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Friday, April 30, 2010


Favorite quotes from Unshelved Answers (slightly edited and rearranged):

"'s not for everyone".

I worked the Ready Reference desk at a public library. When people called in and said 'My taxes pay your salary" I'd tell them "Well, I need a raise!". – CrabbyLibrarian Apr 26 at 18:53

And my taxes pay for police cars but I don't get to drive one. – David Bigwood yesterday

My taxes build highways, but they only let me drive on one side. – Amy

Monday, April 19, 2010


Two things I learned from watching Ken Kramer's About San Diego.

Stephen Kearny's name is pronounced Karny


Lanoitan Ave. in National City is, wait for it, National spelled backwards!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday Caching

Headed out to Sweetwater Lake to look for some more geocaches. I found all of them, except for one. There certainly are a lot of trails out there to hike on. And ride bikes, too! I saw several people out pedaling around. If I had taken MY bike, I wouldn't have spent four hours hiking!

I parked at the park, because it's hard to find a place to park that doesn't involve private


Google Maps Streetview shows San Miguel Road as being open, but it now has PRIVATE PROPERTY signs all over the place, and there is a BIG GATE. I guess they wanna protect the power transmission lines and equipment installation up there on the hill from neer-do-wells. I was hiking from the southeast, so I just walked through the gap in the fence. What's the point of all that razor wire, then?

San Miguel Road gate

That road to the left is PRIVATE PROPERTY!!! Do not go there! You have been warned!

I got to the last cache and spotted it easily. Then I opened it up --

2010April02 Sweetwater 015

Then I tried a bit farther --

2010April02 Sweetwater 017

And a little farther --

2010April02 Sweetwater 018

And then I went back the other way --

2010April02 Sweetwater 016

There she be!

Gmaps Pedometer says I did 5.5 miles. With their typically bizarre elevation chart.

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