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Thursday, November 05, 2015


I just have not felt the need to blog, or remembered anything interesting when I had the opportunity.

But, this morning I was looking all OVER the place for my keys.  And where do you think I found them?  In the deadbolt.  Outside.  All night. 

And not for the first, either!

I ordered a super battery charger for a princely sum to recharge the battery on the cheap flashlight I found in Balboa Park a couple of months ago.  I ORDERED it because apparently this city is not big enough to have a store stocks them.  This may not have been a cost-effective solution.  Oh, well, I'll have a fancy battery charger to show off.

I got an automated call from the IRS again.  I ignored it again.

I got an automated call from the med labs.  I call them back the next day to find out that their automated calling system had not caught up with the fact that I came in two weeks ago. 

That is about all I got at this time.  Cheers!

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