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Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Sort Of Round Up

I went for a bike ride today, so I posted over on the bike blog, too.  All the pictures of the trip (not that many!) are there.  Most of these may have been seen on Facebook.

This is from the other day, I heard a tap tap tapping at my, uh, tree, and there it is.  It looks like a Nuttall's Woodpecker to me!

This piece of plywood used to be on the little house, the door, it was.  I thought I better take a picture of it before I toss it.  It says "The Baseball Club".

An almost up to date list of how many books I've in the last almost twenty years, I guess.

On my trip to Arizona I completed "1" geo-art...

In the Reddit forum Health Inspectors of Reddit, what's the worst violation you've ever seen?
user Poem_for_your_sprog submitted this creation:

It was in response to another user telling the tale of the cow-licking-the-bread incident during a health inspection at the bakery his father worked at.

I was parked in Santee the other day and saw this Jeep with a snorkel on it.  I hope their radio is waterproofed.

Well, that is about all I got.  Don't forget to check out the bicycle rantings page!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

This Bloggey Stuff Is Confusing And I'm Falling Behind!

Do not forget these images are but thumbnails.  Click the image to see a larger version, maybe even a GIANT version.  Especially the panoramas!

We start on:

September 29 -- Thursday

The  Orchid picture I posted on Facebook and elsewhere.

September 30 -- Friday

Out on Skyline Truck Trail in the Jamul area.

October 6 -- Thursday


October 7 -- Friday

Orchid Times Two.  Now the other one is flowering, too!

October 9 -- Sunday

We went to the Calavara volcano plug site near Carlsbad today.

Site of an accident, or a warning that the board walk is slippery?

Panorama from on top of the plug/hill! A popular spot to hike up, it seems.

Plug from above.

Plug from below.

October 12 -- Wednesday

The apartment was being tented today, so I headed off to Needle for a geocaching vacation.  The room I got was ninety dollars a night.  Seemed a bit much.  And the geocache nearby was missing AGAIN this year!  But it was replaced and I got it (barely!) when I was leaving town on Saturday.

October 13 -- Thursday

I got a room at a motel in Bullhead City.  It was MUCH cheaper, and just as nice, well, it had a COUCH!  Which I've never seen in a motel room before!

I went geocaching.  I did not waypoint where I parked at.   I took these pictures to show how disorienting the desert can be.  Can you see the vehicle?  Look for the reflection from the windshield in some of the pics.

It is out there somewhere!

I see it!

Well, you can see I got "one" geocache!!

A couple of panoramas of the Bullhead City motel room.

There's the couch!  I brought camping stuff but didn't camp. 

Got to get back from my mother's place before it gets too dark!  My motel was 23 [Edited] miles away!  Well, I did not, and missed the turn to the motel and actually drove a couple of miles past before I could get turned around.  The moon here, you could see the "man", but it was too bright for the phone camera.

October 15 --  Saturday

I was fooling around with the camera before I got up this morning.

After breakfast I headed out on the road back to San Diego, but first I had to get a couple of geocaches.

Hardyville Cemetery in Bullhead City.  I learned that Hardyville was the original town in the area, but was abandoned after a few years.  I missed the turnoff to the cemetary and had to backtrack a couple of miles.

Heading towards Needles there was a bit of cotton falling off a couple of trucks ahead.  Lots of fields of cotton around here.

Pulled off for a geocache here on the old highway 66.  Freeway up there in the distance.

A view of the desert, black volcanic rocks from the cinder cones in the area, and a train passing by in the distance.

I stopped for a geocache at an interesting abandoned house.  There is a story about this place, not sure if true, that the resident asked President Eisenhower to build a road to her house since the new freeway cut off access to the town, and he did.

There is the vehicle back there.

I could fix that up, sure.  How much does it cost?

Looks like adobe walls

Two birdies in the window, they did not fly away until I came around the back of the house.

Two boids in the window, a zoomed-in view.

Well, the roof on this part ain't looking too good!

This looked like adobe bricks that had weathered away due to the elements.

A pile of lava rocks from the are, I suppose, behind the house.

The manager at this RV campground came out to talk and help, and was very nice, and helped me find the cache.  She takes care of the cache for the cache owner, who lives in another state.  She had recently replaced it and it looked pretty darn good.  She offered to take my picture, so I climbed up into the cupola. How cool is that?

I accidentally threw away my VERY complete mileage and gas records of the drive out, but on the way back I calculated the gas mileage was 20.1 miles per gallon over the 358 miles of driving.

October 16 -- Sunday

This fellow was in front of me at a light.  He had stopped in the intersection, so I left plenty of room for him to back up, which he did.  I  noticed after a minute that he had not shifted out of reverse, so I envisioned that when the light changed he would step on the gas and hit me.  Such comedy could not pass unrecorded, so I took a picture.  Sadly, nothing happened, he realized his mistake quickly, and shifted back into drive.  Interestingly, he really wanted to be in the right-hand lane, so he blocked traffic until they let him in.

And that is pretty much it for today!

Thanks for reading!

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