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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rainy Garbage Day

I was having so much fun trying to find a Powerpoint file that I could download to the iMac at work this afternoon that I almost forgotted to go to the doctor! Yikes! That could have been expensive! But, I made it in plenty of time, due to some judicious cutting-off of rotten middle schoolers crossing a street.

Why was I looking for a Powerpoint file? So I could get ready for assisting a teacher tomorrow with projecting said files, student created, on the big screen in the classroom. I thought I would make sure the equipment was working, and I wanted to used the iMac because it is nicely portable. Alas, the rotten mousepad thingie is not all that compatible with my big fat arthritic fingers. I couldn't find any files I could download. I am teh sux0r!

So, anyway, I saw the doctor, he said since it's my five year anniversary I don't have to see him anymore. I observed that I still had all the OTHER doctors to see quite a bit more often than I would like...

Also, he noted my PSA has gone up another tenth, to .9, in the last month...

When I came out it was pouring rain. I had to walk down to the shopping center (Oh, yeah, they're called "malls" now, are they not?) where I had parked (don't tell anyone!) because I am cheap.

So I got wet.

Good thing I drove today, or I would have gotten REALLY wet!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Yikes, What A Monday!

First, I had to get two teeth filled this morning. Not too bad, but I felt a little woozy at first after getting the Novacaine shot. I duly recounted all the dental humor (or, as our British friends might say, "Humour") that I heard on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me this last weekend.

In the afternoon I got three tattoos from a nice lady.

20007Jan29Tattoo 001
(It's worser bigger, but you can click the image to find that out!)

"X" marks the spot, I guess. This is the one on the left side. There's one on the right side, also. And then there's the one in the middle. You don't want to see that one!

I also got ANOTHER CT-Scan. I was also told that they were going to inject a little something in a place I don't care to have things injected, but it turned out that in my case, since I don't have the thing that the injected stuff shows up in, that....Oh, heck, I've lost the narrative thread!

Anway, it went ok, but I had to hold VERY STILL for 20 minutes.

They are going to call next week and set up a schedule, but it will be around 40 or so visits, 5 times a week. With time off to visit Alabama.

I visited the Public Library on the way home and checked out 1632 by Eric Flint, on the recommendation of someone whose opinion I respect. I looked for Stephan Baxter, but that was a no-go. I shall have to peruse the catalog to see if one is available somewhere.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Of Peanute Butter and Hamburgers

Have been eating peanut butter most of the day. Albertson's brand. It has a rather plain non-taste, but I love the big crust of peanuts on the of a fresh jar. Probably should toss it after getting past that, or maybe mixing more peanuts in, there's the ticket!

John Scalzi has some comments on his blog for a fellow (Chuck, of Chicago) who dares to compare White Castle hamburger with In-N-Out, unfavorably.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Open House Thursday

I'm not going to Open House, who wants to see me? I went to Horizon training today, learned all sorts of stuff, and took some pictures along the way.

20007Jan25pictures 011
(It's Better Bigger at, click the images!)

Looks like the mighty Ford crushed the cement bumper, but I SWEAR it was already like that!

Afterwards I was crusing down the freeway...

20007Jan25pictures 012

20007Jan25pictures 013

20007Jan25pictures 014

20007Jan25pictures 015

I KNOW you've all driven down the freeway, but I had kinda given it up for the last few years, so it's still new, and kinda scary!

I've an appointment for the preliminary radiation setting up thing on Monday afternoon, and the dentist in the morning for a filling. What fun!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Summing Up

Saw this in a fark thread today:


2007-01-21 04:50:15 AM oldebayer


Seriously, this is the human condition in a nutshell: no matter how much we learn as a species, each of us is born in a state of complete ignorance, and we can only learn what those around us are wiling to teach us. This would not be so bad, except that they were born into exactly the same situation.

You may have seen this post already on the My Bicycle Musings blog. Whoopsie, is all I can say...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sorta Wet Friday

It drizzled a little this afternoon, I noticed as I was checking out textbooks to the poor freezing students, who wouldn't have had to stay outside in the cold so long if THEY HAD BROUGHT THEIR I.D. CARDS!!!

