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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Working On The Railroad

Back in the day there was a rumour going round that there were military suplus Harley Davidson motorcycles to be had. I dis-remember the exact details, but I do remember a group of us Air Force types were to pool our money to get one, or several in a lot, or something.

Anyway, it never happened. The book The Vanishing Hitchhiker, by Jan Harold Brunvand, mentions this urban legend.

Well, I'm re-creating the dream on my model railroad by putting one of those motorcycles I was working on in a shipping crate. So far, I've got the crate done, made out of plastic.

2007Oct07motorcycle box 006

This picture is pretty much the same, so don't look at it.

2007Oct07motorcycle box 007

I think the box came out rather well. Now I need to get some guys to stand around looking at it.

I was given this cute little pencil lead box. You may look at it.

2007Oct06leadbox 001

2007Oct06leadbox 003

2007Oct06leadbox 002

The leads would be contained in the wooden tray.

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