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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Vigorous Outing

I started up Cowles Moutain at 5:48 AM, to beat the morning sun. This I did, but there still were no parking places in the lot! Maybe fifteen people passed me going DOWN, as I was going UP.

I got to the top at 6:37 AM, then headed down the Pyles Peak trail. Down and up, it was! Gmap pedometer says the whole trip was 6.14 miles. Click the link and see the route.

I manged to find eight geocaches, including the one I had to put back together. I found part of it forty feet up the trail!

Saw some pretty flowers, flowers sitting in the middle of the trail. Flowers that are gonna get smashed!

2010MAY29 Pyles Peak 001

I turned back 10:01, after find a cache named "40". I don't know why it was named "40", maybe because it is nearly forty feet from the coordinates? Ha! Well, twenty, anyway!

Cowles Mountain is so far away! Can I make it back?

2010MAY29 Pyles Peak 005

That's not fog, it is greasy fingerprints on the lens. Sorry!

My feet hurt terribly. The cheap hiking boots are not doing the job, and I was wearing thin socks. I don't SEE any blisters, but I was sure there would be at least two!

I got back to the top of Cowles at 11:27. Tons of people up there, as usual. I only saw maybe ten hikers on the Pyles Peak trail. Probably a hundred on the Cowles Mountain path.

At last I took enough water. Two bottles full, enough on this sunny but not too hot day. Amazingly, I saw people coming up Cowles with no hats and no water. With their kids. I saw a big ol' bulldog laying panting while its owner let people give it water. It did not look happy. It was not too far from the parking lot, so I think puppy will be ok.

I finally got to the trailhead and arrived at the truck at 12:48.

I swear this cures me of hiking Cowles Mountain for another year!

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