Hey, just sayin'...

Had the bone scan today, it was a piece of cake. I drove the freeway three times forth and back. I am a BIG BOY! It was not scary, and I was amazed at the amount of time I saved over driving the back roads, as I normally do.

They gave me Free Parking slips so I didn't have to pay today, w00t!!

Don't tell my doctor (which ONE??), but I ate three pieces of apple pie today, and cake. I are a BAD BOY!!

I shall have to go bicycling tomorrow...

Oh, and the tech said she didn't see anything bad on the scan, and the CT folks said it looked good last week, so I guess the cancer hasn't spread, or attached itself, or whatever (Yeah, I'm REALLY paying attention to the doctor, aren't I?). I figure the oncologist (Oncologist #2 that is, my appointment with my ORIGINAL (Primary?) (#1?)Oncologist in a week away) is gonna call next week and let me know how the radiation will proceed.

So there.

Friday, January 12, 2007

"Someone's at the door."

All these years I've thought Juliette Lewis was the ghost sister in American Gothic. Tonight I discover is was Sarah Paulson! What else am I confused about? Hey, but tell me she DOESN'T look like Ms. Lewis!

This all came about reading a thread at fark! about the National Lampoon Vacation movies.

I found out what a ha-ha is yesterday.

This certainly has been a week for revelations! Let us hope next week reveals nothing that I don't want to hear!

Somehow I managed to find my way to this page about scythes while at work the other day. Apparently the Austrian scythe is the new hotness.

I guess I didn't take the right science classes 'cause I've never seen nothing like THIS!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Waiting For...

You've probably already seen this, but it's news to me:

Bill Maher on drug testing of volunteer library helpers.

A quote from this, plus other interesting library-related quotes, was in the January 2007 issue of American Libraries. You're not finding THAT at the newstand, I'm thinking!

I was reading the November/December 2006 issue of Westways yesterday at the CT/MRI place whilst waiting for the Berry EM to flow through my guts. It was the article titled "Book Smart" by David Dutton that caught my attention. It was about Lawrence Clark Powell, who was a big name in the library biz, as it were. I read a book he wrote titled "Bookman's Progress", I'm pretty sure it was. It was a long time ago! But I remember I enjoyed it very much!

I also read Cosmo (very enlightening!), Parents, National Geographic, and Wood magazine. I didn't get to finish Wood, they called me to get zapped. Now I'll never get to finish that article on how to make an adjustable mini-clamp using a clothespin!

I also walked around the area a bit, to help the gunk flow. I walked up by Miramar Road and looked in the windows of all the furniture stores. A different world, I was thinking, different than mine! My calves were rather sore the next day. Too much bicycling, not enough walking!

Monday, January 08, 2007

And Now For Something Completely...

Model railroad pics, because you care...

All these images are "MUCH better bigger", so be not afeared to click on the image to visit my page, where you can choose "All Sizes" to get to the big one.

Yeah, I COULD have linked it, but it is too much work!

2007Jan09 Model Railroad 001

Less close-up of the fork lift, used camera flash on this image only.

2007Jan09 Model Railroad 003

The fabulous depot!

2007Jan09 Model Railroad 006

Fishing pier.

2007Jan09 Model Railroad 008

Tree built from instructions in Bill McClanahan's Scenery For Model Railroads.

2007Jan09 Model Railroad 010

Does this LOOK like a suppier of Mars bars? What's going on here?

2007Jan09 Model Railroad 014

Piller (or quite possibly "pillar") crane with decided list to the right...

2007Jan09 Model Railroad 013

The wonderful transition apron that keeps breaking.

2007Jan09 Model Railroad 011

Two guys playing checkers. I am full of hope that the SUV will get hit by an errant train.

2007Jan09 Model Railroad 009

Nice little fork lift with pallets.

20007Jan09 Model Railroad 007

Foreground building was built by my grandfather in the 50s.

Monday, January 01, 2007

First Day Too

Hey, if you know what this shiny object is, I would appreciate hearing about it!


It says "Toko" on it, that is apparently the manufacturer, made in Japan, and it is some kind of lens. Has a leather case with a belt loop.

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