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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sunday Morning

I went-a-lookin' for ten geocaches this morning, and found nine of them.  One is missing.  No smilies to add to the geo-map, I've found all these caches (including the missing one) before.  I had to re-find them to get the questions for the 2015 La Mesa Geocaching Urban Trails Contest.

Even though I had found all of them before, some of the caches were very hard for me to spot!  But I didn't give up!

I drove to all the caches except the last three.  I parked on a likely road and walked to the last three caches.  This involved going up (and down) the fabled Secret Stairs Of La Mesa.  Good exercise for the heart!

And that is that.

Yesterday I was waiting at a stop light when an SUV came to a screeching stop about thirty feet over the line.  I guess they didn't notice the light was red...

I found a dime while geocaching today!

I was trying to remember something that I wanted to share....Oh, I got a 1941S (a wheatie) cent in change from the Yum Yum Donuts store the other day.  How about that?

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Deanne said...

Cool about the penny. I was cleaning out one of my drawers the other day and found a couple envelopes that my great uncle's partner, Joe who is now deceased, had given to me for Jacob. Both envelopes had "gold" presidential dollars. None are really worth much. Maybe $1.99/piece. Both Jacob and I have some silver dollars---need to find mine--and I know my grandpa gave us (John, my brother & myself) a Liberty (I think) silver dollar that is actually worth something. We have those locked away. I should take them out and see what they are worth now.

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