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Thursday, October 29, 2015


The LOGO Madness of Tuesday was not repeated on Wednesday nor Thursday.  The one MIFI I did today synced up nicely.

I found a puzzle geocache after work, albeit with a LOT of hand-holding.

There were no messages on the answering machine from IRS announcing they were suing me in court.

One can't have everything, the air conditioning is still not working.  It was eighty degrees all day in the main room, a bit more in what has turned into the computer storage and repair room.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

'Tis A Poor Thing

Well, we got a mish-mash of stuff from the last fourteen days!

DISCLAIMER:  You may have seen a number of these pics on Facebook.

October 13, 2015

Here we see Bob The Bear checking the temperature in the library on a very warm day.  He can't believe it is 90 degrees!!

October 14, 2015

Donzerly Light. It was supposed to rain, but it didn't.  So much for a rule of thumb oft repeated by an ancient mariner.

A different image, really, not just cropped differently!

October 17, 2015

We didn't find the cache, but S. found some cash!

October 18, 2015

Otay River Valley.  In a pile of rocks, the hint says.  Hmmm, it might be missing...

If I had followed the parking/path directions I wouldn't have had to slip and slide down there.   But Onward, Into The Abyss!!

October 20, 2015

Geocaching after work in Santee, saw a couple of critters.

October 22, 2015

The driver of this car from Arizona tossed a burning cigarette out the window AND it went right under my tire.  What a jerk!

So I noticed some caches popped up along the San Diego River (Popped up last AUGUST!) and I was nostalgically looking at some other caches I had found in the area.  On one cache that I remembered because I had replaced the container for the Cache Owner la later finder had posted a picture of the logbook, and my signature for 4/1/2013 was not there!  Did I forget to sign the log??

A re-creation of what his log picture looked like.

Well, there was nothing to do but to head out there and check it out.  And, get all them caches!  So after work I drove out to Santee/Lakeside, parked at the ball fields, and headed up the steep and slippery hill, fortunately a short (but slippery) climb of a hundred feet or so.  The cache was in good shape, and my container was still in use.  Yay!

I looked at the log and found my entry.  I had just signed in the wrong place!

I signed the log again and left a couple of pieces of swag.

Heading down the path I stopped by the Walker Ranch trail informational display. Very interesting!  There are some picnic tables nearby.  On two of them were these objects, which I placed together to save precious digital photo space.

And the obligatory selfie, with one of the screens of the Santee Drive-In in the background.

October 23, 2015

I got some Poe-ka dot socks in the mail from the Sock Fairy.


AT HOME (File size 305 KB - So you can see what is on my desk!)

This is what you get when leave a tortilla with cheese in the microwave for 3:00 minutes (actually 2:30, I finally noticed...) instead of 30 seconds...



Which one look yummier?

I first saw this pic on John Fry's Colt Corral blog, and he linked to an album on the Vintage San Diego page on Facebook.  My, how times have changed.

This one I liberated from the George AFB CA group on Yahoo! It is dated 1977. I can see the CE building but I can't see my dorm. 

That is about it, I think I am all caught up!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunny Sunday

Sunny and WARM, even HOT, depending where you were.  It was 92 while we were driving west, I think it was 90 when we got back, but I don't remember what it was at the ocean.

Matt came and got me to go geocaching at Pt. Loma because I needed a earthcache-type today to get a virtual sticker on my geo-profile page, ain't that precious?

I took this big boy from the opposite end of that picture I took at the View above the Otay River Valley yesterday.  The difference you could see HERE from THERE (sort of), but you can't see THERE from HERE.

We hiked down the LONG Bayside Trail to the bay side.  Didn't see any snakes.  Did not see too many people, either. There were lots of boats in the water, and a few surfboards and few kayaks.  I took this picture from the bench near the end of the trail.

This is right at the end of the Bayside Trail, looking west up towards Cabrillo Monument. Matt is taking pictures of bees.

This is also right at the end of the Bayside Trail, but looking east towards Coronado/Silver Strand.

Now it's time to head back UP that hill, four hundred feet of vertical climb, I'm told!  But first, we gotta do the geocache!

Saw this BIG JET taking off from North Island while we were heading back up the trail.  I think it is a C-17 Globemaster III.

We also saw this sailing craft, except this was taken on the way down, not the way up.  We also saw it on the way up returning to the bay, but I didn't take a picture of THAT.  Matthew did, though. Check out his pics HERE!

