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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Antenna Day

A lovely morning, a pleasant ride, and lots of antennas to photograph.

I wonder how long it will be before someone calls the policia on the wierd bike guy taking pictures of roofs in the semi-darkness!!

An HF Yagi and a VHF Yagi, and one of those fake owls. Or is it?

2008Nov19 antennas 002

Which picture do you like more, the one WITH the power lines...

2008Nov19 antennas 003

Or the one WITHOUT power lines? And chimney.

I USE to be able to name all these antennas, from many nights perusing the Allied Radio catalog. Not any more. Haven't a clue on this one! Some sort of HF vertical. With a VHF vertical on the side.

2008Nov19 antennas EDITED 003

This cute little VHF quad caught my attention the other day. When cropping the pic I noticed one of the wires is broken.

2008Nov19 antennas 005

I think this is a 40 meter band quad, but I don't see the element wires in the pic! Will have to check tomorrow. Hey, it's just GOT to be a quad!

2008Nov19 antennas 007

Note also the multi-band dipole hanging down there.

Phil and I visited a fellow back in the sixties who had a GIANT two-element quad on his roof, over in Fletcher Hills. Must have been an 80 meter band quad. I wish I could remember his call.

Oh, yeah, the bike. Well, so far we got 30.6 miles on the odometer.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday RR

I see no one is taking an interest in the questionnaire thingie, so you people are still going to the model railroad stuff HERE!

2008Nov14 railroad 010

Should not those boxes on the flat car be secured?

A black hole seems to be consuming the railroad, OH NOES!!!

2008Nov14 railroad 012

It's amazing how that ballast sticks to the sides of the rails, defeating the force of gravity!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am told I am in error, that the cookies pictured yesterday are in fact NOT made with white chocolate.

Instead, they are made with semi-sweet chocolate. Which is obvious from the picture, and REAL LIFE, if one uses one's eyes.

And butterscotch, of course.

Now, where is the recipe?

On a food-related topic, How to Make a Schadenfreude Pie from John Scalzi's Whatever blog.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Went to the doc today, she said my PSA was as low as it can go. So that's pretty good news!


I just love the top image on the Hodaka Days website!

Why Hodakas rock:
  • Fairly inexpensive at around $425.00 ($2,507.00 in 2007 dollars) (But more than I could afford!).
  • Most parts could be interchanged between model years.
  • That shiny toaster gas tank!
  • Could be modified into almost anything, and were!
  • Came from Oregon! (Well, Japan, via Oregon.)
I wonder what ever became of my old Hodaka Ace 100 with the Van Tech forks?

Not to mention the Yamaha 650 with custom pinstriped fuel tank?


My son baked us some cookies and brought them over last night! Yum, oatmeal with butterscotch and white vanilla chips! Double-YUM!

A couple of variable capacitors I had laying about. What can I do with them? I had the idea I could make a QRP transmatch kind-of-thing with them, but I don't EVEN remember where I read the article any more.

So there they sit...

I finally broke down and bought a new tip for the soldering gun. Should make an improvement

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