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Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday In June

"Thus is the triviality of the translation of spreadsheets. A letter has its recipient, a presentation has its audience, but a spreadsheet exists for no one." from

Also, check the post right after that, Nationalism In The Workplace, it's the one that caught my eye as I was Googleing an image of a hax0r cat to send Debby. 

I've one more day (tomorrow) to find a geocache to completely fill in a month of geocache finds, non-consecutively, of course.

or, as Google Translate puts it:


And translated back again...

Of course, I am non-continuously, did you (tomorrow) another day to find the geocache to fill completely the month of the geocache found.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

This Week

  Managed to drive myself out to Alpine for the end-of-year staff party. Several people commented on THAT! Just missed this MASSIVE traffic jam-up on the 8. There was a horrendous traffic accident around there on Monday, but I don't know what was going on, on Wednesday. Maybe they were still investigating.

Had a good time at the party. Steve the M., like stud, BIKED to the party from San Diego! Observed quite a few hummingbirds. It's Hummingbird Madness!

  We had a bunch of computer guys repairing the LOGO computers that have been used and abused the last year. They had pizza for lunch, but left one piece, which I found in the trash this morning. Hey, I would have eaten that!

  Today, Saturday, I went on a little geocaching expedition around La Mesa, taking a little tour of historic spots noted in a multi-cache. Unfortunately, the physical cache, with the all-important logbook, at the final waypoint, was missing. While I was searching for it a woman came up and told me it was missing, and where it was. I thanked her, but forgot to introduce myself. Fortunately I had provided myself with a back-up cache to find, you know, for my fill-in-the-calendar-with-finds quest. So I headed a few blocks over and made the find. When I got home I discovered that the woman I spoke to was the cache owner for my back-up cache!

  While waiting for the VERY long light at Spring and University I saw a truck with a Yagi antenna mounted on the top, through the roof. It was twisting back and forth. T-hunters! I gave them a thumb's up, which amused them greatly. Here's a link to a nice little video explaining T-hunting.

That is about it for today. Happy caching!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Relief At Last

After MANY hours of work I think I got my checkbook register to balance, or at least to agree with Quicken.

Maybe the vein on my forehead will subside now...

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