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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fixing A Boo-Boo

While processing textbooks, on occasion, I zone out and forget what I'm doing. Usually while listening to something fabulous, like the Noisettes (and Patti Smith's Gloria. Holy Moly!). But I digress...

I wrote the wrong number on these books, then compounded the misteak by writing over it.

Looks awful!@!

2009July024 Book Repair 001

I recalled learning about sanding sponges at They sell book repair stuff, AND they have videos showing how to use them!

You merely scratch away at the boo-boo.

2009July024 Book Repair 005

You want to support the edge of the text block so the pages don't tear. I used a book press. Not perfect, but good enough for the likes of me.

2009July024 Book Repair 006

It's rather hard to get ALL of it off. That's why I used a Sharpie in the first place, so it would be hard!

2009July024 Book Repair 003

After renumbering it, with a Sharpie pen, it looks pretty good. MUCH nicer than before.

2009July024 Book Repair 004

You can hardly tell which books they were, eh?

2009July024 Book Repair 007

The sanding sponge I used was a 3M product. I got the one with coarse grit on one side (and edge) , and fine grit on the other. It costs three bucks at the home improvement store.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


On THIS blog, it's Thursday!

I went on a crusade to replace the seat and back on the director's chairs.

Where to find them?

I asked yesterday at San Carlos Hardware (VERY nice people). They did not have them. They suggested maybe someplace in Claremont. but I forgot the name, and I don't really go to Claremont all that much. had them. Couldn't find them.
Pier One Imports at Grossmont? Didn't see any.
World Market? Why, yes, just as I was leaving I spotted them. Bought, eight bucks a piece.

I get home, should be an EASY job to install them. No, no, no! The old ones don't want to come out. I nearly impale myself.

I slip on the back. Oh, no, not so fast there, buddy! They do not fit over the posts!
Ok, I'll use the old, faded, backs until I can resew them.

The bottoms? One of the new dowels is broken, and the slot seems to have shrunk. Maybe that's why the other put up such a fight coming out. No, the dowels are THICKER than the old ones! Ok, I'll use one of the old, rotten, dowels in this ONE slot that has shrunk.

But the bottoms (and backs, for that matter!) are about and inch or two shorter than the old ones, so the seat does not open all the way.


This is why I never want to do anything.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Evening

What I Learned Today

Nearly-sixty-year-olds should not be climbing six-foot chain link fences and jumping off.

It didn't go well when I was fifteen (jumping off the garage roof), it didn't go well now.

After picking myself up off the ground, I starting walking (slightly hobbling) towards the parking lot. Things were blurry. Huh. Oh, heck, where are my glasses? They must have fallen off. I went back to the fence and looked around in the pine needles and assorted detritus. I finally saw something that, in a blurry sort of way, look like it could be glasses. It was.

I was afeared I my have broken my camera or ripped my fine long-sleeved shirt, but they seem ok.

My hip is sore, but I walked home ok. My back was sore for a couple of minutes, but that stopped. Probably I'll be laid up tomorrow!

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