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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let me get this out of my system. A library-related wedding invitation.

I don't usually hot-link to images, but I'm sure the band-width load by my MANY readers will not be noticed.

Last Sunday we went to the Center Of The World. It was closed. It was REALLY HOT, too! One hundred and six degrees hot. We found one REALLY neat geocache, several average ones (just for the numbers), and a spa pool (empty) sitting in the middle of the desert.

The Center Of The World, in its glory. Over there. In the pyramid.

2010June27 Center Of The World 003

Here am I in what I learned is a Salt Ceder tree. It was like being in a ceder forest in there, rather than the desert. Except it was HOT. Did I mention the HOT??

2010June27 Center Of The World 010

We were in the rest stop at Grays Wells, which is rather near the border between Mexico and the United States, when we spotted some sort of illegal person running across the freeway. Where's the Border Patrol when you need them?

2010June27 Center Of The World 012

We also stopped at a very cool place where your car rolls uphill. There IS magic in the world! And a geocache there!

It was great to get back to the coast, too, where it wasn't so HOT!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's Gone Geocaching

I headed out this morning to West Hills Santee to finish off the caches I had left to do. At least on the current print out!

I parked at the high school and crossed the road, and passed the sign that says something about unexploded bombs out there. Yikes!

2010June20 Santee Hills 006

I headed north, finding three caches with out too much trouble. Then I found I had to go up a REALLY steep hill. And it was! But, there were some really great views from the top!

Looking down the hill I came up. Hey, it was MUCH steeper than it looks!

2010June20 Santee Hills 003

Looking to the south, we see the road I'll be going back down. More caches down there!

2010June20 Santee Hills 002

Looking a little more to the south-east.

2010June20 Santee Hills 004

Saw this scroungy old guy up there, too!

2010June20 Santee Hills 005

When I got back to the parking lot, I noticed the only daisy in the entire West Hills High School grass, right in front of MY vehicle.

2010June20 Santee Hills 008

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Geocaching Saturday

I went out to the West Hills of Santee again, just to pick up those four caches I missed last week. This time, when I saw a deer, I was able to get the camera up and running just before he (she?) disappeared.

2010June19 Santee hills 002

There was the occasional sunflower along the trail, but I did not notice them until a big clump finally got my attention. Too busy looking for snakes!

2010June19 Santee hills 001

Speaking of snakes, I saw two today, but they were not rattlesnakes. One was long and skinny, the diameter of a pencil. And very fast!

I thought I might look for the pen I lost last weekend, so I headed over to a cache I had already found. I had to completely re-find it, as I had quite forgotten where it was. All them bushes look alike! I did not find my pen, though. I really liked that pen!

On the way back to the car from that fiasco, I saw a coyote across the canyon.

2010June19 Santee hills 006

Yeah for telephoto!

I wore the gaiters the whole time, and they worked pretty good. Not too many stickers in the socks!

The last (fifth) cache of the morning was over off of Cuyamaca in Santee. I couldn't find it the last time, but someone found it recently, so I went to take a look. And there it was, with its beady little red eyes. I'm SURE it was not there the last time. A whole Girl Scout troop/patrol had signed the log before me, too. Maybe they have better eyes than me. Maybe!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I went clomping around the hills north of Santee yesterday morning. It was nice and cool, until I started up the hills. Then it got warm real fast!

I put on my blue gaiters after I got a few weed-seeds stuck in my shoes. They are too small, so they kept riding up. But they did keep a lot of seeds and debris out of the shoe.

2010June12 boots RESIZED 001

You can see there are very few weeds above the gaiter line.

I found eight geocaches. Eventually. I found it helps to put the correct co-ordinates into the GPSr. the difference between a one and a zero, in the wrong spot, could be over five hundred feet. Makes it a lot more difficult!

I saw a big spot of flattened weeds, about twenty feet in diameter. I figured it must be a Santee crop circle, but later I spotted two deer, after they spotted me, hopping away. I bet THEY made it!

Sadly, my camera batteries were dead. Which is an odd expression, is it not?

I saw a hawk, too. And some bunnies!

And that is about it!

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