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Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Nexus Of Negativity

After doing absolutely nothing yesterday, not even going outside, this morning I got up in the dark and drove out to do some geocaching.

Here is a map showing all the places I went.  I marked the geocaches I found in green, and the ones I didn't find in red.

 This here image is about half a meg download ffen you click on the thumbnail.  It's worth it, though!

The first cache I did was in a very tricky spot, right off the freeway, on the SIDE of the freeway.  It required pulling off onto a very wide dirt area where construction trucks used to park.  On a Sunday morning there is very little traffic, and that is what I planned for.  So there were no problems.

The second cache was an afterthought find at the spot where I turned around to go the other way on the freeway, just happened to be a quick find there.  The third cache was one I haven't been able to find twice before, but a recent find gave me a clue, and there it was.  In plain sight.  Where I had looked before.  Looked, but did not see...

The fourth cache was in a park across the freeway from the hospital district.  I had tried there before, but there was a couple sitting nearby.  Today there was no one, and I found it in the second, and easiest, place I looked.  Found a baseball, too, and tossed it into the nearby baseball field.

Cache five was near a Mexican restaurant.  It is usually very very busy there, but the geo-gods smiled upon me and I quickly made the find.  THIS time

Next I headed to the Midway district.  There was a cache there that I had not properly "found" before, having not signed the log 'cause I believed it was missing. Actually, I think I signed the ducky last time!  This time I was able to find the log container, and not just the ducky.

I drove all the way down to the park near the Home Depot in Imperial Beach (which turns out to NOT be in Imperial Beach, but Egger Highlands, a community of the City of San Diego. Huh.) and parked in the little park parking lot.  There were three new caches, ones that had appeared since I was here last.  Found all three of them.   A peloton of  bicyclists (what else would a peloton refer to?) snarked by without a by-your-leave, but every other cyclist who passed had a cheery "good morning!" for me.

The last cache in the bay area was over to the west a bit, not far from the bicycle path that goes around a good portion of the Big Bay. 

Taken in the city of Imperial Beach, where the Bayshore Bikeway crosses the Otay River

I made a stop at Palm and Desty because I noticed a new cache there. This is a potholed I hit while slowing down to park, going about twenty.  It went THUMP!  How that THUMP made me JUMP!

I spotted the cache after a laborious trek through heavy brush, across a bee path (bees entering and exiting from their hive in a straight line), and across a dry crick on a rotting palm trunk, only to find that the last geocacher there, who I will not name, but I have had DEALINGS with her before, managed to break off a a major (rotten, as it turned out) branch for to climb the tree.  Where the cache was.  Way up there.  Where I could see it. 

Who am I kidding, I wasn't going to climb that thing anyway!  And I'm glad she didn't injure herself enough to need a trip to the ER, just cuts and scrapes and a bump on the her tookus when she fell out of the tree.

I parked at the Montgomery-Waller Park for the next group.

This is at ground zero (GZ) for the first cache.  Those hills way back there, and that island way out there, are in Mexico.

I found the second cache, near where many kids were playing soccer, and many parents were watching.  I found and signed the log about twenty-five feet from a lady watching her children, I'm sure she didn't give me a second thought.

After not finding the last cache in this area, I drove down the street a couple of blocks and parked behind a big rig.  I walked up and down the street looking for four caches.  Found three, didn't find one of them.  This flyer for a lost flying device was in the gutter.

 Finally, for some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to drive out Palm Ave. to Denery Road and hike up what seems to be named Dennery Canyon.  I really should have worn my SPF rated shirt, but I had chose to wear a denim shirt.  And so my arms feel like they might be sunburned.

 I found eight caches, I'm pretty sure, and there were lots of interesting things to see.  Like this vehicle, never to drive again.

And nearby, the interesting plant life.  Is this poison oak?  I may have brushed my way through it a little to exuberantly.

Another vehicle, cab only, in the dry stream bed.

The last cache I found was missing some parts, all that was left were these skeleton's bony hands. I found the skull sixty-five feet away, and put them together, with a new log sheet, and I am full of hope that the cache owner (CO) will find me worthy of a :).

I stopped off at Rally's on the way back home and bought me a LARGE diet Coke with TWO, count ;em, TWO Rally burgers with cheese.  While waiting for the food I overheard a guy telling a woman that he could sense the positive vibrations of this spot.  And of course I blurted out something to the effect of did he not sense the nexus of negativity that centers itself on me?  And he replied, "Now that you mention it..."

Thanks for reading!

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