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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quite The Tuesday

I talked my son into going geocaching with me in Mission Trail Regional Park. I printed out all the cache information, plus a map. I neglected to share with him just where it was we were going, or all the tips I've learned in the past two weeks. Like, were long pants if you might go off the trail. Blood will be spilled!

I brought my cool camo hat, a bottle of water, and an Albertson's Granola Bar.

I should have put on some sun block.

The goal was to climb Kwaay Paay Peak. It was pointed out to me, as we stared up the rather steep trail, that it looked nearly as tall as Cowles Mountain. The trial is 2.2 miles long, round trip, and it's around nine hundred feet in elevation gain.

You don't have to get very far along the trail before you get a view.

Look over into Santee and the 52 freeway.
2009December29 geocaching 001

Up near the peak you can look right over the side. Way down there is Mission Gorge Road. We could look down on hawks circling, but naturally they disappeared when I pulled my camera out!
2009December29 geocaching 004

Hey, we are the same elevation as that helicopter!
2009December29 geocaching 002

The view is fairly spectacular at the peak. To the west, a rain cloud formed and dropped a few rain drops, then cleared away. Point Loma is WAY over there! This lady was in a geocache. Who is she?
2009December29 geocaching 005

We found a geocache that had been badly muggled.
2009December29 geocaching 009

We picked up the pieces and re-hid it. I'm pointing right at it, you should be able to find it EASILY!
2009December29 geocaching 011

Going down was easier, except for the slipping and the sliding.

We were passed both ways by young women running, old guys running, a guy carrying a child on his shoulders (who was leaving a trail of goldfish) , and several dogs. It was quite amazing.

I'm glad it was a cool day, I wouldn't have made it during a summer scorcher!

We found eight caches. It might have been nine, but I forgot to bring the coordinates for one of them!

Monday, December 14, 2009

At The Lake

I have decided to divide and conquer the Lake Murray geocaches. Yesterday, a rather cool and sometimes drizzly Sunday, I did the ones on the east side of the lake. I looked for seven, and found six. I took a picture of each one I found, but I shan't bore you with all of them. But this one struck me as pretty funny.

2009December13 Lake Murray 013

The reservoir has risen since the cache was placed. The cache owner pulled it later that day. Good thing I signed the dripping-wet log with my semi-waterproof red Sharpie pen!

The cache that I DNF, the cache owner checked it later Sunday and archived it. When I was looking for it (TWICE), I found something that might have been part of it. I also picked up glass. I was going to put it all in the trash can, but I forgot and left it there. I saw in the cache log that someone came along later and found my little pile and also thought it might have been part of the cache. Cache In Trash Out, gotta get with the program!

For such a cool and sometimes drizzly day there were quite a few people out and about. I walked the route for two reasons. One, I didn't want to get the bike dirty, and two, It is a pain and very conspicuous to stop, lean the bike against something (if there IS anything!) and nose around the bushes. It is bad enough WITHOUT the bike!

I saw a older fellow wearing a beautiful long-sleeve Rivendell wool jersey in a sort of light green. I think he was riding a Serotta, though.

I saw the blond chick walking. I was passed by several walkers. I guess I just walk too slow. I amble! Lord, I was born an amblin' man, apologies to the Allman Brother Band.

I saw a coyote, but couldn't get the camera out quickly enough. I took a picture of a paw print in the mud, but it may be from a doggie. Pic is on the Zooomr page. Pics of all of today's caches are on the Zooomr page, too. Just in case you want to see what a variety of geocaches might look like.

Next week I shall attack the west side of the lake!

Today I picked up a new baking element for the oven. It cost $48.00 including tax and license. I could have got it a little bit cheaper on the web, but I wanted it NOW! Here is the old one, it isn't working for some reason.

2009December14 element

Next on the appliance repair horizon? The agitator in the warshing machine!

Friday, December 11, 2009


I can't believe I did this!

I was sitting at a red light, first in line. The left-turning lane signal turned green next to me, and I took off, ON THE RED LIGHT! Scared the bejezus out of the guy turning in front of me, I bet!

I was distracted by a bicyclist who almost ran the ran the red from the left. He coasted almost half-way through the intersection before he was able to turn around and return to the white line to wait.

I feel so stupid!

But, now I have a little more sympathy for the idiots who have done this to me, 'cause now I are one, too!

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