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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Feels Like Sunday

But it is not.

I did absolutely nothing on Friday, except to finish Winter, by Marissa Meyer, and talk to B. and H. for approximately two hours each. I tried calling B. but the message box was full.

Today I got up early-ish and went geocaching.  It was pleasantly un-hot, but I did get a little sweaty under my jacket on some of the hilly parts.  I found eighteen caches today, and did not find two.

BUT before today, or even yesterday, on Thursday, I, like an obsessed idiot, drove all the way down to whatever that place is called south of Chula Vista to look for two caches that I couldn't find the day before.  Well, I didn't find them again.

I DID find the corner of a one dollar bill, so I guess that is SOMETHING!

M. came by later on in the morning and we went to M.'s (a different M.) house for the family get-together.  It was great seeing everyone again, and there was lots of delicious food.  I made a vow not to overeat and not to over carbohydrate (well, maybe a little...), so I only took a picture of the cranberry sauce.

And the leftovers I got to take home were just as good the next day, too!

Back to today, Saturday. I see many different kinds of birds in my geocaching travels, but I've never seen one of these outside of the San Diego Zoo.

Posed myself in front of this old wagon.  Why so serious?

This "barbecue" stone thing converted to a planter was another cool thing I saw today.

Well, that's it for today.  Thanks for reading!


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