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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Foggy Saturday

It was foggy this morning, and it's foggier, as am I, this afternoon. Is the June Gloom coming early?

After three weeks of part-time effort I tripped upon the combination to a, uh, combination, lock I found some months, or maybe years, ago.  Now I gotta lock something up!

Much difficulty with the computers at work yesterday afternoon. Trying to help a student I spend probably TWO hours trying to email her file so she could work on it at home.  I finally gave up an HOUR after I was off the clock, went home, and emailed it to her mom. In five minutes.

That is all for now!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I finally mailed in the tax forms.

I finally balanced the check book (one math error, two erroneous entries).

I finally found out the library book I thought had disappeared in transitus is not on my record.

And I finally tried on my fabulous hiking pants with the zip-off legs (convertible to shorts).

I feel great!

That vein in my head has finally stopped pulsing!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Rainy Friday

Oh yes, it was sunny this morning, but it turned cloudy and it's raining pretty hard right now!

My dear mother sent me fifty bucks for my birthday and I bought me some Swiss Gear shoes at Target.  I learned I have size 13 feet.  Did I grow?

Student A. brought some brownies to celebrate the birthday of Thomas Jefferson today, as near as I can figure. They were enjoyed by all.

Any ideas on what that device is on the left?  Looks like a giant RF sniffer!

Well, that is about it for today!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

My Spring Vacation

I was driving up to the mall and saw a chick on a scooter that I know.

It's nice to see her out and about!

Another day I escaped and went geocaching in a new place. Took the STEEP route up this hill, instead of the easier way. But the view looking down at the truck was awesome.

Today, Saturday, I FINALLY made my way to Fortuna Moutain to get the last waypoint of the Giant Star multi geocache.  I also found two other multis, and one regular cache. I forgot the coordinates for one other regular, so I STILL have to come out here again to get that one.  But, at least I don't have to make the laborious climb up Fortuna again.  Unless some evil person hides another one up there!

I was passed by, and met again at the top, a group of young people having a jolly time.  They asked me to take a picture of them posing against the view, which I graciously did. One of the guys had a prosthetic foot, I noticed. It sure didn't slow him down any!

I took my own pic of the view.  The arrow points to where I parked the vehicle.

Total walking was almost exactly five miles.  Seemed a lot longer!

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