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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sloane Canyon Road

On a spur of the moment sort of thing I decided to head out to Sloane Valley Road to do some hiking, I mean, geocaching.  I've been out the road once before, but not beyond the locked gates.  One of the gates is private, the other is where the California Riding And Hiking Trail goes through. It's locked for vehicles, but not for horses and bicycles and people.

It turns out there are actually people who live up this road, and one was coming out in his truck as I walked in.  I remarked on him having a key to the lock, he replied that it makes things easier.  Notice that I didn't put that in quote marks, I may have mis-remembered.

Here is a new feature, one that I shall not do again.  It shows the route I walked, but it also shows the locations where I took most of the pictures.  The numbers are not in chronological order, mind you!

And of course the sloppy green path is my walking route.

I walked about 2.7971 miles, which doesn't seem like much, and the difference between the lowest point (where I parked the vehicle) and the highest point is either 195 feet or 639 feet, depending on whether the map above is in feet or meters...

This panorama is from point 2.  If you are going geocaching you now have a good idea of where the cache is.

These flowers, I took a picture of them as I was leaving the boulder area.  You can see these flowers in the panorama above.

This picture of unfocused flowers was taken at point 5, which is where there is a road heading down to some houses, and there is a rusty old car sitting at the intersection.  Maybe a Model A, or T, or something of that vintage. Are these California native plants?

This was taken at point 7, as is the next photograph.  That red arrow way down there is where I took another photograph looking back this way.

Who needs to go to the desert, there are plenty of wildflowers here!  This picture was also taken at point 7.

This picture was taken at point 4, and that red arrow in the upper left-hand corner is pointing at point 7.  You can see some of the huge rock area that the Sweetwater River flows over.  There are pools, too, but I'm sure they are on private land.  At least, there is no access that I can see. You can see a house trailer that someone lives in.  Nice view they have!

This one was taken at point 3, looking down the hill to where the Sweetwater River, or part of it, anyway, crosses the road.  Most of the water goes under a decrepit wooden bridge that is posted with signs warning folks to stay off, as it is quite decrepit.  I saw someone drive over it at the start of my journey...

I think this one was taken at point 3 also.  It shows the reflections off water flowing down the mountains to the south.

When I got back to the vehicle (point 1) I was relieved to see my wallet was sitting right where I left it.

Driving back on Sloane Canyon Road I saw some people on the hillside.  I figured them for geocachers, but it turned out they were looking at this big purple bush.  The man took a picture of the woman, and I tried to not take picture of her, 'cause I'm polite, but she managed to still be in frame.

I think this is that "C" plant I can't remember the  name of.  I'm sure someone will tell me!

I think it is Ceanothus

Stuff I Want To Remember:

Sloane seems to be spelled both with and without the "e" at the end.  Coast To Cactus used "Sloan", saying the "e" has been dropped over time, but the man the canyon is named after was Sloane.

I met a few (three plus one) bicyclists along the trail today.  They were all participating in the Stagecoach 400 cycling event.  That's 400, as in MILES.  Whew!

While resting at point 6 I noticed a group coming down the California Riding And Hiking Trail from above.  I went up that trail later, and on the way back down I met them coming up.  They looked pretty tired. And hot.  The boy looked pretty red, and didn't have a hat.  I offered some water, but they said they had some.  I told them I had parked at the bottom because I wanted to be going DOWN when I was tired.  Coast To Cactus mentions parking at the top, maybe that is why they did.  They didn't seem to know you could start at the bottom.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 13, 2017


Yes, it was amazing, I actually went out by myself. 

I went out to a place I had seen in Hidden San Diego.  That is a great site, lots of interesting places to go listed.  Except they don't always tell you how to get there!

This was a chimney just sitting here.  I guess there used to be a house, probably burnt down in one of our many fires.

Remember, you can click on the images to view the large version.  Especially nice are those panoramas!

Here is a panorama showing the main mansion (what else can I call it?) at the turn-around point in my journey.

Panorama Warning -- Large File!

Tennis, anyone? 
Panorama Warning -- Large File!

There was a nifty hill nearby with a great view. You can see the house back through the trees.

Panorama Warning -- Large File!

A couple of views showing Mt. Helix.

One a little more zoomed in than the other.

I have problems with focusing.  This LOOKED focused when I took it!

Well, PARTS of the picture are in focus!

These little cuties look pretty good!

Some of the side trail have been posted off limits.

That is the last picture from the hike!

The poppies bloomed in my yard a few days ago.  The petals are already falling off!

A slightly different angle, showing some brick.

That is all for today.  Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Desert Flowers Are Blooming

We headed out to Borrego Springs to see the desert flower bloom, by the fortuitous way of Cuyamaca Lake. Which is pretty darn full, for the first time in years, that I can remember!

The island is actually an island!

 Here we have a ten meg file with  a panoramic view.  Don't click on the thumbnail if you are on di

 Panorama!  Ten Megs!  You have been WARNED!

