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Monday, November 16, 2015

Post No Bills

I couldn't think of a better title.

So here are a couple of pics of the omelet cooking in the new pan, on Saturday, I think it was.

And here is the less than stellar finished product.

After "breakfast" I made my way to the La Mesa Block Party and visited all the booths, and turned in my answers to the geocaching booth.  I won a gift card to a pub in the drawing!

I lit the pilot to the floor heater when I came back.  First time in three years I've managed to do that task.  So now I don't have to wait for SDG&E to do it! And I have WARMTH!!

What else did I do?  Well, on Sunday I finally remembered to get the air in the tires checked at Costco, having bought tires there some years ago.  A very nice service that!

On Sunday I FINALLY bestirred myself to go geocaching in the Otay area.  Here is map that I put a GREAT DEAL of effort into editing.  I hope you appreciate it!

One of the caches had a guard-bear keeping an eye on the proceedings. Found this one before the rain started in earnest, thank goodness, 'cause that was one slippery leaf-covered hill.

Driving back in the rainy dark, on surface streets, NOT the freeway, was not a whole lot of fun.  This is what it looks like to my eyes.  You won't be surprised then that I tend to not drive at night.  I had to pull of in Spring Valley to answer the phone.

Now TODAY, Monday, I took picture of this origami one of the kids made.  And that is ME, there, that head.  I thought I had more hair than THAT!

I acquired this beaded coin purse that has been sitting in a lost & found for three years or more.  It will end up as a trade item in a geocache somewhere.

I have been quite industrious since I got home, having gone grocery shopping.  I took out the trash, recycling, and greens cans for collection tomorrow, and I wash the clothes.  I shall probably sleep the, uh, sleep, of the just.

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