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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I was just thinking, some day they're gonna find an elderly man wandering around, on the far edge of senility, with a GPS receiver in his hand, and it's going to be ME!

Here's a nice conduit bend that made me feel better about the world.  Ain't it sweet that they bothered to make the little kick up to the LB?  and the other end has the offset in the box, unlike that other one I mentioned last month.

There don't seem to be any conduit bending jokes out there, so here is an electrician funny:

After an electrician apprentice finished repairing some faulty wiring in an attorney’s home he handed him the the bill. ”Four hundred dollars! For an hour’s work?” cried the attorney, ”That’s ridiculous! Why I’m an attorney and I don’t charge that much.” To which the electrician replied, ”Funny, when I was an attorney I didn’t either!”

Reading a lot this (mostly unpaid) vacation week.  Just finished The Slave Dancer (Paula Fox), and working on The New Space Opera 2 anthology, How To Be An American Housewife (Margaret Dilloway), and The War That Came Early: The Big Switch (Harry Turtledove).

Well, that's about all I have for you today!

Now to think of a title for this post...

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day

Well, I voted, how about you?

I don't know what the deal is with other places, but MY polling place had about twenty people marking their ballots, and I only had to wait about thirty seconds in line before it was my turn.  Maybe California is just more organized than some of them other states.  Or maybe it gets busier as more people get off work.

I DO miss have the polling place right across the street, though, now I have to drive a couple of miles to get there!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

  Saw an opportunity to get a First To Find geocaching today, so I went for it.  Here's the log I wrote:

Well, how many times can one give up on one cache? I parked at the end of Lake Murray Blvd. and walked down the dirt road to the little bridge, and so up the hill. Having looked at the aerial, I knew it was right on the trail. Didn't bother to put the coordinates into the GPSr. Fired it up at the top of the hill and watched the satellite coordinates progress. Closer and closer. Oh, wait, I'm getting farther away! Which way is north, anyway? I'm sure the trail will turn back. Oh, no, there's a sign, Big Rock Trail. I know THAT is way too far! Turn around, put the coordinates in the GPSr, and follow the arrow. Now it's pointing down the hillside! Is there a trail? No, there is not! Keep walking, I'm getting FARTHER away. Keep looking for a trail. Maybe the coordinates are wrong? Or maybe I've written them down wrong? I've done it before! Keep walking... I think I'm giving up, I must have mussed it. Oh, wait, what's that over there? Looks like a trail. But how to get to it? Keep walking. Well, I can't find it, I'm going home. Keep walking... Oh, THAT looks like it's doable. And it goes in right direction! Yippee, I'm on the right track! Get to the GZ. Of course I can't spot it. Look up and down the trail, do not see nothing. Sit down, eat a granola bar, drink some water. Look some more. Oh, there it is, right on the money!  
Here's a view towards the east from the cache area.

Well, if the goal was to catch my eye, I guess it did.

Bought a new car today.  At Albertsons. Probably the closet I'll ever get to owning one.  Don't I have a Lotus Super Seven model kit out in the workshop?  I ought to build that some day!

That about all I have for today!

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