troubles I had in the morning after drinking my coffee? Three times! Yikes!

After work I made my way to the clinic and found parking place no problemo. Got radiated, said bye, went home, fired up the machine and here I am!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Day After St. Valentine's Day

Today is, as the title states, TDASVD. I had some radiation (or "radiatino" as I first typed it.) today, like always. No sweat. I actually converse with people in the waiting room as it is the same people at the same time very day (except weekends (and next Monday)). The guy I follow is not looking too chipper. The guy that follows me gets there before I do most days. Not that I'm late, he's just EARLY!

Saw a bumper sticker that gave me a chuckle today:


I felt pretty crummy this afternoon, probably either high or low blood-sugar, or something else.

Felt better after an hour.

Maybe too much caffeine?

Definitely need to ride the bike, but it is hard to schedule time. I guess it will have to be on the week ends.

I think there is a Zone Of Senility around me. I may have just invented that phrase, it's not Googleable!

Double-checked the not-needing-a-lot-of-water statement from the the technician, as I was reading and hearing conflicting stuff. The doctor says I don't need to drink more than usual. And coffee and sodas are ok. Thank goodness, I was scared there for a minute!

I was thinking the other day that I resent the diabetes more than the cancers, because of how much it has changed my eating habits. Although the second cancer is turning out to be rather annoying!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day Three

Had my third radiation treatment today. Here's a picture, as promised.

20007Feb07pictures 002
(You can click on the image to visit and see my witty notes on this image.)

Parking has been good the last two days, managed to snag a spot in the special reserved area. Door-to-door, it's been taking between 45 minutes to an hour. So that's good, too. No side effects, so far.

Apparantly I misunderstood the instructions about drinking lots of water. I don't need to. So now I don't have to go to the bathroom ten times a day!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Get Me A Jaywalker

I have to drive to work for the next few weeks. Look out, world!

I was taking it easy, obeying the speed signs, when some girl WALKED out across Lake Murray Blvd., a FOUR-LANE divided blvd.. And NOT at a 90 degree angle, OH NO, she's ambling along at a much more obtuse angle. And not necessarily in the mathematical sense.

I laid on the horn, she startled (Hey, I had my LIGHTS ON!), and moseyed on over the the side of the road. Not the SIDEWALK, mind you, but what would possibly be the bicycle lane, if there was one.

I arrive at work.

Time passes...

I'm getting ready to go to my appointment, I'm carrying a bicycle fork I had brought to work. Deborah comes in, sees me, says, "Oh, are you riding your bike to the doctor?".

Yes, Deb, after I re-assemble the bike I'm riding it to the doctor!!

She cracks me up!

So, I get to the clinic, all the reserved parking is gone, so I have to park in the structure. No worries, I got the magic pass!

I check into the clinic, I change into a gown. I'm sitting in the waiting room. Other patients are there. I'm talking to a fellow (guy) patient. For some reason I am amused that the woman patients are wearing their pants under their gowns, and we guys are wearing our shirts under our gowns.

My name is called, I head into the treatment room. I tell the nurse I was going to bring a camera, she said no problem, bring one next time, lot's of people do. Cool! So maybe next time we shall have pictures!

I was pretty nervous and kept feeling like I was going to start twitching or something, and my blood sugar was probably low, too. But, I made it through the procedure no problem. Only 40ish more to go!

Well, that's all for today!

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