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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday On Pyle's Peak

Hiked up and over Pyle's Peak to pick up the seven geocaches I still had to get that were north of the peak. Found all seven, although two of them were very tricky.

Panorama I made of Pyle's Peak and Cowles Mountain.

2011Aug20 geocaching 006_stitch

Picture of ME at a flag pole in the middle of erehwon.

2011Aug20 geocaching 009

Gmaps Pedometer claims a round trip distance of 3.6 miles, with I-don't-know-how-much elevation gain, but it must certainly be MILES! Felt like it! By looking at a topographic map I'm guessing around 1,700 feet of "up", and the same "down", spread over those 3.6 miles.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday At The Other Lake

I worked up some gumption and drove over to Kumeyaay Lake to pick up some fairly new geocaches. On the way I stopped on one library to return books, took some moola out of an ATM, stopped at another library to check out some books, looked for a geocache that I haven't been able to find yet (Going for the DNF record!), looked for yet another geocache (and found it), and bought some grass trimmer line at San Carlos Hardware (that turned out to be cheaper than Lowe's).
But, I digress...

There were three geocaches at the lake. I've never been to the lake part of the campground, nor the campground part, for that matter.  I HAVE plugged up a toilet in the restroom on a dark, dark day in November 2009. I managed  to find all three caches, even though two of them had "3" (out of five) difficulty ratings. One of the caches was full of GUNS!!

2011Aug18 geocaching

I spotted only one person at the lake, an artist sketching.

I did a bit of reconnoitering  for some caches I need on the north side of Pyle's Peak. I discovered that what I, for some reason, thought was a valley, was indeed a BIG HILL. Topographic maps, how do they work?

Next I went to Lowe's to get some sticky ant pads, checked the price of grass trimmer line and was glad, then I went home.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not Much Going On Here

Bacon and Eggs - A day's work for a chicken; A lifetime commitment for a pig.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Meanderings

I walked up Mt Nebo today, up the secret stairs, looking for some geocaches. Geocaches that have eluded me before.  I found one of them, but two remained, uh, elusive.  The GPS receiver refused to acquire its satellites for an hour. I thought maybe we were at war!

Walking home, I waited at a four-way stop for the first car on my right to cross. I stepped off as he crossed the intersection. The second car, containing Jerk-person, took off and almost hit me as I was half-way across the street, in the crosswalk.  I screamed at them, and called them a curse-word.

Up at the nasty University/Baltimore intersection I observed a bicyclist SIGNALING as she changed lanes. Some people!

Check out the action at this odd-jointed intersection. As SOON as the light changes, Mr. Black Car on the right honks his horn. As soon as Mr. Pink car gets NEARLY half-way across the intersection, Mr. Black Car turns left, cutting off Mr. White Car(s) coming from the left, who (is)are going straight. And they complain about bicyclists!

Well, that is enough complaining for one day!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Sat. and Mon.

Saturday I walked over to my second-nearest cache and replaced the wet log and added a bit of camo. The next day a guy looked for it and couldn't find it. Maybe the camo was too good? See the pic below:

2011Aug06 geocache

Monday a new cache popped up in my email so I drove over to MTRP to make the find. I was first, so I scored the FTF! As I was exiting the bushes I met the fellow who would be second-to-find (STF).

In the afternoon I had to run an errand, so I looked for some caches along the way. One was called Claustrophobic Canyon, an ominous name! It was deep little narrow canyon just off of Collwood sort of in the Collage area. The water must really run during our "rainy" season, those shopping carts are really buried!

2011Aug08 geocaching 004

My backpack kept snagging on the overgrown overhead brush and trees. This pic looked much more interesting in real life, the pic is sort of flat. That's the trail, as it were, heading into the canyon.

2011Aug08 geocaching 002

I finally made the find, and only got stuck a few times by a wicked-sharp agave plant. I suggested in the log that one might need to wear safety goggles here!

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