Finally we are at some flowers.  Actually, this was the second place we stopped. It is probably along Henderson Canyon Road.  I should have taken notes...

Another GIANT panorama, showing what happens when someone is moving while one is panning...

 Another GIANT panorama!



And down the road a bit, even more flowers!

And so yellow!

This one is to show that there were lots of cars, but still room to park.  Other areas, though, there were LOTS of cars, no place to park, and dust dust dust from the dirt roads. So this was pretty nice.

I took these next two pictures near the dirt road at the end of Di Giorgio Road.

 This one is a Desert Evening Primrose. Or a Dune Evening Primrose. Or maybe something else entirely.  But I'm pretty sure it's a Primrose, at least! Of some sort!

This is purple. I'd guess it is a Verbena, maybe a Desert Sand Verbena?

These two are probably on someone's Facebook somewhere!  I think this was on DiGiorgio Road, heading back to town.

Without passing car...

Leaving Borrego on S22 we stopped at an overlook so my son could reply to someone on the repeater, and also to take some pictures of Lupines.  I took some pictures too!

These were all taken through the car window!

Which one looks better?

Gotta get closer!

OK, I took one of the same one.

And I took a whole BUNCH of this smaller one. This was the best.

There is a bit of a traffic jam at the junction of the S2 and the S22.  We are about ten cars back, waiting to turn left.

At Up The Hill Grill, where the sugar packs come in a Handy box (Item #3).

It was 90-odd degrees in Borrego today, warm, but low humidity, and not too breezy.  Except for the occasional dust devil!

That is it for today, thanks for reading!

Monday, March 06, 2017

There Have Been Complaints...

Yes, people are complaining about a lack of posts'n'pictures here.  Well, it's not likely to change, I must admit, as I am getting lazier and lazier.

Here is the backlog of pics, most of which were posted to Facebook, probably with fascinating descriptions that I can no longer recall.

February 6, 2017

Looks like dinner!

February 7, 2017
Looks like the making of dinner!

Looks like meat!

Looks like someone started eating already!

February 8, 2017

Home-made tortillas!

Something to put in them.  I forget what it is called.

That looks like cheese!  Yum!

There it is, all together!

Tasted wonderful!

February 10, 2017
Them blue flowers I can never remember the name of.  This is the trail down to Sycamore Canyon called Cardiac Hill.

Looking to the south-west, I think, at the fog, from the top of the ridge near where we parked.

February 12, 2017
Chiles for dinner?

February 13, 2017

Well, THIS is obviously the bottom of Cardiac Hill, so maybe those other pictures go here, or maybe these go there.  I don't know!

Now we are over on El Monte Road, and my caching partner is really getting into it.

Is that a wouff hong up there?

Lots of horse out here.  Can't remember why I thought this was memorable.

February 17, 2017

My "final exam" in motors at Sheppard AFB back in the 70s. I guess I passed, even though I fell asleep during class quite often.

I don't know why there are two pictures, but just to be safe I've included both!

February 18, 2017

Dessert this night.  I'm SURE there are no carbs in this!

September 20, 2017

I was complaining that the Sudoku Solver hints didn't account for candidates that I had already cleared, plus what the heck is a Swordfish?  In a medium-rated puzzle? 

Went for a walk, saw some flowers.  Or weeds? Pretty weeds!

February 24, 2017

The site of one of three unsuccessful attempts to get an IV started when I fainted at the dentist office.  I wasn't even there to get any work done, just to help transport someone else!

February 25, 2017
Night steps at the San Diego Convention Center.  Taking a walk after eating a calzone for dinner.  Getting some geocaches along the way!  This is the bay side of the building, by the super yacht parking.

February 26, 2017
A flock of shots of the bird feeder in action!

February 28, 2017
Driving up Golfcrest I spotted one of them seasonal waterfalls on Cowles Mountain. So I got my daughter to stop and I took some pictures!

Vehicles to add interest to the composition!

Miscellaneous Pictures That I Don't Have A Date For

I saw this on the web, a response from Sweden about all the problems they are not having there.

Facebook keeps suggesting thing I should do or buy...

I looked up Port Aransas to learn about a pirate ship replica there, I don't want to GO there!

This may be a little too late for me!

A joke I saw that just tickled me pink, and so did the comments!

I can't remember if it was Facebook, or somewhere else, but SOMEONE suggested a fancy way to avoid having to tie one's shoes ever again.  I said I got THAT covered!

I recognize my bicycle, and the books, but I'm not too sure about the child. Whose got that curly hair?  The legs with the mocs look like my mother's.

From the 70s -- Yes, it can snow in the high desert!

March 4, 2017

Hiking on Black Mountain Open Space Park on the Lilac Trail, as the Arsenic, I mean, Minor's Peak Loop, is closed due to, um, arsenic.

I guess I could have chosen a better view to take a picture of, but there you go.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!

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