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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday Is Thankgiving Eve

I got up early and went to Wednesday geocaching event in Chula Vista.  No one was there yet, so I drove down the street a couple of blocks to find a couple of caches.  One was really easy to spot, the other was not.  The easy to spot one was in a tree.  On the ground nearby was a small black angel figurine.  I placed it on the tree over the cache.  The other cache was hard to find, but I persisted and finally found it.  I also found a blue Blu Jenny II phone cell phone, with no SIM cards, no battery, and no back cover.  But it's real purty!  It goes into the collection of broken phones.

I got back to the event and everyone, nearly, was there.  And there was pie!  But the homemade whipped cream had not arrived yet.  But when it did...there was pie!!  It was nice to see everyone.  We swapped some stories, and I drank Starbucks coffee that I actually ordered myself.  Eventually the chilly weather got to me and I said my goodbyes.

Today I geocache mostly in or around Dennery Canyon, which is in an area of San Diego City that is south of Chula Vista.

This picture of Pt. Loma was taken near a cache aptly name Ocean View.

You may remember from last time I was in this canyon, the wrecked cars.  Well, there are more.  I only took pictures of two of them, there were several more.  Also, a motorcycle engine.  Honda twin, I think it was.

I WAS going to turn back here, but I felt, invigorated?  So I kept going.  I passed this car, which may have been a Rambler (EDIT: I saw a pic that showed a part clearly labeled "Volvo", so there you go.), and then that motorcycle engine I spoke of

I found the last two caches in the Spooky Canyon series.  I thought they were going to be awful, but they were no problem at all.  No bees, no poison oak, just a lot of walking.  So instead of quitting THERE I kept going.  There was another cache only five hundred feet away.  Uphill.  So up the hillside I went, a very very very STEEP hillside.  Part of it was a "road".  One wonders what could possibly have MADE that path.  Probably a bulldozer, I don't know.  I don't think I would want to be in a 4WD that was trying to do it.

So here I am at the top of the hill.  After I find the cache, which turned out to be not QUITE so far up the hill, maybe a hundred feet lower, I will need to make my way over THERE.  To the TOP over there.  'Cause that is where the vehicle is parked!

Well, eventually I did get myself all the way OVER and UP there.  Found this big square rock at one point.  I would have liked to take that home, but it was just too big and heavy.

The last cache of the day was not too far from this place.  It was pretty hard to find, but I persevered yet again, and thanks to a helpful hint I made the find.

Seventeen caches found today, including the event cache.

Thanks for reading!  I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!

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