The earthcache was all about geology of Pt. Loma.  I don't know if we got all the answers correct, though.  I took this picture of a scary sandstone formation.

I do not know why this is so blurry! We are quite a bit farther up the trail, past the old generator building (currently the workshop of two artists-in-residence) and not quite to the old searchlight "shed".  We are looking across the ravine to the geologic area where we tried to figure out the answers to the geocache questions.

My last picture from this side of Pt. Loma.  I don't know why all those boats are sitting there on the east side of Zuniga jetty, is that where boats park when there is no room in the harbor?

After much resting at the top we made our way back to the car and Matt drove us down to the tide pool area where there was another earthcache.  This one was also about geology of Pt. Loma.  My favorite subject!

Looking south, we got tidepools.  Look at all that erosion!

Several other geocachers had the same plan.  Being oblivious I didn't even notice them milling about till they called my name.  We posed for a selfie, which I have take the liberty of "borrowing".

Look at my shoulders, they are more slumped than usual.  We were pretty beat and sun-damaged by this point, so we took off and headed for something to eat, finally deciding on In And Out, a place I can never remember how to spell.  It was really crowded, but the food was so good!

That is about it, thanks for reading!  And don't forget to visit Matt's picture pages above for more more more pictures of our adventure today, including pictures of BEES!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oh So Saturday

DISCLAIMER:  You may have seen some of these images on Facebook

I left work to go visit the O-doctor on Thursday.  As I as walking to the vehicle I noticed this powdered doughnut sitting on the asphalt.  The consensus on FB may have been that it was a very sad picture.

After the doc I stopped off for a geocache. The obligatory picture resulted.

It was pretty darn hot on Friday, 87 in the library, I think, and 94 outside.  It was 99 outside when I got home. No, the AC is still not working in the library...

Saturday was to be a little cooler, but I decided to go hiking/geocaching in the Otay River Valley just west of 805.

These panoramas were all taken from the south rim, I'm pretty sure.

This one shows what happens when you rotate the camera while taking a panorama.

This one goes from Pt. Loma in the middle left to Cowles Mt., and then possibly to Mt. Miguel on the right.

this is possibly the best view point, not only because you can sit down on the giant nuts and bolts at the Finney Interpretive Overlook. You can really zoom in on this one, it's a big image! So you can see Pt. Loma way out there in the distance!

It was warm in the canyon, but not too bad.  Climbing out of the valley to the Overlook ("hundreds of feet above the river.") was nice because the breezes picked up.  They did not help my sore and tired feet much, though.

I found nine geocaches today, but not the one at the Overlook. Looks like I walked 4.5 miles.  Felt like 5!!!

It was 94 degrees outside when I got home, but with the lower humidity it stayed cool enough inside.

No complaints!

Monday, October 05, 2015

It's Another Monday, And A rainy One At That

Well, I love the rain so it was just a perfect day for me!  And the warm air coming out of the AC at work was very nice on a relatively cool day.  Chrissy said this morning that it was gonna be in the 90s later on in the week.

I've been looking for this cable for at least two weeks, and even bought a replacement (of lesser quality) from Office Depot, the only place I could find one.  Well, here is the original, sitting in a plastic bag, on my dresser, in plain sight.

I wasn't expecting much rain today, but we got a bit, enough to wet the ground around. This was taken as I was leaving.

My glorious banking institute, when asked when Firefox and Chrome would be fully functional interacting with their website, replied that they are working on it.  Sigh...

I just finished reading Courage & Defiance by Deborah Hopkinson.  It was pretty interesting, being about the Resistance in Denmark during World War II, but also being non-fiction it was a bit slow to read.  I guess I read too many action thrillers!

That is all for today!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Again With The Friday

Another week has passed, alas and alack.

Yesterday (September 31st) I saw nearly over Kearny Mesa what may have been the Blue Angels.

I would have taken more pictures but I was geocaching at the time.

On September 30th I took these two pics.  I'm not sure that this is quite to Code...

More slack needed?  I remember when one repair guy inadvertently disconnected our phones by opening the door too far and had to come back to trouble-shoot it.

I took thisone on September 30th, too, I forgotted.  needs a knockout plug/cover.  I'd stick one in, just for old times sake, but it's twelve feet up the wall.

On September 29th I observed this student hard at reading.

And on September 28th I tossed out these Giant Catalog Cards that were used for instructional purposes, back in the day.

That is all, thanks for reading!

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