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Monday, August 27, 2012

At Work

Blasting out "I'm Waiting For The Man" on the PC at work.  Well, blasting might be a little strong, there isn't much umph on these speakers. 

I might turn down the volume when it gets to "Venus In Furs"...

Saturday, August 18, 2012


It only took a half-hour to find, but here is my new favorite song for the week:

Cows Around, by  Corb Lund (Youtube video, should open in new window)

That is all!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Geocaching In Eastlake, Again

I headed out this morning to get the rest of the Eastlake Express geocaches.  Not much to report, except I got stung by a bee. I flagged down a pickup truck and the gentleman, whose name I forget, drove me to the fire station where the fireman on duty, whose name I forget, again, took my pulse and blood pressure.  I didn't seem to be reacting to the sting, so he let me go and I continued on my way. I guess either I'm NOT allergic to bees (maybe that WAS heatstroke in the Boulevard Bee Encounter), or the poor bee didn't get a chance to actually inject his venom.  Or her venom, I guess, since I recall that worker bees are female.

When I first got here I thought it would be a good idea to shove the cover (which was slightly ajar) down so the bees would be trapped.  Later I decided this was a stupid idea. I then thought I would flip the cover off completely so the bees would go away.  So, I did, with my walking stick, of course!  This was a stupid idea, too!  Even with the cover tight there was still a little hole that the bees were going in and out of, so there were still plenty of bees around.  I knocked the cover as you see it, and fell backwards with my great effort, and a bee flew up my pants to my ankle and did what he did.  I got up and ran, with a couple of bees following me, but I soon evaded them, or they gave up.

I scraped the stinger off, and flagged down the pickup truck, as mentioned above.

Later I came back and took the pictures.

I know you want to see the bees, so here are a couple of pics!

Yes, I used the telephoto zoom!

A hairy-legged pic of the sting zone, a couple of hours later.  Not at all swollen, just a little red. 

Later, driving home, I saw this truck.  Where was he when I needed him?

Found thirteen caches today, and didn't find three.  And one of those DNFs was the bee cache.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Out And About

Had to run over to the postal place and to the library today. Also needed a geocache for the day. So, I combined the trips. Maybe I should have biked, but it's just too dang hot!! The two geocaches I went out for were on Cowles Mountain. One was a puzzle cache that I had solved, the other was a magnetic nano that was fairly easy to find, but difficult for fat fingers to sign the log!

View from the puzzle cache, looking sort of east. There's the big "rusty" water tower with the clouds on top!

View from the puzzle cache looking sort of south-east.  There is Mt. Helix! And over there, that's where I work!

The trail. We are looking up towards where the "G" used to be.  I can't believe Phillip and I hiked up that in the dark so we could camp out at the peak!

The temperature was in the very low 90s when I was there, but there was a little breeze, so it was OK.

The trail is very nice, but it is not on the official trail map. There are trail signs and a doggy doo station, and there are no closed signs.  It begins right behind and travels along and above a residential fence line, I wonder how the people in their pools feel about that?

Here's a stupid YouTube video I ran across.  Helicopter Smashes In San Diego Cowles Mountain

Yesterday I figured out what the geocaching term CLF stands for:  Chain Link Fence

The End

Sunday, August 05, 2012

San Diego River Redux

I headed down to the river early this morning, to beat the heat.  The San Diego River Geocaching Power Trail awaited.

I parked over by the boat marinas and headed across the bridge, hanging a right towards the west, up the trail to Ocean Beach.  Finding and not-finding caches along the way.

People were walking around in the mud, maybe looking for clams and stuff, I don't know.

Lots of these white birds around, egrets, maybe?  I need Stephen Maturin to help me out here!

This bird flew over and just stood there watching this guy. I guess it was waiting for him to stir (I forgot how to spell that, took five minutes to figure it out!) up some food.

A portion of Dog Beach.  A barky little Boston Terrier  started circling me and barking quite vociferously. Its owner explained that it didn't like hats, for some reason.

One of the caches was in this "cave". I got claustrophobic and so had to scramble back out.  Didn't find it.

Is this an egret or a heron?  I think it must be a female, because of its lack of bright plumage.

Well, that was about it for today.  I found eleven caches, and didn't find six.  Mileage was 3.79 miles, with a elevation maximum of around 16 feet.

LAST time I was down here, on August the First, I came upon this nicely separated bicycle/pedestrian path.   I was back there around the corner, heading this way.  I was walking on the pedestrian part, as it is clearly marked.  And wouldn't you expect it, two bicyclists came towards me, from this direction, on the pedestrian path.  They came right past this clearly-marked entrance. Oblivious, I guess!

I misspelled "pedestrian" every time I typed it back there.  And I misspelled "misspelled" here, too!

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